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HTC One max fingerprint scanner to feature app quick-launch, navigation mode


If the current rumors hold true, the HTC One max will be the largest phone in HTC’s lineup, but size alone may not be the phone’s main selling point. New details have come to light, revealing that the HTC One max’s fingerprint scanner will be used for a lot more than securely unlocking the phone. Leaked code from the fingerprint scanner setup app shows that unique fingerprint scans can be used to unlock the phone and launch directly into a designated application. HTC One max users will be able to assign quick -launch apps to all ten fingers. The practicality of using your pinky finger to unlock the HTC One max and launching directly into an app may be questionable, but we could see ourselves assigning quick-launch apps to our index and middle fingers on both hands.

The second feature hidden in the code is a reference to a finger navigation mode which enables “swipe up, down, left and right to move focus,” closely mimicking the optical trackpad functionality from the HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2).

htc-one-max-fingerprint HTC-One-Max-firmware-log htc-one-max-scanner htc-one-max-scanner2

It’s certainly nice to see that HTC is working to add new functionality to its devices, but I’m not exactly sure if these features are really needed. I do miss the trackpad from the G2 and the trackball from my G1, but moving the functionality to the back of the device may take a while to get used to.

Do you think HTC is taking the right approach with the fingerprint scanner? What other functionality do you think HTC or other OEMs should add to make the fingerprint scanner a must-have feature for your next smartphone?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Weibo

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  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    This would actually be pretty sweet, use a different finger to launch a different app?

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      I wish I could have edited that comment, the question mark should be an exclamation mark!

      • Richard Yarrell

        Pretty sure HTC will need to bring everything including the kitchen sink with this HTC ONE MAX. They are entering a category lead by the Galaxy Note product of devices which are a proven product for business users especially. I wish HTC well but they got so much to prove one product won’t do it in this category.

    • jenni13

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    It’s pretty gimmicky, but it’d be cool to see more phones with fingerprint scanners.

    • jamal adam

      Hopefully these features improve upon the user experience in some way and provide an easier way to do certain tasks otherwise, I feel it’s gimmicky as well.

      • epps720

        Not sure why everyone is saying it’s gimmicky. I think the ability to lauch a different app solely based on what finger you use to login is great! Now using it as a trackpad…. that’s a different story.

  • Paul Atreides

    I prefer my gimmicks to make things less complicated. The only way I can consider this as useful could be in landscape mode, but I’ve used my phone in portrait mode 99% of the time once the screens became larger than 4.3. HTC is trying but their current feature set is pretty lackluster because they don’t implement them in more useful ways.

  • surg3d

    It does feel gimmicky but I think it has potential if they open it up for customization enough. It would be nice to see things like multi-tasking (swipe left/ right to switch between running apps) or even some Tasker integration. Maybe play/pause/fwd/back/mute using different fingers.

    Probably not gonna happen but it’s still nice to see that they’re trying something new.

  • crnkoj

    jokes, the motorola atrix had all of this several years ago already, the navigation and per finger app launching (in cm7 only though), its was nifty but didnt really make much impact, sadly

  • SGB101

    Talk about cart before horse! Let’s get a seamless loggin working first, then move on the the gimmicks.

  • billy

    I think it’s sweet. I don’t see it as a gimmick since a gimmick is defined as: A device employed to cheat, deceive, or trick, especially a mechanism for the secret and dishonest control. What’s dishonest about a new idea. I’m sure some will love it and others may not but that don’t make it dishonest. Some people are so negative. Way to go HTC keep um coming shake tha haters off!!!!

    • SGB101

      That may be the official definition, but it’s not the way it’s being used here.

      It is sort of cheating, as it’s skipping the normally route to launching an app. Ie a short cut or cheat ;o)

  • MrMagoo

    I’ve even been saying to a co-worker that that would be awesome if the fingerprint scanner doubled as a trackpad! My old Samsung moment from years ago had a track pad button like the ones on a BB curve and some others. I think that would come in hugely handy on one hand use with this monster!

  • Nwemo

    I think it’s brilliant.It’s all about quick,easy access!
    &not only that,it’d be kind of fun!

  • donger

    Go HTC!