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Update: Samsung to invest more in Best Buy, planning to buy stake?

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What’s the best way to get people to buy your product? In my opinion, it’s to get people to use your product. Many products I would have never bought if it weren’t for using them in a retail store. It’s the reason I’m not a huge fan of internet shopping; it occasionally ends in disappointment. Many companies have their own retail stores, and Samsung is trying to replicate that experience on a smaller scale.

Instead of full-fledged stores, it opened many “Samsung Experience Shops” in Best Buys around the US. They’re literally a big space in the center of a Best buy with nice signs and stands and tables full of Samsung products on display. It’s definitely a great concept and provided my first contact with a Galaxy S4, which I quickly fell for.

Samsung seems to be looking to expand their Experience Shops, as Samsung’s vice chairman Lee Jae-yong met with Best Buy executives recently. Analysts believe that “Samsung has been considering increasing subsidies paid to Best Buy in a strategic move to help the retailer and also increase the exposure of its products.” The Experience Shops might get quite a bit better sometime in the future, but there is another possibility.

Samsung may be considering buying a stake in Best Buy to provide a better budget to its own shops inside retail stores. This exposure inside such a popular store must be doing the company wonders in terms of sale, as seen with the success of the iconic Apple stores.

This is a piece of the puzzle many manufacturers are missing. HTC doesn’t have any sort of store for me to go to. If I wanted to try out an HTC One, I’d have to go to a specific AT&T store. That store does has one on display, and often it doesn’t even work properly. Many stores don’t even have a real one on display, but rather a dummy phone.

If more manufacturers had stores for people to play with their products freely, they would get more customers. Samsung is on the right track with these Experience Shops, and maybe it’s an even better idea than dedicated stores that many people won’t walk into unless they have an express interest in Samsung. This way, they’ll be entering a Best Buy for miscellaneous products and stumble upon the Experience Shops. What do you think of Samsung’s Experience Shops? Tell us in the comments!

Update: Samsung has contacted us saying that these rumors that they plan on investing in Best Buy are untrue. “There have been no talks whatsoever regarding stock acquisition of either company.”

Source: Android Community

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  • khaleader

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  • Arthur

    This is a really smart move on the part of Samsung. Having a specific Samsung store won’t grab as much attention as having a dedicated area within an established big box store that is well known and carries so much more than just your products.

    Every time I have been to the local Best Buy, their is a good amount of people in the Samsung Experience shop playing with the PC’s, tablets, phones, cameras and its very nicely constructed, Apple-esque if you will.

    • Monk

      I hope that they also sell unlocked international versions of their phones without carrier bloat and all the accessories, like Sony does at their Sony stores.

  • Bob

    I was going in to a Best Buy to check out the new Nexus 7 (2013) a couple months ago. The Samsung sales rep sucked my wife and me in to look at their products. It was rather uncomfortable, as I already knew what I was interested in. She asked us what we were looking for, and I told her. She then said that those tablets aren’t carried by Best Buy, which was probably a lie of ignorance (or retailing 101) on her part.

    Anyways, I generally do my best to skirt around that area without going near enough to be in earshot.

    • vforvortex

      Ya for most of us that use this site, we probably know more than the best buy employees about Android and other gadgets.. So when they approach us, we would usually be like “I got this, thanks though”.

      • johnnycsx

        I work for Best Buy and know what I’m talking about lol…and the Samsung reps don’t work for Best Buy at all. They work for Mosaic usually, a company that assigns reps to stores. Most reps don’t know anything. They get hired by other companies and get assigned to brands like Sony, Samsung, etc and don’t usually get proper training. Completely get what you both mean though. Samsung reps in my store are pretty laid back but obviously they push Samsung devices (all of which suck IMO – the tablets at least)

  • jamal adam

    We can complain about Samsung for this and that but can’t deny that their marketing is everywhere and I think that this is a smart strategy and something that will help Samsung continue to dominant the smartphone space.

    • R.S

      I agree that it’s smart of Samsung to do. The only negative I foresee is people claiming that now Bestbuy will always push Samsung products over all others.

      Yesterday I read about Samsung’s profits and HTC’s losses. It’s funny how much hate Samsung gets and how people will claim that their products sucks.

      I’m not a fanboy; I buy products that appeal to me, not others. It just happens that Samsung products appeal to me more than HTC products.

  • yurma415

    they spend so much time explaining why they aren’t copying apple, but isn’t this pretty much exactly the route apple went before opening apple stores?

    • dnar56

      Sounds like politicians. We don’t do this like they do, we don’t do that like they do… fools are doing the exact same thing!

  • kuaisu

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  • Chris

    I’ve seen the setup at my local Best Buy store. It was nothing really fance… just a wall divider and tables with products attached to security cords. The one bad thing is Best Buy has such a huge markup on their own products and I honestly can’t see the Samsung Kiosks selling anything less than what Best Buy itself would charge… so that means any sales or discounts they may have would have to be pre-approved by Best Buy… Does anyone have any info on this?

  • donger

    Samsung’s got $.

  • Skye

    I just stopped in at the local Best Buy and had a look at phones. Immediately a salesperson began telling me about all of the great features on the Samsung Galaxy phone. I asked about a couple of other phones and was directed back to how much better the Galaxy was. I had no idea that this person could have been an employee whose job was to sell the Samsung products. If this is so, it seems very sneaky and now I don’t know if the information I received was factual or just a sales technique. It actually makes me mistrust Best Buy. If their reps aren’t giving unbiased legitimate fair information about ALL phones and actually pushing particular phones to unaware consumers, it seems unscrupulous. I don’t think I will purchase my next phone there and I still haven’t made my final decision. Employees working out of Best Buy from other companies should be required to disclose that information to customers.