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Samsung shipped the most phones last quarter, more than tripling Apple’s shipments

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Samsung has become the biggest phone manufacturer in the world, and the latest numbers prove it. Not only did Samsung ship more phones than any other company, it shipped more phones than the next three companies combined. If that doesn’t amaze (and mildly scare) you, I don’t know what will.

Samsung shipped a total of 120 million phones in only one quarter. This is a 7% boost over last year and nets Samsung 29% of the mobile phone market. The next largest shipment was from Nokia, which controls 15.5% of the mobile phone market (its share dropped from last year). Next is Apple with 8%, and LG with 4.4%. Apple saw a 26% rise from last year, which is very impressive.

In all fairness, these numbers indicate phone shipments, not smartphone shipments. Apple doesn’t make any dumb phones, nor does it make “cheap” phones, so obviously it will be behind companies that rule developing/poor countries with dumb phone shipments. These numbers also show shipments, not sales, but that shouldn’t make a large difference.

While it’s nice to see Samsung on top, we hope that this isn’t the start of a monopoly and a company that moves far away from open source. What do you think of these numbers? Are they impressive, or are they a warning sign of worse times ahead? Leave a comment!

Source: CNET

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  • PaulieG

    Nothing to worry about. As Apple proved market share can be lost as quickly as it is gained. With companies like the Chinese Xaoimi ready to take the world stage, it is Samsung who should be a little concerned. This is Samsung’s day to shine. Let them have it.

    • SGB101

      Samsung make money from every thing from ships all they to cpu’s. Now they have a booming phone industry I’d love them to cut apple off, and watch them struggle to meet demand and they reliability to plumit.

      It won’t happen, but I’d enjoy it.

  • june

    ze koreans are coming!!!!!!!!!

  • axc2

    People forget one thing.
    Apple ship less than 10 iOS products
    Samsung ship almost 50 or more ?

    No to hard catch apple right ?

  • John Patrick

    Samsung is a really impressive company. Besides finished consumer electronics electronics, they make the world’s fastest embedded device memory (eMMC 5.0 memory modules) not to mention top-notch displays, mobile CPUs and a laundry list of cellular components.they produce a sizable chunk of South Korea’s GDP.

    • Chris

      Which explains why they seem to get away with all kinds of illegal activities.

  • kuddus

    Samsung shipped a total of 120 million phones in only one quarter!!!
    It’s great….But is the quality is as high as quantity????