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Microsoft, HTC in talks about Windows Phone option on Android devices


As you may know, Microsoft Windows Phone has not been doing well in regards to user adoption. And HTC has not been doing well with sales… or profitability in general. Combining a failing company and a failing operating system is either the best or the worst idea ever, but Microsoft seems intent on it. According to information provided, Microsoft is talking to HTC about installing Windows Phone on their Android devices.

The details on this proposition are very light. Microsoft seems to want HTC’s Android-based hardware to run Windows Phone, but it doesn’t state whether it would dual boot or just be an option to the user when purchasing the phone. It’s not likely that Microsoft would approve of a dual boot system, as app support alone would keep most people on the Android side, but an HTC One running Windows Phone 8 does sound pretty cool.

On the other hand, dual booting would allow more people to give Windows Phone a try without having to sacrifice their app portfolio from Android. People could boot into Windows Phone and maybe fall in love with it, adopting its ecosystem and making Microsoft a good amount of money. Windows Phone is an admittedly nice OS, so that could work out if executed and advertised properly.

Microsoft may also be planning to lower their licensing fees. The company charges a fee for companies to use Windows Phone on their devices, and paired with slow adoption, many companies have stopped making the devices (like HTC and LG). A lower licensing fee can help get HTC to agree to run Windows Phone again.

If HTC were to release a Windows Phone/Android hybrid HTC One and use Microsoft’s advertising budget to advertise the heck out of the device, it could sell pretty well. But poor execution and poor advertising have always been HTC’s Achilles heel. Would you buy this Windows Phone/Android hybrid device from HTC, if it ever came into existence? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Marc

    I already have an HTC One, I’d definitely love to have that ROM setup as a dual boot option. :)

    • Monk

      It’s the only way that I could buy a MS phone… If it’s also boots android at will.
      Other requirements for me are expandable storage and removable battery, so current HTC devices are out of my wish list…

  • hinds2009

    That makes no sense it’s still a crappy windows os. People buy Android phones for Android!

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • elsina

        How many nails have gone through that coffin. Every time there is an htc story someone always has to post this. I personally own a samsung device but drop it in a heart beat iif I could get the htc one with an sd slot. The battery could stay sealed.

    • Ryan

      It’s actually a very good OS. The only downside is the limited market.

      • thel0nerang3r

        I think that the number of apps on a particular market is over rated. All I care is if the apps that I need are on it. Is there an app that you can’t live without not on a particular market? If not, then having 100 or 1 billion apps is irrelevant.

  • thymeless

    That all smacks of desperation on Microsoft’s part.

    Maybe if Microsoft dumped the Android fee HTC pays to MIcrosoft as well, they could get somewhere. Of course, there is also some theorizing that this is MIcrosoft trying to get something out of HTC where MS just won that case that could ban HTC devices from the US.

    This offer isn’t happening in a business vacuum.

  • Nate B.

    I think it’s a near idea to be honest. But they will have to make sure the hardware takes advantage of both operating systems equally.

    The HTC One was and still is a solid device. I didn’t really expect that to save them, but I did expect it to pull their heads above water. They have some internal issues.

  • khaleader

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  • Dane

    As long as it had a removable battery with like a 2.7Ghz quad core processor.

  • jamal adam

    Microsoft is really desperate about getting more market share but so long as the app ecosystem is not present in Windows Phone, it’ll continue to lag behind in sales even if the OS is unique and pretty cool.

  • Rajat Gaur

    Dual boot on a phone ! Windows phone 8 is a beautiful but dumb OS just like Windows 8 itself. In fact, in recent days Microsoft seems to be focusing more on making things look better and more beautiful (Microsoft and Windows official website also proves that) rather than making things really work better.

    • Ryan

      Give me an example of this. This is just your opinion.

      • SGB101

        It’s all opinion, its a public forum.

  • Sunly

    Option OS would give a small attention to me as it would be bother to reinstall, but Dual boot sounds excitingly cool.

  • Paul C

    I have an HTC Titan. Beautiful sleek solid hardware with a large bright 4.7-inch screen. HTC used to have a very good reputation in the days when their stuff used to sell under other brand names. What went wrong?

    Being able to reboot and switch to the other OS would be a unique selling point for HTC. It would allow someone to buy a phone running WP 8, with Android as a built-in safety-net, making it a zero-risk purchase. Surely that would have a lot of appeal.

    • Nathen00

      0 Appeal for the reasons I stated. This is like asking a Company to install bloat ware on my phone because HEY ! I might like it.

      Just plain stupid and not needed. Again I ask, what happens if u decide WP8 is not for you ?
      Can you remove the WP8 OS ? What about Apps I have already purchased in Android , would you now have to re-buy again on WP8 ?
      This is the most ridiculours Idea ever , especially Because if you cant remove the OS then you lost precious GB’s of space on your Phone for nothing. Unless you are one of those nut jobs that would love to go around and proclaim ” Look I have WP8 sitting there incase I want to boot to it ! … want me to show you ? ”

      LOL Come one . Just a stupid idea . I’m sorry but it is.

  • Nathen00

    So how would I use ALL my Apps I purchased on Android Play store and installed on my Phone when I boot to WP8 ?
    Oh that’s right , I can’t. So I would have to re-purchase the Apps again on WP8 !! ( assuming they even existed) That is a stupid idea and No Thanks.
    The very thought that ANYONE would have to give up ROM( GB) space on there Phone just to have WP8 there so as to try it is ABSURD and DUMB.
    What happens if I don’t like it ? Can the WP8 OS be removed ?

    I mean come one.

    You want to try a WP8 phone ? Find a friend or co worker that has one or walk into a store like BestBuy and ask them to give you a demo and let your try it out. Install it on a HTC Phone ?
    LMAO That is STUPID.

  • pjamies

    HTC has enough issue at the moment, they do not need a OS that also has issues to drag them down even further! And Dual Boot on a phone with limited resources is just stupid.
    MS should just concentrate on Nokia phones, and fix their OS issues, or just drop out of the race.

  • Alan

    Windows??? NEVER!!!!!

    Windows and Smartphone are an oxymoron

  • tucaBrazil

    Windows phone 8?

    No thanks!
    Despite the awesome design, there’s so many flaws out there…
    -other storage bug gets gigs of main memory
    - No universal search
    - No good sync music tool: the official app for Windows 8 crashes and when it works, generate a lot of duplicate music
    - No notification center

  • john Abel.

    …if it’s Android it’s not a phone (>_<)

  • john Abel.

    …if it’s not Android it’s not a phone (>_<)

  • yetinaut

    I don’t think it’s fair to call Windows Phone a failing OS, just because it hasn’t made huge gains in the US. It’s made significant gains in Europe and some developing markets. It’s not a success by any means, but it’s not failing either.

    I own a Nexus 4 and an HTC 8X, and I switch between them frequently. Android is beautiful and has tons of apps, but I personally prefer the aesthetic of Windows Phone.

  • donger

    Dual boot.