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T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update rollout commences


The Android 4.3 update for the T-Mobile HTC One has been released. Like the Sprint and AT&T HTC One, the update for the T-Mobile HTC One includes all of Google’s under the hood Android 4.2 and Android 4.3 features plus launcher bar enhancements, new BlinkFeed features, a widget lock screen style, home button behavior modification (remove black menu bar from screen), ability to display battery level percentage in the notification bar, advanced notifications, quick settings, six new Video Highlights themes with custom music options and an improved Zoe file management system.

If you have not yet received an update notification on your T-Mobile HTC One, you can ping HTC’s servers manually by going to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check now on your HTC One.

Let us know how the update process goes and what you enjoy the most with the latest software build for your phone.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • sherwin williams

    Doing the update now!!

    • Richard Yarrell

      This beats that crappy useless Galaxy Nexus on Sprint that the biggest troll on androidandme @Squiddy20 has.

      • squiddy20

        1. The HTC One was released earlier this year, whereas the Sprint Galaxy Nexus was released last year. Ummmm… of course the former “beats” the latter (in terms of specs)? Since when does a flagship phone have *worse* specs than another flagship phone from the previous year? What kind of crack are you smoking?
        2. The fact that you posted this and called me out before I’ve even commented means that A) I’m getting to you, B) you’re only looking for a reaction, which you are getting. Seriously, do you enjoy being made a fool of? C) You are in fact the troll for reason B.
        3. I’m posting this from my “crappy useless Galaxy Nexus”, which can do more or less the same things that your supposedly “pimp slapping” Note 3 can do. To use your own ridiculously wrong/horribly erroneous words, “go buy a life”.

  • Brian D Buckley

    Still nothing Pinging on my end…..Southern California. been checking for the past 4 days 2-3 times a day

  • Matthew

    Is the ability to display battery percentage in the status bar a feature of Sense? My Nexus is on 4.3 and cant do that.

    Sadly for these HTC owners, the OS will be out of date in 3…2….1

    • LOLA

      Not really a sense option since Samsung has the option as well. Not sure at what android version the battery percent is an option but I think it may be gingerbread. I wish Google would put it on nexus devices, but thank goodness for roms that have the option.

    • LOLA

      And as far as being out of date in 3…2…1 let’s keep in mind that not even the galaxy s4 has 4.3. I think HTC knows that one of their downfalls is the update support, they have been doing much better.

    • Galen20K

      Is that your attempt at clever sarcasm? Just sad.

  • Mike Hinkler

    How come my phone does NOT allow me to upgrade to Android 4.3?

    • LOLA

      Try going in to settings, all apps, look for Google framework, and clear the data and force close it, then go check for the update. It may take a couple of tries doing that but it’ll pop up. Or just it a an hour or so, or try rebooting the phone. It’ll show up.

  • Clint Wilber

    Just updated to android 4.3 on my HTC One, but the upgrade left it on Sense 5.0. I thought I was supposed to get the 5.5 update add well?

    • Trieu

      Sense 5.5 is a separate update that should be coming to the One in a few months.

    • ihatefanboys

      My Sense is on 5.4 since the update.

      • Nick Young

        That is the HTC SDK API level. Not the sense version.

  • Saleh Wagiealla

    Downloading right now !!!!

  • Jake

    As much as I’d like to give credit to HTC, the One was released over six months ago and this is the first time it’s even been on the current version of Android. So now they’re caught up, but don’t expect to see KitKat anytime soon.

    • Nick Young

      So was the GS4.

      • Nick Young

        And NOBODY has kitkat yet.

  • Mark Fryer

    How to remove black bar?

    • Nick Young

      The black bar isnt removed. You can now assign the home button to open the menu instead of using the overflow bar.

    • Ragu

      To remove the Black Menu bar button you need to go to settings: Display, gestures & buttons: Home. Then change the home button to Swipe up for Google Now, press and hold for Menu.

  • Nathan D.

    Got the update in Massachusetts, but I’m not home yet, so I will wait to download it until later tonight.

  • Eric

    Android 4.3 on T-Mobile’s HTC One is not much different from 4.1.2. I installed it for the couple of security enhancements it presents. Other than that there’s no Sense 5.5. I guess I’ll wait for KitKat hoping that HTC One gets it in the future.

    • Nick Young

      It has more than just a “couple security enhancements”. And most people knew it wasnt going to contain Sense 5.5. We’ve known that for months.

      Launcher bar enhancements, a widget lock screen style, home button behavior modification (remove black menu bar from screen), advanced notifications, ability to display battery level percentage in the notification bar, quick settings, 6 new Video Highlights themes with custom music options, improved Zoe file management and all the under the hood functionality that Google built into its Android 4.2 and 4.3 updates.

  • donger


  • mimo

    Talkatone no longer works after 4.3 update!!!!!!!!
    HTC One

    • mimo

      Neither does Groove IP….!!!!!! Damn it !!!

  • rider

    Started to download and cancelled it. 20min into it and I was only at 5%. Using a decent WiFi speed too. What the neck?!

  • Officialnucky

    Was waiting for over a month since my other half’s unbranded HTC One X phone updated to 4.2.2 and decided to take things into my own hands….I’ve unlocked the bootloader and installed CWM then downloaded the latest OS and Sense and it’s all working fine! Screw you OTA updates, Vodafone and HTC for letting Vodafone allow your “flagship” phone to become so far behind the competition

  • mocona

    Upgrade my 4.2.2 to 4.3 and the camera now get hazy blue purple pink after update, my friend in 4.2.2 version doing just fine, if anyone knows how to undo the update please help… :(