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Moto X drops to $99.99 on-contract for AT&T, Sprint


The biggest complaint about the Moto X so far has been price. People have been unwilling to pay $200 on-contract for what they don’t consider to be a high-end phone. Now, this can be discussed endlessly, but if people don’t want to buy it, they won’t buy it. And it seems like AT&T and Motorola noticed this, because the AT&T Moto X has dropped in price to $99.99 on-contract when buying through the Moto Maker customization suite. If 16GB isn’t enough for you, the AT&T exclusive 32GB model has also been discounted to just $149.99.

AT&T isn’t the only one. Sprint has dropped their Moto X to $99.99 on-contract, as well. And US Cellular is offering $75 if you switch carriers and port your phone number over, making the Moto X a measly $25. Verizon, as expected, has kept its price of $199.99 so far. Strangely, buying a non-customized Moto X from AT&T still costs $199.99, so the new price only applies to Moto Maker.

This makes the Moto X infinitely more attractive. I’m actually tempted to get one (in black with blue accents most likely) as a second phone, because I really love the idea of touchless voice actions in the car. Plus, small phones have always stolen my heart. Does this make you want to buy a Moto X? Can the price now be justified? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: Moto Maker

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  • John

    I want the Moto X Maker on T-mo!

  • Nate B.

    It’s just confusing and a way to trip up a customer to get money. It was a dumb business move from the start. The most attractive part of this device was the way you could alter the phone, but you wanna make it exclusive to one carrier? Point of that? Benefit off that? Not at all. Price was a joke. Camera on it is terrible. I mean terrible. It’s not even about the features it lacks, because the iPhone lacks major features for a camera, but at least it takes really good ones. The front camera is much better and actually good period when compared to the back 10mp camera on the Moto X.

    Other then that it’s a nice phone to use because it’s fast and smooth. The touchless actions are cool too.

    • Joe Eder

      Nate, did you get the software update? Read it makes a major improvement in photos. Joe

  • www.phonewbie.com

    LOL, this is silly and was predicted by every joe schmoe on every blog. Is Moto Maker available for any other carrier besides At&t yet? If not then it is still a fail, even at the discounted price.

  • mattcoz

    Waiting and waiting for MotoMaker to be opened up, can’t wait much longer. When the Nexus 5 goes on sale I might just have to pull the trigger, even if I prefer the size of the Moto X.

  • gmaninvan

    Great….now go ahead and expand Motamakr beyond AT&T. I don’t get Moto’s thing with exclusives. First the droid on verizon and now this.

    In Canada, Rogers has an exclusive on the moto x WITHOUT MOTO MAKR

  • Made in the USA

    Thats the NSA spy phone!

  • Sir Alex

    Why did Apple make the iphone exclusive on AT&T when it first came out?

    If it opened to all carriers then, I would be using an iphone right now.

  • D Diablo

    Forget MotoMaket. It’s the only gimmicky aspect of the whole moto x release. I got my sprint moto for $99 off amazon two weeks ago but let me tell you this phone is worth every bit the $199 they were charging at the carrier stores. For the narcissists that want their phone to look as cool as they are I say whatever. The moto outshines and outperforms the s4 and HTC one because Google helped Motorola focus on actually trying to make a better phone with useful new features instead of the latest hardware. Do the research, then buy the moto x.

  • donger

    Gotta love price drops.

  • Pravas

    Price drops for the good.

  • Joe Eder

    Been thinking about switch to Verizon. Why insist on retaining a price double the competition? If I were not a US Cellular customer already, their pricing might get me to switch!