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HTC promises Android 4.4 KitKat update for all US HTC One SKUs within 90 days

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Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat update was just rolled out a few hours ago, but HTC has already committed to releasing the update for all of its HTC One models in 90 days or less. The news comes directly from HTC’s Jason Mackenzie during an interview with Engadget.

As always, the Android 4.4 update will be rolled out in phases, hitting the first round of devices within the next few weeks. Up first is the HTC One Google Play Edition, scheduled to receive its stock Android update within the next 15 days. The unlocked models and Developer Edition will receive Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5 within 30 days, with the remaining US carrier branded versions of the HTC One scheduled to receive the update within 90 days.

we're not going to roll out updates in a lazy fashion. We're going to make it a priority to have every dot release out on the One within 90 days.Jason MackenziePresident, HTC America

HTC is also planning on releasing the update for the HTC One max, HTC one mini and other devices. Unfortunately, HTC does not have any specific dates to share at this point in time. HTC is currently in the middle of pushing out the Android 4.3 update with Sense 5.5 to the global version of the HTC One, but we suspect that those devices will get their KitKat treat within the next 90 days as well.

Source: Engadget

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  • SGB101

    90 days sounds much better than 3 months, or a quiet of a year.

    I joke, it good news really, but tbh I’d be pissed if they never gave 4.4 to the one. Also I want the next version.

    I’d be more impressed if they was offing thus for the one x.

    • Nima Atigechi

      90 days IS essentially 3 months… Making us HTC fans look bad

      • ihatefanboys

        How ?

    • ihatefanboys

      They just said the update will be coming to the ONE in 90 days. So they ARE giving it to the ONE, so you wont be pissed.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC One

  • frankthgr8

    Somehow I doubt the timeframe will stick when it comes to Verizon… :(

  • jamal adam

    I hope they stick to their word this time

    • ihatefanboys

      “I hope they stick to their word this time” ?? When did they not keep their word recently ?? The 4.3 update arrived on time just as HTC said it would.

      • jamal adam

        I was referring to prior to the 4.3 update, specifically the One S.

  • donger

    Go HTC!.

  • thel0nerang3r

    So, the ONEX will either skip 4.3 and go to 4.4, or would they just get 4.3 and no 4.4? It would seem odd to get 4.3 then 4.4, due to all the carrier approvals.(This is for the US).

    • ihatefanboys

      Well the ONE is definitely getting 4.4 right after 4.3 so its not that odd.

  • Jonathan Cohen

    Nice sounds like they are actually on top of it this time. We will see if they actual get it done.

  • htcrap

    didnt know htcrap was still alive…

  • addpl
  • epps720

    Hope they can hold to this, but not very optimistic. If I only have to wait 30 days for the update on my unlocked One, that would be AMAZING!

    • ihatefanboys

      How can you not be optimistic when HTC promised the 4.3 update and delivered it, on time. You people that hate on HTC for absolutely no reason irk me.

      • epps720

        Yes they did give us 4.3, which they promised but it wasn’t done that quickly. 30 days just seems like a very aggressive timeframe. I’m not saying anything bad about HTC, if any carrier promised that (aside from Nexus and GPE phones) I would be skeptical. I surely hope it’s true, 30 days is just unheard of w/Android. 90 days is agressive but more feasible.

  • tarwinia

    Actually, there’s a bunch of stuff in favor of this happening.
    First they did keep their word with 4.3
    second it depends on how different 4.4 is and how much they have to change
    third we have the fact that since they have the google edition phone and as soon as THAT is ready they have the drivers and a large part of the base
    fourth is that the Nexus 5 uses a Qualcomm processor and I do know that in that past some of the updates were delayed by having to wait for the SoC makers to release a version adapted to their SoC’s (and the reason the One S did not get updated due to the different SoCs used). Now it shouldn’t be such an issue since Qualcomm is the maker fo the chipset in the Nexus 5
    Lastly this should be good for the HTC One MAX since hardware wise it is almost identical to the One (same SoC, same screen res, even the same DPI settings in the software, etc.) meaning the delay in porting shouldn’t be too big.

  • Stetson Smoak

    i just got my HTC One, i kniw im a bit late, but i had to wait fir my upgrade lol. i came from the iPhone 4s and i would’ve gotten the 5s if apple brought something new to the table. i was disapointed with the newer iphones, and now that i have this HTC One, i’m so glad i made the switch lol the only real flaw with the Obe/android is network based SMS/MMS (iMesssge), but this phone obliterates anything Apple has ever created in every other department. im excited for the 4.4 update, but since im so new to this phone, the time frame in which ill have to wait for it isn’t a big deal for me.

  • Silver

    I’m just glad that HTC One finally is doing a better job with updates. My current phone is HTC One but my previous was the HTC Inspire HD. If you know anything about the HTC Inspire HD, making the decision to buy HTC One was an extremely hard choice since I pretty much lost a lot of trust with HTC during my time with the Inspire HD. I don’t care that you can use custom roms (which I do) but the fact that official support for updates were pretty much gone within one year was just horrible.

    Either way, glad that they’re picking up and doing a much better job now.

  • Maverick

    This is a joke I am still awaiting 4.3 upgrade and they are promising 4.4 in 90 days what a joke. HTC make beautiful devices but always screw up on updates, guess will need to ditch HTC and move to nexus devices. And then we hear HTC is not making profits how will they make any profit with these screwed up delays.

  • Narty

    Does this mean the HTC One S will also get the upgraded?

  • BugFloh

    Ich hab das ONE S, sehe kein 4.4! Fester Akku im Phone. Uralte Software Android. Ich kaufe nie wieder ein HTC! Da macht es mit Google-Phone oder total billigen simplen Cubot (DualSim) viel mehr Spass …, Fazit: HTC ist eine sehr schwäche Leistung = nie wieder HTC, fester Akku bleibt ebenso unzumutbar!