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Samsung called out by Chinese government for poor components, offering free repairs

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It looks like Samsung has had some quality control issues in the Chinese market, and China’s population was left to deal with it. Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphones were suffering from sub-par components and people had to pay out of pocket to fix their devices. But the Chinese government won’t take such nonsense from anybody, because a state-run TV channel called Samsung out for the entire country to see.

Of course, a government calling your company out will really get you into a rush to fix things, so Samsung came out and said that they will be repairing all defective smartphones for free. And if the repairs don’t work, the company will flat out replace them. Samsung also says it is welcoming media scrutiny and has apologized for the ordeal.

It’s always nice to see a company own up for their mistakes and make it right, but we can’t exactly blame Samsung. When a government calls you out for the entire country to see, it would be a PR nightmare to just ignore it. When the same thing happened to Apple not to long ago, it made the same move. But people’s phones are being repaired, and that’s all that matters.

Source: Android Community

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    Kettle meet pot.

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    Chinese govt. doing something right ;)

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    You know its bad when the Chinese complain about quality.

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      Ohhhhh man, that hits the spot. +1

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    I’ve noticed no problems with my Note II. Is this specific to Chinese sold versions?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Yes, this quality issue was specific to the Chinese market.

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    Samsung to become the next HTC????

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    Check out new android blog

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    Atleast samsung is now repairing them for free

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    Samsung!! You rack a disiprin!!

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    Doing something right.That hits the spot.