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Samsung rumored to be considering pulling an Apple, controlling the accessory market

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One thing Apple does that I’m sure we all hate is rule the accessory market with an iron fist. After the update to iOS7, unofficial Lightning cables stopped working properly with iPhones and iPads everywhere. That means the awesome, colorful Lightning cables my father had went in the trash can, necessitating the purchase of more expensive Apple-approved cables. It’s ridiculous and frustrating to no end.

This is one way Apple makes money. It controls accessories, forcing companies to get them approved by Apple and integrate Apple’s own ID chips into cables and other electronics. The price of accessories goes up as selection goes down. However, overall quality skyrockets, so there is a big benefit to this.

According to rumors spreading around Korean media, Samsung may be considering doing the same. It is just a rumor, but it already has me worried. If Samsung starts enforcing approval processes for accessories from other companies, it’ll spell the end of Samsung’s dedication to keeping an open ecosystem with Android. It’ll also be against everything Google envisioned for the operating system. And of course, it would piss a hell of a lot of people off.

However, there would be a huge benefit to this move. That would be the end of exploding battery stories that hurt Samsung’s rep. Whenever you hear one of those stories, it’s usually due to an aftermarket battery exploding. The cases are so few and far between, it seems hardly worth it to change the accessory market, but this kind of poor press does have an effect.

Samsung has been slowly moving away from everything Google, creating its own app store, replacement AOSP apps, and halfway redoing Android into their own operating system. If it were to pull this move off, it would just be another step towards a Samsung world without Android. Honestly, I’m not excited at all. However, this is only rumor for now, so it could all be lies. Please let it all be lies.

Source: SamMobile

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  • ihatefanboys

    Anyone that has owned “official” Apple accessories will atest they ARE NOT high quality and fail quite often and arent physically tough. Only someone pro-Apple would say theyre “high quality” they are no better than dozens of 3rd party chargers or data wires. Apple would like you to think theyre quality so they can justify $25 for a charger. Its the same fiction that gold-plated HDMI cables are better than the cheaper ones, theyre not, theyre just more expensive. I think Samsung is seeing a decrease in revenue from their most recent devices and are looking for a way to make more money off the consumer in other ways, quite sad. They should be focusing on making more diverse offerings from their Galaxy Line or “Galazy” as i like to call them. Their sales dropped because the GS4 resembles the GS3 and the Note 3 looks quite like the Note 2. Make something new, thats what customers expect from Samsung, new, exciting, not the same, like Apple. Dont become Apple#2..innovate !

    • Audrey W, FL

      Speaking of Apple, did you see the new ipad and ipad mini today? WOW. Incredible. Game over for samsung and the android company. They cant cope with the innovation of the famous world market leader.
      Im upgrading from my current ipad to the new one. Wow.


      • Fadakar

        This is why no one likes you, Audrey.

        • John


      • ihatefanboys

        The only word that describes your post is the word you used twice in it “WOW”

      • Nate B.

        You forgot to mention the “innovative” part. Wait, it does what the last device did. Just faster.

      • Rex

        Excellent troll job. Try harder next time.

      • theviper21

        Apple is only still an innovator in that they’ve changed the meaning of “innovative” to now mean “basically the same thing we released last time”. Seriously, aside from being faster each time and slightly lighter/heavier, what new features have they really introduced since the iPad 2? Manufacturers that release Android devices are the ones pushing the envelope in innovation.

      • Joni J


  • impromark

    I was quite annoyed when I upgraded to iOS 7 and my work-provided iPhone suddenly started flashing the “this accessory may not charge” notices every time I plug it in – and in fact it refuses to charge perhaps 10% of the time now. Still, it does still work, and I’m not about to spend $30+ on a freaking USB cable that shouldn’t cost more than $5 just so it can reach from my desk to the power outlet – something all cables should do anyway.

    Were Sammie to do the same thing, it would just turn me off all the more from their products…

    • theviper21

      I agree. One of the great things about Android is how open it is – would hate to see Samsung start down that path. Apple is just one greedy company.

  • thymeless

    Microsoft has been trying to emulate apple so why not Samsung? It’s not a path that the technically literate will follow them down, but they’ll get a chunk of the market to go with them. Overall, they’ll lose marketshare and money in the long run with that plan.

  • apai

    awesome! nice way to balance the android side – there’s no dearth of phone makers who easily better samsung – sony/ htc/ lg/ xiaomi, etc. or the second rung companies like meizu, coolpad, etc. others can increase market share! woohoo!

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    May be Samsung has a plan B in case Google closes up Android, but leaving the “Google” Android ecosystem? I am doubtful. Is Samsung going to build its own maps service? Or, is it going to PAY someone to bring maps to Samsung phones? I think Apple has shown everyone that it’s not easy to make maps, especially when your competitor is decade ahead of you. Let’s just assume that Samsung indeed makes its own map service — my words to Samsung? Good luck trying to pull developers to recode their apps, when Google’s alternative is available to both Android and iOS. The same thing can be said to almost every other Google Android API — many of them are available to iOS as well. Yes, iOS is actually helping Google to keep Android maker to stay within the Google controlled Android ecosystem.

    • SGB101

      They don’t need to, they could just do an amazon, this has been predicted for some time.

      1.Figure away for Android apps to run on tizen. And or push people to use s-apps and get users syncing with Samsung accout (they have started 2/3 above)

      2.in the mean time, make android with touch wiz resemble tizen, closer and closer

      3. Finally Swap out android for tizen! With Samsung sync, pulling apps from s-apps, and importing all the normal sync set up, most ‘normal’ user rather wouldn’t know or care if it wasn’t android.

      And then they have full control. Tbh as long as FB twitter Instagram and a handful of other apps are all there ‘normal’ users would be non the wiser.

      The issue with what someone said above about it making room for other OEMs, would be a reality as a huge percent of non tech users would stick with Samsung, as long as they did it seamlessly. And this would take a large percentage of Android users out of the ecosystem, and could catapult Tizen into a 3 house race.

      • pjamies

        Nice, but there is lots more to the Android Eco-System then that ..
        Google has hundreds of Thousands of users using Google (Domain) Apps, that work with
        Google only (Hosted on Google Servers) Unless Samsung has made a deal with Google to port all of the apps to tizen, tons of users will stay where they are and dump their Samsung phone for other more loyal Android manufactures.
        I myself am moving to the Nexus 5 when it comes out, away from Samsung. Yes, I do like the
        Samsung S3 and 4, but I also like pure Android, and updates that Samsung cannot/might
        not send out (even with their DE phones).
        The S4 is too gimmicky for me, it is just a copy of the S3 with more bloatware, and that is just not for me anymore.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        As pjamies pointed out, it’s not that easy. Needless to say, Samsung is years behind Google when it comes to backend services. The thing is, if you think what’s in a Nexus is the AOSP, and Samsung can just fork it and cover the base, then build on it, then you are wrong. Over the years, Google has moved almost all of its services from the AOSP to the Google Framework. Put it simply, nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to write a good Android app w/o using some APIs that’s in the Google Framework. What you listed above only touched the surface. take your point #1 as an example — the answer seems so obvious, just embed an Android runtime like BlackBerry does, but it won’t work if 99% of all useful apps requires the Google Framework. I found an in-depth coverage about this topic today from As Technica, and it does a much better job that I did to explain this matter:


        • SGB101

          I understand it isn’t easy, and personal think it’s a huge waste of resources, but I think Google’s move to protect and control it’s interests, by moving from Aosp to the Google framework, is partly the reason Samsung feel they need to gain control of their own destiny.

          I’m not saying I like the idea, or that its easy, but it looks like the direction they are going.

    • Chris

      The easiest way would be to just buy a mapping company that’s already established. That’s why most companies do when they want to break into another market.

  • adi

    god save samsung users

  • PaulieG

    Meh.. I’m a Samsung user having switched from HTC. I like Samsung but I’d happily switch to Lg, HTC or Sony if need be. I don’t believe in this Hard core fanboy crap that goes on today. Pick the device that meets all your needs and let others do the same.

    I think Android became so popular because it gave consumers choice. Choice of brands, choice of accessories, choice of pretty much everything. Its very similar to the IBM clone PC which all but killed off Apple in the PC wars of the 90′s.

    Apple used the same business model then, it it will be their downfall again.

    The IPhone is so successful because for a good 2 years it stood alone as the only device of it kind. Now it isn’t. They survive on this original popularity but this controlling business model will slowly erode their market to Switch to a more competative platform that offers ‘choice’.

    If Samsung can’t see that then they are just as foolish as Apple.

  • renyo
    • Greegoor

      Thank you, I was just about to post that. The vision of Google this page has is not founded in reality.

  • thel0nerang3r

    Since Samsung is required to release source for their devices. How would they block accessories? They may provide code to “licensed manufacturers” ahead of time, but everyone can see their code.

  • srajitsingh

    hey guys check this out
    In-App Purchases now free! on Android

  • Paul

    If Samsung moves further away from Android I’ll switch to Motorola, LG or HTC, plain and simple. I love my Samsung phone but I also like Android. If Samsung tries to de-Android my phone, then I’ll de-Samsung my life.

  • scubabum

    Hope Samsung does not pull this stunt. It could be costly for the consumers and they will turn to
    other companies (HTC, LG, Moto, …).

    • donger

      Agreed but we know that Samsung liked to copy Apple.