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Nexus 5 mega news roundup


The Nexus 5 is almost here. It’s so close, we can practically taste it. Rumors of a release by the end of the week are starting to look more and more likely as we haven’t even reached Monday night yet, and we have more than enough rumors and leaks to fill the front page of Android and Me. We’ve been collecting them all day today to present you with the Nexus 5 news roundup. We’ve got sample pictures from the Nexus 5′s camera, renders, specs, sign up pages and more. Check it out:

Wind Mobile preorder

Someone at Canada’s Wind Mobile is a little trigger happy. The Google Nexus 5, the “smart, new phone made to capture the moments that matter,” is being advertised front and center on Wind Mobile’s Facebook page, where users can enter their name and email to pre-register for the device. There’s no mention of a release date, but there is a handy spec sheet. Most of what appears on the Wind Mobile page, we’ve seen before: 5-inch 1080p display, 8MP OIS camera, Snapdragon 800 processor and either 16 or 32GB of storage.

It’s worth noting here that this is the second leaked ad, the first being on Google Play, that mentions the Nexus 5 along with something about taking photographs. Super-secret special camera incoming?

Just look at these beautiful vegetables


Speaking of the Nexus 5′s camera, the first several photographs that appear to have been taken with the Nexus 5 have hit the Internet. A handful of the original pictures found have been taken down due to privacy concerns, but the picture you see above, according to the exif data, is from the Nexus 5.

It’s hard to judge how good the camera on a phone is with one well-lit picture of some vegetables, but it certainly looks like it will be decent.

Retailers are getting ready

Retailers bulking up on stock of a product is a good sign that it’s about to be released. It means that the hardware, packaging and price are all finalized. It appears that right now with the Nexus 5, all retailers are waiting for is Google to announce the dang thing.

Today, a leaked inventory screen from Carphone Warehouse hit the web showing the retailer with around 3,000 Nexus 5s in stock ready to be sold. Shortly afterward, a Neogaf forum member posted a picture showing an LG Canada warehouse with pallets full of hundreds of Nexus 5s. The post also featured a look at the retail packaging, which matches earlier leaks.

KitKat.com/Android is down

This one is kind of a bit of a stretch, but KitKat.com/Android is down, and you currently need a password to view the site. Is it a sign that Google is almost ready to reveal the update to the world? It very well could be. But we’re not holding out breaths. It could still be a couple days, and we don’t want to pass out.

Storm Trooper white

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.02.51 PM

Finally, last but not least in today’s Nexus 5 mega news roundup, over the weekend, a new render from evleaks hit the web showing the Nexus 5 in beautiful Storm Trooper white. The white render shows the device as coming with a white back, black camera module, black bezel and black display. For those of you into the panda look, this one should have you salivating.

That’s all for right now, but we can’t promise there won’t be more. Keep checking back, you never know what could happen before the day finally comes to a close.

Nexus-5-cam-sample Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.02.51 PM NKAFxFw Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.04.43 PM SPupYCx

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  • yoaj

    I’ve read all this news 30x over on every blog site. Today was stressful.

    • ihatefanboys

      If you find that stressful dont leave your parents house and get a job and bills and such. That IS stressful. Waiting for news about a cellphone and finding it stressful is ridiculous.

      • masterpfa

        I would love this phone to be revealed soon but I would have to agree with ihatefanboys this is not stressful in the least, just an annoyance

        • Fuad Libax

          I think he mean’t it that it is a displeasure. That’s what you get when people don’t study their spelling words. Lol

        • ihatefanboys

          Thanks, at least you for upvotes. Apparently i upset all the boy children that ARE still living at home with no intention of moving out, living off their parents. No responses, just a bunch of angry, cowardly downvotes. It seems i struck a nerve. I love it.

  • vidde


  • RevSpaminator

    Lets hope they fix the weakened headset volume that the Nexus 4 experiences. I love my 4, but it’s real annoying to crank up the volume in my car just to barely hear the music. I mean, bands like the Misfits should be played at 11, not 1.1. :) Seriously, my wife needs a new phone but a throttled headset volume will send me out shopping for other options.

    • Vic

      Dude seriously. This is is one of my main gripes about my N4. My old GS2 had way better sound when plugged into my sound system in my truck. Always thought that was weird..

    • Guest

      Galaxy Nexus also had terrible volume (& camera issues)

  • SDouglas47


    Is the camera lens higher on the white phone than on the black?

    A cynic might think the “picture” if doctored.

    • Steven Crilly

      yeah if you look at the side view the tops of the camera protrusion and the power button are level with eachother, on the rear view the bottom of the camera is about the middle of the power button.

      • mattcoz

        Hmm, good catch, that is strange.

    • tetracycloide

      Automatic updates on the status of the Nexus 5 play store pages here: https://twitter.com/n5stock

  • aranea

    Still no date! Come on google have mercy on us!

  • jamal adam

    Google is being such a tease.

    • donger

      A good tease.

  • renyo

    Oh man out with it Google! We’ve had a peak under the curtain so many times…

  • Broseph Stalin

    I’m sorry, but that vegetable photo doesn’t look amazing.

    • mattcoz

      I don’t think anyone said it did, in fact all he said was “decent”. I think it looks good, but it was taken in an ideal situation.

  • Mi

    Will other carriers have it? If iPhone is 200 on contract, this should be the highest quality device at zero

  • Jay

    Meh, I already bought a Note 3 a couple of weeks ago and haven’t looked back. Knew the Nexus 5 was about to drop, but the Note 3 is simply so much better than any other smartphone out there in terms of sheer hardware and cold specs that I had to take it. Everything about it is just magnificent, no regrets. And this is coming from someone who bought a Nexus One during release week. That thing was revolutionary, probably my favorite phone of all time. The Note 3 is too, but not as much as the NX1 was. I’ve also owned the Nexus S and Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 was my phone right before I upgraded to the Note 3. While I will miss the Nexus experience hardware and software wise, Samsung has done a great job to make me not want to go back. Samsung has come a long way with TouchWiz and their hardware and software. The Note 3′s screen and body is just drop dead gorgeous, so is the feel. You really feel like your owning a million dollar gadget, not a fruit. My favorite part is Samsung simplicity. By that I mean the removable back cover, easy access to sim slot, SD card slot, and removable battery. Even as someone who has dealt with non removable covers and annoying SIM slots for a while I still cannot stress just how peaceful this is. It’s nice to have a removable back cover and battery, and an ST card slot. Although the Note 3 doesn’t really need it as it already comes with 32GB, but it’s nice to be future proofed in every aspect as this phone is. The S pen and multitasking is just frickin GODLY.

  • Alexis


    • Gr8Ray


  • Khun Long Back

    So much ado about nothing!

    Nexus 5, or any other phone so to speak, will not change the world the day after it is released. So, let us all wait for the official announcement and, between now and then, stop creating so call “news” out of nothing! I a blunt way, this article does not deserve to be classed as news worthy!

  • matt

    Haters gonna hate! This is like Christmas for grown up and truth be told probably the best part. Google is doing a brilliant job with small leaks and stringing us along… Gives us something to dream about. Can’t wait for this phone but I sure love thinking about it. Thanks Google, I’ll let you be my Santa Claus for a bit longer!

  • Drakon911

    I have confirmation that the Nexus 5 will be released on November 5th.

    I was outside and saw five Canadian Geese flying in a V formation.

    Five geese and Five letters in “Nexus”, V is Roman numeral for “5″, eight letters in “Canadian” and eight letters in “November”, five letters in “geese” = 05.

    Put it all together = Nexus 5 November 05!

    Coincidence? I think not!

    TL;dr = This makes as much sense as some of the “rumors”.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    just my opinion so hopefully nobody takes it too serious…..

    tomorrow is halloween & the next version is Kit Kat. so is it that far of a stretch to say we might get a release tomorrow as a halloween treat? in my opinion that would be an awesome treat! plus on the news this morning i heard that a survey was taken and Kit Kat was a the #1 favorite halloween treat.

  • Dora