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How do you use your Android tablet?

New Nexus 7 (4)

XOOM back to 2011 and remember what significant event took place in the Android tablet world. If you couldn’t gather the answer from our rather obvious (and pathetic) pun, then we’ll cut the crap and just remind you that the Motorola XOOM came out then. While it had its flaws, the XOOM rocked the Android tablet world forever. It was the first Android tablet that actually seemed like it was worth buying; and it sparked a new era in the world of Android tablets.

We’ll consent that the XOOM wasn’t exactly the key spark to the Android tablet blaze. Rather, it was the release of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the first version of Android to actually be optimized for tablets. In truth, it was only for use on tablets. And while it was quite possibly the buggiest version of Android to date, it did two things. It was Google’s first foray into a new design language, and more importantly, it gave manufacturers a reason to start making Android tablets.

Concurrent with Honeycomb was the release of a slew of new Android tablets that weren’t just oversized phones. Travelling down memory lane, we can remember some of the more prominent names such as the Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. If you were one of the people who, like myself, were trying to decide upon one of the newfangled Android tablets on the market, then you know that it wasn’t an easy choice.

If you wanted to be the first with a Honeycomb tablet and also have the tablet that was backed by Google, then you were likely to choose the XOOM. But if you were someone who was always on the go and needed something that was thin, light and easy to use on the fly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was right for you. Maybe you were the serious worker who wanted to use your tablet for as much work as you could. In that case, you probably gave serious consideration to the Eee Pad Transformer and its detachable keyboard dock.

Of course, you may also have been a poor student like myself and been motivated by price, thus leading you to purchase the Eee Pad Transformer.

In any case, you were always looking for a tablet that fit the specific use that you had in mind for it. The same rings true today. As is natural with the progression of time, tablets have become much more refined. Today’s tablets are designed to be light, portable, and deliver media like they were born to do so. Which they sort of were. Born in a factory in some foreign country and delivered to your front door by a stork dressed as a FedEx man.

But once you unwrap that precious little bundle of glass, plastic, and possibly some metal, you’ll have to use it for something. Some of the more prevalent uses in today’s world are for streaming video, reading, browsing the web and even doing some simpler work such as word processing, creating spreadsheets and assembling PowerPoints. But many people don’t know that most tablets are capable of much more. Everything from advanced mobile gaming to interactive e-textbooks and even to some toned down photo and video editing. In short, tablets are pretty damn awesome.

Wanna know a secret, though? This entire article was written just so we could ask you how you use your Android tablet. Crazy, huh? If you want to do us a favor and make sure that we didn’t just write this all in vain, you could tell us how you use your Android tablet down in the comments below. Please and thank you!

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  • mkstvns

    Kind of embarrassed to admit that I don’t actually use my tablet very much. I’ve got a Nexus 7 2012, and even though I absolutely love it, it just doesn’t get much use.

    What do I use it for… reading comics, displaying recipes when cooking (hey, cooking for my lady gives me brownie points for buying more gadgets!), but that’s about it really.

    I’m not much of a gamer – are games one of the big points to using a tablet? – and frankly my little Xperia V satisfies pretty much all of my gadget needs.

    I’d never get rid of my tablet, though. I do love having it, even if only for reading comics. I do that a lot, after all.

    • SGB101

      I have a ipad2 and nexus7 and don’t use either, never really did.

      I had a decent phone and laptop, and I never really found a use for the ipad, I put it down to ios, having never owed an iPhone I really care for the ecosystem, so I got a nexus 7 (12) and found it wasn’t ios, I just don’t really get tablets.

      Once I got my note2, that killed off any tablet use dead.

      With one exception, UK specific, there is no channel 5od app for android, so if a show is on that I reach for the ipad. An android version launched not long ago but is the worst ios clone going and doesn’t work.

      So sadly note2 sized devices is my tablet. And I use that for everything baring work (windows) and pirate streams (flash).

    • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

      No shame in knowing how to cook. :-)

  • Jon

    How do I not use it?

    Netflix, time tracking, voice recording (for classroom lectures), recording videos for online courses, videoconferencing, email, music and audiobooks, Bible, reading, music, entertaining the munchkins, general web browsing, presentations, alarm clocks, GPS, etc.

    The list goes on and on.

  • Nick Clarke

    My nexus 7 hd is primarily for entertainment on my daily commute. I read ebooks and daily news and watch videos which I download ahead of traveling because the network coverage is too patchy for streaming on the train.

    I think the 7″ is a much better form factor than 10″ for this usage pattern because it is more comfortable to hand hold and I have a nice case that acts as a stand and has a hand strap too.

    I used to be an iPhone/iPad user but switched 18 months ago to Android. I grateful to Apple fur leading the way and opening new horizons but I think Android is a better platform for me at this point in time.

  • Woody Mahan

    Rooted original kindle fire. Xbmc, comic books, plex, pretty much all for watching shows and reading books. Looking forward to the 2013 nexus 7 (soon) so I can video chat also.

  • redraider133

    I use it for games, Google +, web browsing, watching videos. Pretty much anything to pass the time. The size of the nexus 7(2013) is perfect to be held for long periods of time and I often pick that up rather than my phone to use.

  • Jeff Shultz

    My Acer Iconia A200 is used for checking email & Facebook first thing in the morning, and then I use it to run my daily workout program. I’ve also been known to read books and magazines on it (for books I’ll more commonly use my Motorola Razr HD) and view Google Play movies. Since it comes with a full-size USB port it’s also seen use as a spare battery for my phone…

    I’m mildly interested in getting a more modern (aka faster, Android 4.2+ equipped) one, but am waiting to see what the next generation Nexus 10, and the flock of releases that will likely surround it, brings with it.

    My wife has a Nexus 7 (first release) and it’s largely a book reader for her, but she’s also used it as a GPS and will use it to access the internet if she’s not near her laptop.

  • SharkGoal

    I use my Visual Land 10″ tablet to check e-mail, perform quick searches, log onto E-Bay, Netflix & TIVO accounts, games and as a music player.

    I have only owned it for about a month (my first tablet) so I would imagine there will be much more to come…..but I love it!!

  • JPB

    Here’s the crazy thing. Ever since picking up my Chromebook 11, I find that I’m using my Nexus 7 a lot less. There’s something about having a keyboard that makes the experience better.

    I still use the Nexus 7 at home for some apps that have no Chrome equivalent, but those, I’m finding, are few and far between.

  • JPB

    Honestly, ever since I picked up my Chromebook 11, I’m finding I’m using the Nexus 7 a lot less. When I do use it, it’s pretty much for movie watching and reading. About the only thing I can’t use the Chromebook for is game playing, so that’s a Nexus 7 exclusvie for me.

  • Kirk Schwarz

    First I am glad to have u on board. Needed the input. Start in February 2013 with my first tab nexus 7. Now have a samsung 10.1. The nexus is my stero receiver music library. Sonos is the speaker system. Studio quality. I am a gamer no more expensive game programs to buy. Always have new and updated games. An astounding varity.I guess millions and more everyday. Video player.Can’t wait to get chromrecast and sphero.My imagination is its only limits.I have looked for something like this my whole life. Next nano tech. U R welcome here. kirk

  • Seb

    I’ve got my old Xoom running as a remote for an XBMC system. It just runs yatse and youtube…

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    I have Nexus 7, 10, and Kindle Fire with CM. The Kindle Fire is collecting dust. The Nexus 7 is mainly used as a remote control for my DSLR, and reading device on-the-go. The Nexus 10 is my manga reader. There are some occasional game playing, but that’s about it.

    • aranea

      How do you use it as a remote? With a cable? Thanks!

      • Cody G

        No wires lol. Just Google “how to use android tablet as remote” or something similar. If you ever have a question about anything just Google it, you’ll have a lot better luck than posting in a comments section.

  • captainkirkw

    I still use my original iPad when I want a larger screen but I use my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 most of the time. I check email, Google+, and other social media and web sites while around the house and out occasionally if I want to use something larger than my Note 2. The original iPad will probably get replaced by a larger tablet soon and I will probably replace my wifes original iPad with the new iPad Air as she is comfortable with Apple.

  • Mark

    I use my Eee Pad Transformer & its¬†keyboard for personal use although I have taken it in the field when I travel and need something light. For day to day, I have a work issued laptop and my G S3. I read E-books, magazines, play games, check personal and work emails. Stream google music, search, recipes, watch movies in flight, business apps, social media, guitar tools, etc. My biggest regret is not having a 3G connection. However when for work I can utilize company VZW 4G LTE Jetpack ;-) ….but as some other have mentioned I am thinking of ditching my smartphone and tablet for something like a note 3? Idk….then again a screen near 5.9″ is not even close to 10

  • HennersL

    The perfect size and the nice feeling in the hand of my old 2012 Nexus 7 really got me into reading more books on it (and to be honest it was all it was ever good for after a few months because of the dreadful lag)

    While I wanted to get the 2013 Nexus 7, my past Android tablets had both been ASUS built (TF101 Transformer and OG Nexus 7) and they had quickly suffered performance and stability issues after software updates so I was put off getting another ASUS device. Plus I wanted something bigger after I missed the TF101s big screen but still wanted something reasonably light and easy to hold in one hand so I could continue to enjoy my Play Books collection , so I opted for the Xperia Tablet Z and it’s fantastic. Still just as comfortable and easy to hold as my Nexus 7 for reading books and everything else is great on the larger screen.

    Also, as it’s IP57 rated I don’t have to worry when I have it in the bathroom for music on a Bluetooth speaker. Nice bonus!

    • Walkop

      Don’t doubt the new Nexus 7. The hardware is totally different from past ASUS devices; check AnandTech’s review for the details, bit you’ll see what I mean.

  • allanbeaudry

    I have a 2013 Nexus 7. At the moment it is by far my most powerful android device (phone is galaxy nexus) so I really like gaming on it. It is my favorite plane entertainment device – big enough beautiful screen yet tiny and can slip in and out of my carry-on laptop bag. I also use it frequently for Netflix and general web browsing.

  • Jorge

    I started with a Nook Color always running CM, then jumped to an HP Touchpad also always running CM. Then I went to the Galaxy Note 10.1 and there’s just no coming back once you use a tablet with active digitizer. I use it for Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Pandora, Google +, web browsing, banking, ereading, photo editing, doodling, note taking on lectures, lab journal, document editing, PDF comments and signing, to draw and model molecules, keeping track of workouts… And the list keeps growing.

  • DMonkey

    I have a Xoom.. I mainly use it for reading news, surfing web, streaming video, & social media..

    Like it, but next to my Nexus 4, it’s getting a little slow.

  • Cliff Phillips

    Retired and I spend my day on my Nexus 7 (2012) for movie and tv viewing, Facebook, emailing, light gaming, reading books/news/tech sites, and enjoy the android-freedom of redesigning my pages with new wallpapers, themes, and icon sets. My wife also had the N7 for FB, reading and games until she picked up the Note II. She loves the “phablet” Note II for all her tablet and phone needs now. We’ve owned Apple ipads, mini ipads and the Kindle Fire. We enjoy more the freedom android gives us.

  • Eli Gaffke

    I still use my LTE XOOM. I do use my gs3 more when sitting around. But use my XOOM for EPUB books and emailing. Love having LTE, but now that I can Wi-Fi tether my gs3 for free and I am grandfathered into unlimited data so having a high resolution tablet without LTE would fine.

  • Chuck

    For about two months I’ve been using the nexus 7 lte as my daily driver cell phone. I took the Sim card out of my galaxy note 2 (Verizon unlimited data). So I use my nexus 7 for everything: phone calls, texts, twitter, Facebook, Google music, Pandora, Sonos, GPS, podcasts, movies, TV shows, etc.

  • mattcoz

    I still use my original Transformer(no keyboard) all the time, lounging on the couch checking news feeds and playing games and whatnot. I use it for reading comics too. I think I’m overdue for an upgrade though, and I’m excited to see what the new Nexus 10 has in store.

  • TruFactz

    Nexus 7 2012 and Toshiba Thrive. Of course the latter served me well for multimedia purposes considering the full HDMI as well as the full USB port. The nexus was more of my sidekick when going short distances since the device was an 8GB, no longer recognizable by any computer, and slow as molasses.

  • guest

    I rarely use my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 since I got my S3. When I use it it’s mainly for trying new games, watching videos on youtube and trying to take some notes of the classes, but the latter is pretty hard in the small screen.

  • peekay5000

    I use my Nexus7 to read– ebooks, news, feeds, blogs, websites

  • Fiasko

    I have a nexus 7 (13) and primarily end up using it in place of how I would use my phone while at home.

    Also use it to read online textbooks for school and having. Love quadropus rampage!

  • thel0nerang3r

    Acer A500 mostly in bed before going to sleep or just after waking up. Reading magazines, playing some games, reading news and watching short videos. When I bought it, I has a Nexus S. If I had something along the Galaxy Note’s screen size, I probably wouldn’t use it as much, except for games. I prefer the larger screen for games.

  • magnum80

    I own a Nexus4 and a Xoom.

    There are two usage scenarios for my tablet:

    - At home:

    I use my Xoom at home for media listening / chromecasting / bluetooth (Google Play Music, Netflix, Youtube, Soundlcoud, TuneIn). Sometimes I use the internal speakers to listen to music as well (better sound than Nexus4).

    - On vacation/commute

    Rarely playing a game. Mostly I attach my USB drive and watch movies thanks to Nexus Media Importer.

    - Summary:

    Actually I could use my phone for all these tablet scenarios (except Nexus Media Importer, Nexus4 does not have that USB OTG feature). But I am afarid to drain the phone’s battery too much. So that by the time I leave home the battery would not be enough for the rest of the day. That is the main reason I use my tablet at home. Period.

  • Geovane Morgan

    Netflix, Fliboard, checking email and playing Sims. For some reason after the allure of the tablet faded that’s all I really started using it for. I still preferred my laptop for browsing.

  • Y2Dre

    I also have a Toshiba THRiVE and a first generation Nexus 7. My THRiVE just found new life as a clock/radio/TV at my job. It sits in a dock with computer speakers plugged into the dock and a USB mouse plugged into its side.

    I neglected my Nexus 7 for a while when I bought and fell in love with my HTC One. However, I’ve recently started using it again as a ebook reader.

  • Krob

    I use my Toshiba Thrive mostly at home and occasionally I take it with me on the train for reading books. At home I also mostly use it for reading, surfing the web and my daily dose of Youtube. It’s more handy than dragging a laptop with you (yes even the bulky Thrive is more handy ;) )
    I also use it for the occasional game.. but for real gaming I prefer the computer. Another handy feature of the Thrive was it full sized USB port, which lets me use my portable hard drive and enables me to pull all nighters catching up on series which I don’t want to “waste” time on during the day :) (without having to think about transferring them to my tablet)

    The full size usb port also lets me connect a PS3 controller (it also works via bluetooth, but for some reason its more of a hassle to configure every time..) And with it I have enjoyed hours of DOSBOX (Biomenace, duke nukem 1, 2, Flashback, …) and some Emulator games (I’m kind of through that retro-gaming stage again though :) )

    I initially thought I would use my tablet as some kind of music-jukebox.. But I actually never use my tablet for listening to music though, I use my phone for that (connected to bluetooth speakers) I actually also use my phone(SGS2) a lot for reading (on the train, when I don’t want to bring my bulky tablet), it’s actually a matter of habbits.. but I -am- thinking of buying something larger for that, like a Note or 7″ tablet maybe.

  • John

    I use my Nexus 7 2nd gen a lot – for reading, browsing, playing games, watching movies, as an alarm clock, and more. Even though I have a company laptop, I use my tablet often especially when I or my laptop need to take a break. Although the Nexus 7 still can’t perform heavy desktop applications, its form factor, gorgeous screen, fast CPU and high customizability make it something unique compared to other mobile computing devices. And like the Motorola Xoom, I can say that the Nexus 7 set another benchmark to the world of tablets, and will continue to do so.

    I still don’t have a smartphone but because of my tablet, I’ve made up my mind on buying one with a high-end camera and decent use as a phone, and that brings me to the Lumia series. The Nexus 7 has brilliantly played its role as an overall media consumption device

  • 00quantameister

    I use my Nexus 7, the original release as my home floating mobile computer. For living room, dining room, kitchen, garage, & other bedroom browsing. It is also my remote control for my Chromecast. I can stream a lot of video via Chrome to any HDTV thanks to the Chromecast.

    I also use it for some of the games like Angry Birds Space, The Simpsons: Tapped Out & Plants Vs Zombies 2. Its a great Netflix streaming device when I don’t have a TV available. My kids use it for mobile gaming around the house & as a Netflix device.

    I also use it as a SmartGlass remote for my Xbox 360. When I blog or make a social media post that I need to reference an Android screen, I use it for screen captures.

    When the family needs to look up some information, I use Google Now to reference basic search queries & look up information on Wikipedia. It also is great for reference geographical information that I can share with my family members.

  • Tom Canedy

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1
    I use my tablet for everything. From reading on Kindle, Facebook, news, and so much more. I don’t use my laptop anymore except iTunes.

  • Jason Middleton

    Resisted buying one for so long as I thought they were really unnecessary and a bit of a waste of money. I use a 5″ screen smart phone, have a laptop and spend most of my days in front of my PC so why bother with a tablet?

    Eventually bought a 10″ Sumvision running Android 4.2. Having the extra screen size to look at Facebook, Twitter, ebay etc is a plus. Other than the typical social media side of things though I barely use it. The other fairly regular use I have is for watching a movie or TV show in bed (far easier than my laptop).

    So although I can see the use in owning one, it would still be the gadget I’d ditch first if I had to lose one.

    A major negative is that if I haven’t switched it on for several days it is virtually unusable for the first 10 minutes while all the social media notifications/messages and apps are updated.

  • corgimas

    i also have the first transformer and stopped using after a bit as the gmail app SUCKED mud.
    it has been updated and i use it more now for puttering around on line at home and on the road…the mini sd card is key for movies while traveling!
    ….but i also use a galaxy tab as a game player….

  • David Sumner

    I basically us it for Reading, YouTube, and playing Emulators…

  • John Patrick

    I have several laptops and desktops – mostly Windows 7 so I don’t really ‘need’ an Android tablet. Last summer I finally gave in and picked up a Nook HD when they dropped in price. At that time it had the best display around (900×1440 IPS). Currently running a bootable environment off a 32GB MicroSD with CM10/JB 4.2.2. It’s not real fast, but it plays HD video off my Plex server without hiccups and works well for reading Flipboard, Google+, Pulse News and general web surfing. Mostly I use for a big screen replacement for my GS4 – running mostly the same apps when on my home network.

  • Maurizio Bonelli

    I use my nexus 7 2012 for books, gaming (not too much) and to see movies or series when I’m alone – much easier than turning on the pc or watching from the TV!

    My old Asus Transformer right now is being used by my parents, that are playing mostly with angry birds :D

  • thecraigmcrae

    In this order, what I use my Nexus 10 for.

    1. Reading magazines
    2. Web browsing
    3. Videos
    4. Games
    5. Hooking up to my dslr as a viewfinder

  • Broseph Stalin

    To be honest, I barely use my Transformer Pad TF300 (with keybaord dock) anymore. Ever since I got my Nexus 4, I can’t stand how slow the thing is, even in performance mode.

    I wish ASUS brought 4.3 to it.

  • n25philly

    Use it? I have the original Asus Transformer. Used it a decent amount until I got a samsung Ativ pro windows tablet. Does everything a android tablet does and way more. It’s still a nice tablet but mainly just collects dust now.

  • ihatefanboys

    Im really tired of the fellatio being performed on Motorolla across multiple Android websites. Before Google bought them Motorolla was widely panned as having mediocre hardware and over-expensive devices. The only plus’s were the physical keyboards on the Droid series. Now, every website is figuratively on their knees unzipping Motorolla every chance they get. Sad.

  • Jesslyn H

    I use my tablet(s) daily. At work I watch videos, read books and personal email, my personal RSS feeds and game sometimes on my lunch hour.

    At home is games, games, games. I’ll also read in bed and when nothing is on TV I may watch a movie.

    I have a 8″ tablet, so its small enough for me to take everywhere. Now that TMo has added 2.5GB free tethering from my phone, I also add internet browsing while I’m out and about.

    I plan on purchasing a Nexus 7 from Tmo when they start selling it and will get a broadband account to take advantage of more use away from home.

  • hurracayne

    I use my N7(2012) for everything. In the house I use it as a remote for my HTPC, games, mail.

    In the car it have music loaded on it plus it is my Navigation since I have Co-pilot live installed on it.

    I use it to read magazines and books at doctors appointments.

    They way I use it my phone is my phone and my charge can last almost a day in a half because my task are divided up with each device.

  • phor11

    I use my Nexus7(2013) just about every night in bed to catch up on RSS feeds with Feedly and then do a crossword.

    I also use it as a remote to push Netflix and Hulu to my Chromecast, and as a remote for my internet enabled Thermostat as well.

  • Brian Gelhaus

    My iPad Mini only gets used when my nieces and nephews come over. I don’t need anything in between my Galaxy Nexus smartphone and my macbook.

  • Matthew Coleman

    i have had the 2012 Nexus7, a TF300t Transformer, and currently a 2013 Nexus7, and it is a supplement to my work laptop, as i can carry it around and still remote to servers and make changes on the move, i read on it, i draw on my down time, i read news, all my social networking is done on my tablet, and i keep notes and reminders on it (sense its with me all day at work)

    it will never replace a laptop/computer, but as a companion/second screen, its perfect. wish there where more support for remote apps (Microsoft is trying)

  • D

    My first tablet was a Blackberry Playbook, I got it because they were selling it half price and it has great hardware, the OS and it’s multitasking capabilities were/are phenomenal, I used it to read books (side loaded Kindle Android app and the native Adobe Reader which lacks basic features like remembering your last position), watch videos (excellent rendering of videos) and surf the web on its exceptional web browser, it did the job when I didn’t feel like powering on my laptop and had minor things to do, but it lacked apps which was the reason that tab was a real disappointment. I still have it because I still like it.

    I got the Nexus 7 (2013) a few weeks ago and I love it to bits, I can’t seem to keep it down, I do all my basic computing from this wonderful device, even wrote a couple of short stories on this. Writing this comment from that very device, it’s extremely handy and lightweight. For my programming needs I still need my laptop though.

    I’m a sucker for that pure android experience. :)

  • Kenneth Binkley

    I use two rooted Nexus 7′s (2012): one mounted on a homemade arm at my bedside used to read ebooks, streaming internet radio stations, and monitoring my outdoor wireless ip security cam; the second is in a DIY dock on my desk being used to read news from Flipboard and my daily Drips, to read ebooks, checking my gmail account, watching Youtube videos and my ip security cam.

    I also own a non-rooted Verizon Razr MaxxHD “phablet” in a deskside “car” dock (when not strapped to my left forearm being used to play MP3′s while using my Endomondo gps tracking app to record my daily walk with my dog), reading ebooks, tracking my local weather, watching my ip security cam and even occasionally being used as a “phone” (Verizon willing).

    As soon as my Verizon contract ends, I am moving to TMobile and am looking at getting a Nexus 5. Looking forward to going all Nexus…

  • Kevin Thomas

    Nook Color, BlackBerry Playbook, Nexus 7, and now Nook HD. Nook Color collects dust, Playbook sold, Nexus 7 traded for Acer Chromebook, and finally Nook HD for reading, checking Facebook (will not put it on my phone), HD movies, stereo music (nice speakers Nook), and anything I don’t want to pull my laptop or Chromebook out for.

    One I traded my Nexus 7 I vowed no more tablets, but I really missed the form factor of 7 inches, and then saw the price, screen quality, and full access to Google Play on the HD and fell down the hole again.

  • Shane

    I have a Nexus 7 2013. I use it mainly for browsing the web, Youtube and music. Its my calendar, note pad and really helps with my Job. I play a lot of games on it too hahah. Its in my pocket most of the time, have a really nice Poetic Case on it. Got a SlimPort HDMI adapter in the mail, gonna be a nice emulator system now too!

  • king nynex

    I don’t really use a tablet. While I prefer the Android os I prefer the ipad as a tablet. The quality of music creation apps are way beyond what is available for android. I found myself only wanting to use a tablet for music creation. That being said I rarely use the ipad for music and thus rarely use a tablet.

    For my work I need to have a computer with me. I see it as kinda pointless to have a computer, and two devices with different screen sizes that do the exact same tasks for me. I can do everything I would want to do on a tablet on my phone perfectly fine. My phone is smaller and lighter.

  • jamal adam

    The Nexus 7 (2012) was my first Android device and in the beginng I used it for everything except for making calls. Now I don’t use it as much as then because I also have an HTC One S but I still use it when commuting to work, reading ebooks, watching shows, the occasional movie, reading manga, Google+, Feedly, and games.

    Even though I have Android 4.4 on it, it still feels slow and stutters most of the time. Even so, I still love it and continue to use it. I feel that it is the perfect option for when the One S feels small for things like watching shows and reading.

  • Wesley Lynch

    I use my Galaxy Note 8.0 to replace my paper notes at work. Love it, best decision ever.

    I used to use a Transformer Prime, which was also amazing, but terrible for handwriting, although the keyboard was great. Prior to that I had an ipad 2, which was all around underwhelming.

  • donger

    Surfing the web. music, and watching videos.

  • krcmn

    Galaxy Note 10.1 for note taking, sketching, reading emails, multi tasking, video conferencing, netflix, bible reading/study, TV/DVD remote, for just about everything except taking pictures.

  • Vance Kromo

    Watche PWG wrestling on nexus 10 while working out..

  • forfaden

    Tbh I use mine mostly in the bathroom lol. Watching videos, flashing roms, trying kernels, reading my press, very occasional games. I don’t use it all that much tbh but I love having it when it does fit in my life.

  • rashad360

    I like to use my Excite 10 to check email, read news via currents, browse reddit, watch short youtube videos, play with “Google Now” to search trivia and look up the occasional restaurant or something, and sometimes take little notes using Google Keep.

    Basically, my tablet is my preferred way of reading web content and I use it almost daily.

  • Sembazuru

    I use my Transformer TF700 w/ keyboard dock as a lighter-weight laptop for taking notes at meetings, and for watching rips of my DVD collection while traveling. I’ve been known to leave my laptop on at home, work, or hotel and if I need “real” computing while traveling I log into my laptop from my tablet via Jump and use either DropBox or GoogleDrive to transfer files. The 10inch screen and keyboard are still more convenient for me than my Note II with S-Pen for many things when I’m sitting at a desk or conference table.

    I just wish there was a way to turn off “touch to click” on the transformer keyboard instead of entirely disabling the touch pad… As it is, I’m either accidentally clicking random places (and thus moving the cursor and/or focus) when using Jump, or constantly toggling the touch pad.

  • GE918

    I use to carry my Nexus 7 with me whenever I left home, I would surf the web, read books,and listen to music through bluetooth speakers, but since I bought the Note 3 I have to force myself to
    use it to check email and read books. I’ve been thinking about giving it to my 15 year old Nephew.

  • Mac Friedrichs

    I’ve had my TF300 (w/o keyboard dock) for just about a year now. Wife and I use it almost daily – so, I’m pleased with my purchase.

    Top 3 uses:
    1. Netflix – and hdmi to tv
    2. Skype
    3. Games or Apps better suited for bigger screen than phone

    I have mixed feelings about the 10″ screen and at times wish it was smaller and more portable. Its been great for watching videos, but not as much for kindle/reading books, comics, etc. in that regard. Overall, no complaints.

    Anyone think I should invest in a keyboard dock to extend the functionality and life of my tablet?? (our laptop is old, and I’d rather just not purchase a new one)

  • MrMrMan

    My Eee Pad Transformer is a paper weight now. It is so buggy, laggy it is really useless. Randomly restarting over and over again for no reason.

  • JLX78520

    Nexus 7 (2012)
    1. Email
    2. Ubuntu (using multi rom by default android is runing, but when I need java applets, netbeans and more I use ubuntu)
    3. Games, videos, entertainment…

  • dan

    1. Pocket
    2. ?

  • chahk

    I bought a 10″ tablet for my kid mostly as a gaming/educational device. We also Skype on it occasionally. It’s gotten pretty banged up over the last 2 years, so we’ll probably be looking to replace it come this holiday season.

  • lyn jaho

    Can I use my samsung tablet at other people houses using there wi fi