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Samsung CEO JK Shin says Samsung sold 40 million Galaxy S4s

samsung galaxy s 4

People love taking the “doomsday” approach when it comes to popular companies. A product they don’t quite like is released, and suddenly the company is on the decline. Apple has been “failing” for years, despite being incredibly profitable. And there have been so many “final nails in the coffin for HTC” that we worry someone forgot to put HTC in the coffin first. No, just because a product is lackluster doesn’t mean the company is suddenly on the decline.

Rumors were spreading that the Samsung Galaxy S4 wasn’t selling as well as expected due to not much having changed between generations. While I disagree with the lack of change (it’s literally a whole new phone, even if the look is somewhat similar), hard numbers don’t lie. In speaking to Korean media, Samsung CEO JK Shin revealed some sales numbers for the Galaxy S4.

Within the first month, Samsung shipped 10 million Galaxy S4 smartphones out. Keep in mind that this isn’t sold, but shipped. And JK Shin says that, in the last six months, Samsung has sold 40 million units. As proof that the Galaxy S4 is succeeding, the Galaxy S III sold only 30 million units in six months.

So there you have it. Both Samsung and its Galaxy S4 are succeeding, despite naysayers that show up every year. Hopefully this will ease some heated discussions on how well Samsung is doing, because whether you like it or not, Samsung isn’t going anywhere.

Via: 9to5 Google

Source: iNews 24

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  • neeraj

    I use galaxy s4 for the past 3months…its just awesome.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      It is indeed awesome.

  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014
  • redraider133

    It’s crazy they were complaining about “slow” sales and they still sold this many. Pretty good for slow sales lol

    • John Patrick

      Don’t know if you recall but someone…either Samsung or some analyst had predicted 100 million units shortly after release.

  • CTown

    “People love taking the “doomsday” approach when it comes to popular companies.”

    Especially, Hom0ncruse!

  • sere83

    The annoying thing about these sales is it sends a message to samsung ‘what we are doing is correct, lets do more of the same’. Which in the case of the whole galaxy line is wrong in my opinion.

    Obviously the often referenced plastic/build quality issues have long plagued them but aside from that the glaring issue is Touch wiz and market over saturation and dilution of the brand.

    Touch wiz any way you slice it is bad, its convoluted, over complex, too heavy and laggy, and yes the lag is there, just compare it to a nexus 4 too see it. Optimization is also an issue, companies like xiaomi in china are literally kicking the crap out of the galaxy line in benchmarks and overall load times and OS fluidity.

    Then of course the issue of there being simply too many models in the galaxy line, the majority of which lets face it are cheapening the brand due to their poor specs, poor build and poor performance. Visually touchwiz is also lacking.

    Samsung need to stop trying to make so many handsets, address their build quality issues and most importantly redesign the look and feel of touch wiz, simplify it and optimize it better,.

    • John Patrick

      I agree that Touch-Wiz needs to be updated and possibly brought closer to AOSP Android visually. Touch-Wiz does offer some usefulness though which is one reason I switched to Hyperdrive, a TW-based custom ROM instead of the Google Edition which looses control over the Samsung camera features and some sensor functions.

      As to reducing the number of Galaxy models – probably not well advised. As long as Samsung can afford to do so the number of models makes sense because it gives Samsung a chance to experiment and throw out new ideas in a Darwinian sort of way. Those that work thrive and continue, while the ‘evolutionary’ dead-ends become close-outs. Samsung is driving change and innovation in this manner at a relentless pace that others can’t hope to beat with an ‘incremental refinement’ approach. That said, every one of these designs should be a best-in-class effort to avoid short changing customers in terms of quality and durability..

  • donger

    Impressive nonetheless.

  • Pravas

    SIV is a nice device