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Samsung says gold Galaxy S4 was not copying Apple, released before iPhone 5S announcement

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After the announcement of the iPhone 5S in champagne gold, people went a little crazy for gold smartphones. The gold model of the iPhone became worth quite a lot and sought after, despite being a tad flashy and tacky, in my opinion. Samsung took this hype as an opportunity to post about its gold Galaxy S4 (exclusive to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait) a few weeks after the Apple announcement, getting some serious hate along the way.

As tradition demands, everyone immediately started accusing Samsung of copying Apple. That really seemed to be the case, and Samsung didn’t seem to have any sort of defense this time around. Even if it wasn’t a legal issue, it wasn’t a cool move in many people’s eyes. But apparently, Samsung isn’t the bad guy in this case.

The announcement of the golden Galaxy S4 was not actually an announcement, but a reminder that the device exists. The device was announced on August 27 and released on September 8, a full two days before Apple even announced the golden iPhone 5S. Samsung, at least to a degree, cannot be accused of copying Apple.

On top of that, Samsung speaks about its long history of making golden devices, some even with real gold, proving that Apple did not invent the golden smartphone and people shouldn’t be making such accusations over a color.

So there you have it. Samsung should not be getting so much crap for having a golden smartphone in their lineup, especially now that we know it was both announced and released before the announcement of the gold 5S. And even then, copying a color isn’t the best accusation to make. So rest easy knowing that everyone can have golden phones.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • ibap

    You would think that their (both of the companies mentioned) marketing and PR departments consisted solely of teenaged girls.

    WOOHOO! Big announcement! New color!

    Give me a break.

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  • NrowS

    Copying colors?? Seriously? What’s next, a lawsuit for using plastic?

    • Renato S.

      Considering that Apple basically copied Nokia’s colors for the iPhone 5C, I don’t think iPhone users have so much to brag about colors.

      • Azzoth

        Apple didn’t copied Nokia’s colors at all, they had colors iPods since forever.

        • aranea

          And gold color has existed since the dawn of the time but apple claims its ownership :)

        • Renato S.

          not really copying, I understand that no one owns colorful products, that’s not the point, I think that the article had that clearled out.

          iPod being colorful, even if comes from the same Apple it doesn’t matter, this is about colorful smartphones, which is not a aesthetic standard. my point is that the colorful phone-thing came from somebody else, not Apple.

          which come to this contradiction which is iPhone owners hating Samsung for having a gold phone when Apple just did the same making colorful phones, even more now, knowing that Samsung had it first.

  • britney freeze

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  • Sid

    Samsung has always copied and this is nothing new as soon as it hears it Big Brother is upto something it copies that…
    Sane with galaxy gear and same as with gold colored smartphone. They get the news from the leaks and then release it just before Apple does!! #samsung #copying

  • aranea

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the other way around i.e. apple copying samsung. We all know ios7 to put it mildly “borrowed” a lot from android.

  • StolnHeartDealr

    This is a blatant LIE… of course they copied the color! Of course no one should care (did anyone make a big deal when Apple made white the new ‘black’?) So what it was released before the 5S, everyone knew this color was coming and Samsung probably knew before the general public. Honestly I think Samsung deserves all the crap it gets; Inflating benchmarks, region locking devices as well as copying the general look of the iPhone (coooooome on! stop denying it, the icons?)… polling people waiting in line for the newest iPhone! They’re so obsessed with figuring out the Apple ‘cool’ factor that they’ll never create one of their own. Samsung gives Android a bad name.

  • EmagehtmaI

    Didn’t Apple try to sue someone a while back? One company (I forget who) released a white phone after Apple released the white iPhone 4 and then Apple was all “no way only we can release a white phone we own the copyright to the color white!”

  • Jonathan

    It is a copy but it’s funny how so many samsung users traded in there phone for the iphone5s so samsung u are losing consumers

    • Jose Lucas

      Ha you are so wrong. People have been switching to galaxy s4. Who wants to have a phone where you can’t put apps where you want them to be?

  • Daniel

    Why argue the color su**so, who but a woman would buy a gold phone.

  • David

    The iPhone 5s should be compared to a much less capable phone than the Samsung s4 since it has such limited features.

  • Jaelalexid

    Yes, because gold iPhone news weren’t being leaked since early in the year. Yes, copying can still be stated. Samsung is a “me too” company

    • donger

      You said it right.

  • donger

    Why don’t Samsung remind us of how shitty they made their phones with cheap plastic and sells them for a premium price so they can get rich? Samsung did not need to remind us of a gold S4 or any of their previous gold phones. They are jealous their gold phones didn’t get as much attention and/ or sell as well as the gold 5S.

  • Andrew s

    Time to rethink our priorities. We care too much about each other’s phones and not enough to make educated decisions at the polls. I like my phone you like yours. I don’t care who owns what or what color it is.

  • thatGuy

    Lets be clear on something


    and here is why

    • donger


  • Sammmie

    Samsuck has a huge inferiority complex…and as they should since they are an inferior Korean knockoff company who does nothing but copy and put out crappy products.

  • cj100570

    Who cares, surely there was some real tech news that could have been posted on this spot instead?

  • Sara Fleischer

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  • Lucky

    way to go Samsung, your golden cheap plastic phone look ugly plus starting to name your products like missle, confuse, epic, what else just cant think of the name for your phone. LOL , and please stop flooding the market with all the cheap/low quality products to consumer. Please don’t call your next galaxy s5. its confused with apple you’re already did with s2, s3, s4 this time call it sh*t 5..

  • Lucky

    get your people to come up with their own ideas, don’t sit around and wait to see what apple will come up with and altered their ideas.

  • From washer machine to stupidphone

    Why Samsung, why you have to let people think you can’t make your own smartphone(stupidphone)