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“Steve Jobs” makes the switch to Android

Steve Jobs Laugh

Ashton Kutcher, the man who played Steve Jobs himself in the movie “Jobs,” has been hired by Lenovo as a product engineer. He has embraced Android and will now help Lenovo out with their products. However, this is no celebrity endorsement. According to Kutcher, he will do much more than just be the face on advertisements.

Kutcher will be heading to Beijing to meet with the R&D team to learn about Lenovo and how it internally works. Then he starts helping and advising the company on how to build better products. He went to school for engineering and is a techie, so this could be the first relationship between a tech company and a celebrity that will be more than just endorsement.

He says that he has converted to Android and is even testing an unreleased Lenovo smartphone at the moment. We applaud him for choosing the better mobile OS and we can’t wait to see what Lenovo has in store, especially with the help of someone who better knows what regular people want. Would you purchase an Android-powered Lenovo phone?

Source: ABC

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  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    “Ashton Kutcher has been hired by Lenovo as a product engineer.”


    • SGB101

      Lenovo must be in some serious trouble lol.

      If they can build a phone like my 2008 thinkpad I’m in. I’ve used it almost every day for a good 40hour per week since 2008, still going strong, runs a bit hot now, and still has original battery that get about 40mins.

      It replaced a Dell xps 1330 that was sent but dire battery life. Lasted me about 2 months, wife still uses it tho.

  • Nate B.

    At least he has some credibility as knowing some tech. Hopefully it works out for him and the company.

  • Bart

    “We applaud him for choosing the better mobile OS.” OUCH! Dima, did you really say that out loud!? Get ready for the firestorm, LOL. (Don’t worry, I’ll be there to watch your back. I’ve been known to say how disdainful I find Apple.)

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      It IS an Android blog :D

  • Commander Data switches to Android

  • pjamies

    Never knew Lenovo, made smartphones ..
    I hope that they are better then their laptops !!

    Hey, Maybe they will make ChromeBooks too …??

    • SGB101

      Lenovo make great laptops, the thinkpad is great, maybe not the IBM standard but still solid. And over the last 24 months their idea pads have been great value for money.

      I can’t think of a better laptop oem.

      I do like dell, and they have given great customer service over the years, but Lenovo stuff is quality from topend to budget. Never need there customer service.

  • Oflife

    Got to fondle a 5s yesterday in an Apple Store (typing this on one of their best products, the 13″ MacBook Air), and was thinking how nice it would be to run Android (with a nice skin) on the iPhone 5s hardware. It does feel nice in the hand. (I have a Note 3, awesome, but not single hand friendly.)

    iOS is nice in some ways, but lack of widgets and other such features makes it feel very limiting, even if it is polished.

    • Walkop

      The Moto X is the closest thing you can get right now, size-wise. Check it out?

    • John Patrick

      There’s been no public announcement but Cyanogen Mod is supposedly working on a desktop installer app that will push CM 10.x to iPhones and iPads. There have been articles posted on a few web sites in the last couple months including a photo of an iPhone 5 running Android, so you might get your wish.

  • http://lawrencesamantha.com olentz

    “He went to school for engineering and is a techie, so this could be the first relationship between a tech company and a celebrity that will be more than just endorsement.”

    Well, not quite. Yes he is a celebrity, but he has been super involved in the tech world – way beyond “just endorsement”. He is a successful angel investor, and has been tech advisor on many startups!


  • John

    Been on Android for years..totally agree that it is the better OS….

  • mhk

    smart decision by Ashton :)…now he can finally use Android only apps like LivePoll (http://livepoll.me) :p

  • Mix

    People like this guy and he’s famous so lets get him to make stuff….I don’t really get it

  • r

    this is stupid in so many levels