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HTC Sense 5.5 leaks before HTC One max announcement


While HTC One owners in North America have been the first to receive the latest Android 4.3 and Sense update, a new leak suggest that HTC is nearly ready to unveil Sense 5.5. The look and feel of Sense 5.5 isn’t much different than what HTC One owners currently enjoy, but there are subtle tweaks and new features that will certainly improve the user experience. mike1986, the source of the leak, also claims that Sense 5.5 comes with improved performance and smoothness while fixing a lot of bugs that were present in previous builds of Sense.

With the HTC One max expected to launch by mid-October, it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that the phone will be the first to run Sense 5.5. The HTC One will probably receive a Sense 5.5 update in the future, but we hope HTC waits until it can bake in the changes with Android 4.4

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New HTC Sense 5.5 features

  • “Dual capture” and “Panorama+” camera mode options.
  • Tweaked recent apps card view.
  • Updated keyboard with hundreds of new emoticons.
  • Quick Settings customization panel.
  • BlinkFeed on/off toggle.
  • New HTC BlinkFeed categories with custom topics tab.
  • Minor changes to alarm clock.

Source: Android Revolution HD

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  • ihatefanboys

    The Blink Feed toggle is a really good addition. I could use another home screen. Actually if HTC gave us the option to have up to 7 home screens Id like that better.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    Glad to see the Blink Feed on/off toggle. They need to slow down their numbering system. They are already way ahead of kit kat (5.5 to 4.4)

    • Droid Sam

      Or, Google needs to change they way they are numbering things on Android. With 4.4 coming out this fall, it’ll be two years that Android has been on 4.x. I’m sure they want to save a full number jump for a complete UX change, but it feel like things are slowing down.

      • Hanna

        Agreed, i have an iphone 5 which is now 2.6 versions ahead. The android company will never catch up! Apple are the best, they said.They have the most sophisticated technology, they said. I now firmly believe this. Go iphone!

        • ihatefanboys

          2.6 versions ahead of what ? a commodore 64 ?

  • appleblows

    Iphones are wayyyyyy behind never will be able to compete just face the fact that android does muvh more than your 7 year old phone. Yes iphone 5s may have a faster processor and fingerprint scanner but android has always had faster processors and better technology than a fingerprint scanner

    • romdude

      It’s faster in benchmarks but slower in actual use like web browsing, it’s lagging worse than a nexus 4. Look for that video.

  • donger

    HTC should go forward without Sense UI.