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Rumor: Nexus 5 to be released on October 31 in US, November 8 in Canada


The number one question we’ve been asked about on our social network pages for the last week is what happened to all the Nexus 5 leaks and rumors? For a couple weeks it seemed like every day there was at least one juicy rumor on the handset. Now things have become eerily quiet. Is this the calm before the storm? If Mobile Syrup is right with their latest rumor report then we’d say get ready to batten down the hatches.

According to the Canadian blog the Nexus 5 will release in the US on Google Play October 31 and on November 8 in Canada. For those of you using the Gregorian calendar that’s just six days from now. Mobile Syrup doesn’t specify where this information comes from, usually this kind of information comes from insiders wishing to remain anonymous, but the publication has been shown to have reliable sources in the past.

Considering the rumored October 31 release date, which has been thrown around in the past, is just three business days from now we have to wonder whether or not Google plans to throw an event to announce the Nexus 5 if this date ends up coming true. With the Nexus 4 Google planned to throw an event in New York City but was stopped by severe weather. Instead the company gathered up a handful of publications they deemed important and demoed the device along with the Nexus 10 and the latest version of Jelly Bean. This worked out far better than we imagined it would. Which makes us think it’s possible Google is doing this again. Yes they could expect the press to get their stuff together and fly out to New York or California on just two or three days notice, but at least a week is the industry norm.

In other Nexus related news, while the web tries to hammer out just how an October 31 release date for the Nexus 5 would work a suspicious Bluetooth SIG filing on the Nexus 4 with LTE has people scratching their heads. The filing is for an older hardware revision of the Nexus 4, but shows the device as an LTE powered smartphone. According to Droid-Life there has been no changes with any FCC filings. Which makes no sense if a revised Nexus 4 with LTE was really about to be released. Perhaps this is a mistake? Does it have something to do with Android 4.4? We wouldn’t look too much into it right now.

So there you have it. Not one, but two Nexus rumors to keep you occupied during the weekend. Let’s hope by next week, we finally get the real deal.

Source: Mobile Syrup

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  • 6775

    mmmmh dat nexus 5…

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      Lol, prefect choice.

  • brody

    who’s ready to eat their dick

    • Richard Yarrell

      It doesn’t matter when for this one either @squiddy20 won’t be buying anyway he’s so bad off

      • squiddy20

        And you would know? Please. You don’t know my name, age, general place of residence, my likes/dislikes, let alone my economic standing. Have you never heard of a 2 year contract? Have you never heard of being satisfied with what you’ve got? Do you seriously think a dinky little smartphone (which is only <$300 subsidized) is the most important thing in the world? What a joke.

      • Unobtanium

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  • Nate B.

    31st sounds fit for some candy. Seems legit to me.

  • aranea

    Last time they released it around the world. Do you think they’ll do a step-wise release this time? It may help with the google play website stability.

  • poler166

    Trick or treat Google! Word on the block is that you got done kit Kat’s !

  • CJ LaFleur

    Perfect timing too. People give me money on my birthday in a few days and the best phone of the year comes out right after. Couldn’t be more psyched to get my first Nexus phone!

  • cliffy223

    I agree seems fitting to release Kit Kat the same day as Halloween, but something tells me this is just another rumor. I am expecting sometime in the beginning of November of the big news.

    Hopefully this year they get the Play Store figured out to not have a fiasco like last year when the Nexus 4 was released.

  • John

    No NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! The article says it will be released on October 31st on Google play and on Nov 7 or 8 on the CARRIERS!!!! If it’s available on Google play on Oct 31st that means on Google play in Canada as well as the US.

    What’s wrong with you people.

    • Undecided

      See if T-Mobile will jack up the price for the privilege of 24 payments like they did with the 4. Price will be crucial. If cheap, they need a major ad campaign. If it works with AT&T lte, I’d try the new Straight Talk plan which offers 2.5gb of Att for 45$ &. No extra fees. Half the regular Att ratea


    soo many damn rumors for soo long!!!!! it better be out soon man! im from the uk and ima pay fucking extra to get that shii

    • guest

      Keep ur fucking shit money for yourself,put it in your ass

    • nexus

      Y pay extra? Am UK too n have nexus 4 didn’t cost me no extra ! As for the dick babbling about ass does he take it up it !

      • Alzi

        I’m in Australia.

        It sucks we always get stuff ages after the us :(

        • domingo3

          How about if you create some intellectual property in Australia. Invent something, then release it in your home country first. Let people in the US wait for it.

          • kyle

            That’s not how it works. US is a huge market. We spend lots of $$$, so we always get crap first. That’s why all the Asian stuff ends up here on release day.

  • donger

    Trick or treat?

  • Undecided

    Have a galaxy nexus son wondering if worth upgrading. Price will be crucial 4.4 looks minor & Gnex probably will get it. Only think will be LTE & better camera. But switching Android is a huge pain & I lose most apps data & progress. Plus I’m strongly considering a 2014 iPhone. Not sure if worth it for a year…. Especially since Gnex resale isn’t very good

    • Platform agnostic

      Why vote down this person If what he says is true. Phandroids are as bad as isheep

    • Matthew Morrison

      You’re coming from a galaxy nexus and you are wondering if its worth upgrading? Lol what’s wrong with you haha

  • Pravas

    Cannot wait for the nexus 5.

  • Rybar

    Can’t the Nexus 4 LTE just be kept on the market as a cheaper alternative? I don’t understand why there seems to be so much confusion on why this popped back up. You can go out and still buy a Galaxy S3, so if it still is selling why stop offering a popular phone? It seems so simple, but it sounds like many authors of articles have their minds blown by the N4 popping up again. Google will probably make more money selling the N4 now than before because they will get the same processors for cheaper since there are faster alternatives, and chip makers will want to get rid of any stock of older components.

    • budgetdroid

      This. Unlike the people who tend to post on technology websites, price is a factor for most people. What if the N4 LTE was $100 cheaper than the N5? Some don’t prefer a 5” screen, either. Look at all the ‘mini’ versions coming out. Its not just about ‘emerging markets’, some people just want a good value. Plus it would counter Apple’s offerings.

      • StePheN

        If they were hoping to counter Apple, they shouldn’t be waiting so long to announce. They’re losing potential customers every day. Plus, it sounds like KitKat is going to be very minor.. Nothing flashy to steal attention from ios7. Not to mention the general media will not give it the ton of coverage iPhone releases get. Plus Google, if they price the device at 350 for 16gb needs a major ad campaign so they target people beyond developers & phandroids. With prepaid & T-Mobile no contract plans gaining popularity, this could be a great value. (well if T-Mobile doesn’t jack up the price again like they did on the 4). Straight Talk now offers LTE on AT&T – - 2.5 gb for $45 with no extra contract fees is a super deal (St doesn’t offer LTE on T-Mobile).. When you figure most people are already paying 200 for devices, you can see how saving over $50 per month let’s you break even very quickly. You’d only be paying $150 more for a higher end phone

    • Making it up

      Who says there’s a N4 Lte?

  • mahachi

    We hope so

  • arulapp

    Enough of the rumors..huh!!!

  • kirby

    i got tired waiting for this phone for 3months.its frustrating since the oct14 rumour,and now i got a g pro..not a stock android but have no regrets though,its a good phone,great screen and processor..but if this oct31 is true,i will have to think about selling my g pro and getting this nexus 5

  • Johannes

    Seems truebif you think carefully, halloween, kit Kat and the nexus 5

  • Vaneesa

    What the heck, everyone is crazy about Nexus 5 and what we have? we have only rumours. First of all we waited for 15 OCT, than 24th now someone is saying release will on 28th October, you are saying it will be on 31th and a guy on reddit (http://redd.it/1p996v) is saying release has been delayed. OMG, crazy people

  • jamal adam

    This would be quite the treat if it was released on the 31th

  • rustic

    Best way to misinform someone is to give so much information, true and lies, that it will confuse the hell out of them. If you want to keep surprise you bombard people with info and let them speculate, while keeping the most important piece in secret for yourself.

  • Mj

    So many ‘rumors’ so little facts. Another blog reports it’s been delayed a month. Has there been an official announcement? You’d think there’d be something if it were 4 days away

  • David

    Please learn how to use commas in your writing. It will make things easier to understand. One example:

    In other Nexus related news, while the web tries to hammer out just how an October 31 release date for the Nexus 5 would work[,] a suspicious Bluetooth SIG filing on the Nexus 4 with LTE has people scratching their heads.

    Note the [].

    You missed a couple others, too.

  • jose