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Samsung agrees not to seek injunctions against others for five years

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Do you hear that? That sound is magical. It’s the sound of peace. Samsung has been under investigation by the European Commission over its patent licensing practices, specifically for allegedly abusing standard essential patents. To fight off companies like Apple suing Samsung for many different things, some valid and some silly, Samsung has used standard essential patents against Apple and the EC isn’t happy.

So to please the EC, Samsung has decided to not seek injunctions against other companies for a period of five years as long as the company is trying to license a patent. It will negotiate for a year, and after that, will let a court create an agreement. This will prevent any serious issues for Samsung and encourage a better market that isn’t so dominated by patents.

It is interesting to see a big company get punished for abusing their standard essential patents. Though I do feel Apple has gotten off far too easy for their massive, despite not relying on SEPs themselves, I’m glad to see Samsung taking this stance. Here’s to five more years of peace!

Source: Engadget

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  • ZRod

    I have to support using essential tech patents as a defensive measure IF Apple is not paying for it, no more though.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      They are allowed to do this. They are, however, not allowed to sue for these standard essential patents if the other company is willing to negotiate. So if Apple refused to negotiate, Samsung would have the right to sue. At least this is what I gathered.

  • shirley65

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  • wgpeter

    Would they do the same to Apple and would Apple do the same as Samsung…? Probably not.

  • ovivlion

    Now if they just would tell apple to do the same. That would end a lot of dumb lawsuits.

  • Du

    Funny how you condone the abuse of standard essentials that is in fact blatant abuse and egregious outright. And it is not a stance Samsung has taken. Rather EU has taken a tough stance against all SEP abusers (meaning Samsung and Google/Motorola) and threatening with penalty which has led to this outcome.

  • Ritwik Ricky

    Samsung have all rights to sue against the Apple.Lets see what Samsung Galaxy F gives maybe its like an apples iphone with aluminumi

  • donger