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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 first impressions


Ever since I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II for Chirstmas, I have been 99% satisfied. It was a magnificent phone and has served me well to this day. I have not grown bored of it, nor have I longed for a new phone. This is a rare occurrence for me, considering I always want all the new technology. But the Galaxy Note II kept me satisfied, despite never liking large phones before.

But when the Galaxy Note 3 was announced, I felt a familiar excitement I haven’t felt in a long time. Unlike the Galaxy S 4 announcement, I felt like this was a true evolution. Expansion of the already awesome S Pen features, dropping the occasionally slimy plastic back, and throwing in a larger display while making a smaller device? Sign me the heck up.


First taking the phone out of the box, I was stunned by its beauty. It is a nostalgic design to me, reminding me greatly of the Samsung Galaxy S II I adore and still own. The gorgeous sharp edges are accented by a very fittingly sized home button that’s extra clicky. The back did not thrill me as much visually, as the faux leather initially looked a little tacky. However, the effect it had on grip was fantastic and made me feel like this alone made the upgrade from the Note II worth it.

The device features a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of memory with a microSD slot, a 13MP camera with smart stabilization and a 3,200 mAh battery. Despite the larger screen and better-in-every-way internals, the device manages to become narrower and thinner, only becoming a tad taller than its predecessor at 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. Just like with the Galaxy S 4, it is an amazing experience upgrading to a smaller device with a larger screen.

Having a Galaxy S 4 in the household and experiencing the display quality, I was not expecting much from the Note 3 display. However, it blew me away. It’s incredibly stunning, making the Note II and Galaxy S 4 look plain bad. I have never seen a display so beautiful. And with a Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of RAM, it’s incredibly fast and smooth, definitely outclassing anything on the market so far.

On the software front, you have familiar old TouchWiz. It’s still as colorful and bloated as ever, but it seems to have been optimized to run much faster than on previous models. I haven’t gotten any lag on this device so far, and it’s been an amazing experience. However, you’ll still be dealing with some gimmicks and cartoony looks. It’s expected from Samsung, but well done for the most part. For someone who’s been exclusively running AOSP for months, it’s still good software.

Software features like one handed operation across the entire OS are awesome, while others like the tabbed Settings screen with no swiping between tabs aren’t. The S Pen has been made even more useful, and the pen itself more robust and less cheap. And of course, what would a Note device be without Multi Window? It’s there and it works great.

However, the camera has not been the greatest experience. While the Note 3 shares the same sensor as the Galaxy S 4, its imaging capabilities are a bit different. In darkness, it shoots better overall photos but they look like watercolors. In daylight, photos are never as sharp and detailed as they should be. Hopefully Samsung will rectify this with a software update.

Build quality has been fantastic for me. The device is extremely solid, the leather back has grown on me and provides a very premium feel, and the whole device feels solid. It’ll take some time to determine long term durability; you’ll have to read the full review for that!

In only a few days of use, I’ve already fallen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s been an absolutely wonderful device and seems like an incredible upgrade for Note II owners. However, issues like the camera not shooting sharp images impact my opinion of it, so we’ll see how Samsung handles that one. I can’t wait to get more in-depth with the software, so stick around for the full review! Do you want to know something about the Galaxy Note 3? Do you have any questions, suggestions or requests for the final review? Leave a comment and I’ll try to address them as best I can!

Dima Aryeh is a Russian obsessed with all things car and tech. His time is split between gaming and fixing his racecar. He also does photography in his spare time.

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  • Pavel

    As an owner of Note II I am interested in comparison what is different and what could I expect from upgrading to Note III. Can you, please, compare battery life between Note II and Note III? What about camera? File transfer speed if connected to USB. Thank you and enjoy your new hi-tech toy :)

    • Gaz

      I have upgraded to the note 3 from a note 2. I was pleased to see it comes with a USB 3 attachment. It can still be charged with a standard connector but the USB 3 cable and charger give super fast charging and very very quick data transfer. I am seeing transfer rates equal an external USB 3 hard drive

      • Nicholas Tsiotinos

        I have a Note 3 too. Coming from the HTC One – the charging speed is amazing. The HTC One would take the best part of 5 hours to fully charge. The Note 3 charges fully in only 2 hours. When connected to AC it doesn’t matter whether I use USB 3 cable or USB 2 cable. I haven’t charged from USB yet – but I assume it will be quicker via USB 3.

        The extra screen real-estate, the stylus functionality and extra battery life more than makes up for the inconvenience of its size when carrying it in a pocket.

    • julia12

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    • Richard Yarrell

      Moving from the Note 2 to the Note 3 was definitely the right choice to make with 2013 on the horizon. The Note 2 served it’s purpose from October 2012 to October 2013 now it’s time to move forward. The Galaxy Note 3 has everything and a lot more included in this handset which did’nt exist in the Note 2. Lte advance, USB 3.0, better camera, 3gb of ram, better Spen funcationality, as well as KNOX security feature. It’s faster, better hardware, and much better screen and software solutions which is expected.

      Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period. If you want pure multitasking on the highest level as well as the best gaming experience on any android handset then yes the Note 3 is the device. It’s the BEST business/all purpose handset on the market period.

      • squiddy20

        “The Galaxy Note 3 has everything and a lot more included in this handset which did’nt exist in the Note 2″ A new device in the same line having better/more features than the one it’s replacing? Say it aint so! /s

        What other brilliant and insightful observations will you come up with next, Captain Obvious?

      • pjamies

        Well my Note (1) has been left off of every upgrade list so far, and that has left me a little pissed to say the least! It is like it never existed. I am still on ICS and with no hope in sight of an upgrade to at least JB 4.1.2, I am looking to a Nexus phone next time!
        I purchased the Note as an experimental phone as it was 1 of the 1st commercially large screened phones with an active stylist, and wanted to see if it would be useful in my daily life.
        I have found that I rarely use the stylist, and that a smaller screen would be more useful to my normal day-to-day work needs (some people like the larger screen … I actually don’t).
        My perfect size is 4.8 to 5.0 (about the size of a S3 or 4)

    • damon

      i upgraded and in my opinion, its not much of an upgrade. maybe once the bugs get worked out this phone will be better but right now it let me down.

      here are some quick things
      -phone gets hot very quickly
      -battery life is weaker than the n2
      -they shrunk the notification light
      -the capacitive buttons are unresponsive too many times.
      -the new menu system of settings in inferior to the n2
      -the performance in processor is barely noticeable
      -the spen is not as easy to pull out
      -somehow the speaker is weaker

      hope this helps. like i said with a good update, these things can be fixed..or improved. but as of now, the note2 is better and thats why i returned my n3 and went back to it. the improvements of the phone are minimal and not worth it in my opinion

      • Chris

        Sorry I don’t agree with you. My phone got hot too, but that was because I had Google + constantly uploading my photos and syncing all the time. This was affectively affecting the battery life and speed of the phone. I turned all that stuff of and now I have an amazing phone. Battery sees me well and truly through the day, still have 30% till about midnight and the phone does net get anywhere near hot.

        Also I would like to mention that people where complaining that my voice was ecco-ing whilst I was in a conversation. Well that was a setting problem too. I just unchecked the backround noise reduction and nobody has complained since.

        My opinion. Phone is huge, but amazing, once you have all settings right you couldn’t be any happier. Well Done Samsung.

      • Bart

        @damon: My experiences have been similar. The phone does get very hot while in use, especially around the area of the camera, even though I am not using the camera. I have also noted that when I touch an icon on the homescreen, instead of launching, it scrolls to the screen at left of the homescreen. The pen calibration seems to be off and I don’t see how to re-calibrate it. I expected (perhaps erroneously) that because of the processor(s) being twice as fast as the Note2, that my files would open faster. Not so. (I’m speaking of very small docx and pdf files.) There are other things that also cause me concern. Would I take back my Note2 if i could? Yes, I would. But that is sadly not an option.

        • Jhonny

          Hi. R u in US? Can u sell me your note 3?

  • TatDude806

    From the article:
    “…the leather back has grown on me…”

    The back is not leather, it is plastic with a leather-like feel to it. Please correct your mistake. Thanks!

    • nmoline

      The back might not be “leather” but just like in most cars the general public will call it leather. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with using the term. Carry on.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      To be fair, I did not mention it isn’t real leather. I was going to, but it seems I forgot. I fixed it! I’ll often call it leather from now on, but I’ll make sure to state that it isn’t real next time. Thanks for noticing!

    • 78787878

      they should make a latex back for all the fetishists imho

      • Andrew Deeks

        Or a Neoprene back for surfers :-)

  • mark long

    Actually, I have the Note 3 and S4 in house and I have no doubt that the S4 has a sharper picture. As it should since it has the same resolution as the Note 3 in an even smaller area. Everything else the Note 3 blows the S4 away.

  • jenni13

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  • gdanonym

    Well, i just bought the Note 2 coming from the Galaxy S3 mini. And i love it.
    The Note 3 was just out, but like all new devices, i just don’t want to spent the lot of money for it. It’s why the iphone is by far out of reach.

    But i thought of the Note 3, for a little bit. Faster, better screen, better s-pen functions.

    I still love my Note 2. It’s so fast, i haven’t had any issues for my apps and my kind of work on it. So why any faster?

    The screen is also very good, can read even large webpages with no zooming. So no need for better.

    The new s-pen functions, i don’t see the use, for the way i use it now.

    The only thing is the better multi window in the Note 3. But heck, i need something for my next phone. It’s cheaper then, i think.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      The Note II is still no doubt a fantastic device. It really holds up to time.

    • SGB101

      I’ve had my note2 12 months now, and still haven’t been tempted by anything, even though I’m on my second screen, and it isn’t as responsive as the first.

      You won’t be disappointed with the 2, don’t you worry.

  • Peter Montague

    I’ve had the Note 3 for a week. I frequently see the message “Your internet connection is unstable.” I have six other machines on the network, including an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 and they work just fine. I returned the Note 3 for a replacement but the problem persists.

    • cantelumber

      Same wi fi unstable notification. Called Samsung and they claim it’s not a known issue. If not resolved, will be returning note 3 and waiting for the LG G2. Shame on you Samsung, I’ve seen hundreds of complaints on numerous forums.

      • Leathernuts

        And I was tempted to return my G2 for one. That’s a bummer to hear.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      In the last five days, I saw it twice. Once when I was nearly out of range leaving the house, and once randomly. It doesn’t disconnect, and the WiFi itself works fine. I think it isn’t a big deal if it doesn’t affect usability.

      • cantelumber

        Dima, are you on sprint? I rely heavily on wi fi and it is a big deal to those of us who need it and are having issues. I’m glad yours is working fine but but after spending nearly $400 and not being able to stay connected when my 3 year old evo runs circles around my note 3 is infuriating. Thanks. :-P

        • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

          I am not, I am on AT&T. The thing is, when I get the message, it doesn’t affect how stable the WiFi actually is. It works perfectly fine on WiFi despite the message, with full signal and everything. I meant that as long as it doesn’t affect the performance of WiFi, the notification can’t hurt. If you’re experiencing poor WiFi performance, THAT is a serious issue. Mine has never dropped WiFi, luckily. I’m sorry yours does, and I really hope Sprint can get you a working replacement even if it takes a few exchanges.

        • shaella

          I had the issue initially, but when I checked my wifi, it was working but then it went out…. other company error … so it worked by telling me it was unstable, lol. When it came to, it went away.

        • stoopkidd

          I am having the same issues! cannot connect to a call while in range of a wifi network! i am on SPRINT and this is causing me so many issues. Did you find a solution?

    • wl75234

      Same problem.I am on AT&T. Turned off always scan, auto connect, auto network switch, wifi power save, and att smart wifi but it still drops constantly. Exchanged phones and its still an issue. Called Samsung also and they said they were not aware of any issues. Will be returning it and going back to my iphone.

      • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

        Since it is not a widespread issue, I don’t see why you should return it outright due to this issue. Exchange it first, a few times if necessary, until you get a working model. My AT&T model works flawlessly on WiFi, just like all my other devices do. I’m sorry you’re having problems though.

    • Lean6

      Try this: power reset your Internet gateway and WAPs. I had issues with them in the past, and I had my ISP come out and swap out all my gear and change some lines. I’m certain that home hardware is good. But, after I did the reset, I got instant improvement and haven’t seen the notification for unstable Internet connection on my Note 3. I’d be interested to see how long it lasts or if that did the trick for me and other users.

      • Cantelumber

        I’ve tried numerous troubleshooting techniques with a Samsung rep. The problem with refreshing the router is that you can’t walk in to every Starbucks /cable wi fi hot-spot and refresh their routers. Meanwhile my 2+ year old HTC 3vo runs circles around this $380 note 3 on every wi fi network. So frustrating! :’(

    • Kimpo

      I had the same issue. Just disconnect wifi on all other devices, disconnect the network between your phone and router. Turn off your router for 10 seconds and reconnect your note 3 with the router. Should work. I guess it wants to be privileged ;) but once this procedure done you can reconnect all your other devices and shouldn’t have any issue no more. Btw amazing phone.

      • Lean6

        Yep, just came back to say that I haven’t seen the wifi issues since I power reset my gateway and wireless access point a few days ago. This phone is definitely blazing fast!

    • RAPTOR

      did your issue solved?i am facing same issue even after replacement of device.please let me know if you have any solution for that

  • antonio

    I will be buying a phone tomorrow. Is the camera not being all the great a deal breaker? Should I just go with the LG G2?

    • vforvortex

      I think if you waited this long, wait for the google nexus event and then decide on the phone. Might as well get the nexus 5 then if you go with lg g2.

      • Antonio

        Well, I am coming from the iPhone 5 and I want a camera that’s a bit better than mine. I handle tons of PDF files at work and need something that will be good for that need. iPhone is terrible at these things.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      I haven’t heard great things about the LG G2 camera. I’d absolutely recommend this phone, even with the camera. It isn’t BAD by any means, but it seems to take worse photos than it is capable of. It is still very acceptable.

      • monk

        just a question because my camera is working ok now. did you peel of the protective plastic covering the lens? it was very hard to see on my unit

        • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

          I do not think my review unit came with plastic on the lens. I tried using my fingernail on that area, and no plastic comes off so I don’t think it has any on it. I do remember that pesky bit of plastic on the Galaxy S 4 though! Very hard to see indeed, it embarrassed quite a few reviewers.

  • Donald Williams

    I have had the note 3 on tmobile since release. The only issue I have had is with the headphones not working properly through several music apps. That was resolved day 3 when I got a replacement.

    Regards to battery life the most I got was 2 hrs 30 minutes and I had 27% left before I was forced to charge because of work. Since I work 3rd shift I could not go without any entertainment. I streamed Netflix for 30 and listened to Google Music for 8 hrs including some Web browsing. Over all I am very impressed with the upgrade from the note 2. I highly recommended this phone to anyone interested. So far 3 people at work followed suit and ordered theirs.

    I feel the camera is a huge upgrade from the 2. Things seem cleaner, crisper, and the zoom actually zooms without blur.

    Just my two cents.

  • Nick

    I have a Note 3 as well; previous note 2 owner.

    I, as you, was very satisfied with my Note 2 & would’ve been happy if it was the last phone I owned.

    BUT … is it just me or have you noticed some slight lag with inputs on the 3 compared to the 2?
    Also, have you noticed that zooming in on websites sometimes takes 2 or 3 taps to get it to respond?

    Other than these things, I love the Note 3 so far.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      I haven’t noticed either, honestly. I never used the stock browser though, opting for Chrome instead.

  • thymeless

    I’ve lived my note 3 for the week I’ve had it. Good phone, haven’t missed my tablet. Great screen. Powerful.

  • Bart

    @Dima: I’m glad to see that your impressions of the camera matched mine. I’ve gotten so used to the excellent quality of photos from my Note2 that the Note3′s failures in this area are a real deal-breaker for me. I actually went to Best Buy yesterday and they said they could do a buy-back of my Note2, which would save me about $250. (I have no upgrade options at this time.) But now that I read that you agree the clarity of images is lacking, I’ll hold off for now.

    Everything I’ve read on dpreview.com indicates that the higher the megapixel count on these cropped sensors, the more noise that is introduced. My own experience/observations seem to confirm that. While it would be great if I could carry my dslr on me at all times, it really isn’t practical. From what I’ve seen posted around the www, Note3 images are grainy, soft-focused, with noticeable blurring on the left and right of the image.

    • Paul tate

      My note2 photos were terrible, my s4 were brilliant and my new note 3 image’s are on par with the s4 so I think individual phones differ a lot.

    • Kimpo

      Sony is coming soon with a Superb nfc lense that can easily be attached and presumably a dslr quality. Qx 100
      For a phone I think it’s more than enough only for the low light could have some improvements. I think Sony offers a really interesting product which is accessible to all other mobiles.

  • Rich

    Having real problems on brand new a Galaxy note 3 when rreceiving txt messages from iPhone I can send the message but when I get response it only shows up on my Ipad. The note 3 doesn’t receive it. I also noticed in an area with poor reception the amount of emails shown dropped from 160 to 40- when I got good service it went back to normal. This was while using 3g|4g

    • Pacomacman

      The problem is that your telephone number is still registered with the iMessage network. To fix the issue you need to put your sim back in the iPhone and then turn off iMessages in Settings. If you simply remove the SIM before turning off iMessage, all incoming texts sent from OTHER devices on the iMessage network will send via iMessage and not SMS.

  • Paul tate

    Great phone and I have taken some fantastic photo’s. Outside they are as good as my s4 moving shots aren’t as good but a software update should sort this out.

  • Lean6

    Just like a few other users here and many more in other forums across the Internet, I’m having issues with my AT&T Note 3′s wifi. The same message – “Your Internet connection is unstable.” If I check the signal strength, it always says “excellent”, but things like YouTube buffering happens. I hope that they fix this by software update soon…it sounds like they haven’t even acknowledged that it’s a problem yet.

    • Lean6

      Edit…Try this: power reset your Internet gateway and WAPs. I had issues with them in the past, and I had my ISP come out and swap out all my gear and change some lines. I’m certain that home hardware is good. But, after I did the reset, I got instant improvement and haven’t seen the notification for unstable Internet connection on my Note 3. I’d be interested to see how long it lasts or if that did the trick for me and other users.

  • Stephen G

    I’ve had one week with the 3 now. Upgraded from the 2. So far I’m very happy. It’s faster, clearer, and sexier. Never thought I’d find a better service than my 2 but I did. Haven’t taken tons of photos but the ones I have are crisp and clear. I have seen the Wi-Fi alert but it has not seemed to effect performance. That being said, the only Wi-Fi I’ve ran from thus far is my home net which is Charter and it’s horrible anyway. ALL of our devices have connectivity issues.
    So out of buy, try or not buy, I’d definitely say BUY.

  • karl roebling

    How is the sound? If I play a video for someone at a restaurant or at work, will they be able to hear it?

    • nathan morse

      Sound quality is good, however the volume is lacking. My Htc One was louder. Note 3 is way better overall though.

  • DigiTricks

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  • GE918

    I’m so in love with my Note 3. I’m on T-Mobile and I haven’t experienced any problems. Pictures are great.

  • Matt

    I just got my Note 3 from VZW and the SIM card won’t come out. Planning to return it for a new one. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Anthony

    WOW, I am going down to a t-mobile store in a few hours. I have to decide between both of these. Can anyone give me any advice? I am a senior in college and nearly all of my work is web based. I am away from the house for about 10-12 hours daily. I am 6 foot tall so I think the note wont be such a big deal as far as size but the LG G2 looks amazing as well! I am not a fan-boy by any stretch. I am coming from the iPhone 5. So yea… to most of you it is an easy choice but to me this is pretty tough. Input is welcomed!

    • GJ

      I would suggest the Note 3 for its multitasking and screen size. But you would be happy with the LG G2, maybe just not as happy.

  • rochelle

    I got mine yesterday and have been having problems with the messages since. It freezes almost every time on an open message and won’t allow me to click back to the other messages in my list. Anyone else having this problem?

  • AdamTech

    Do you have the 9000 model with it’s inferior camera?
    My 9005 takes sharper pictures than my s4!

  • KC

    I read somewhere that this Galaxy Note 3 is “Region Locked” like the DVD.

    I travel a lot worldwide, and I wouldn’t want a device that;s region-locked as I need to call and receive calls worldwide.

    Is this true that this Note 3 is region-locked?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Yes, but not quite like you think. The devices sold are made to be activated in their home country. So if you buy a UK Galaxy Note 3, it has to be activated for the first time in the UK. Then the restrictions are gone and you can take it anywhere you want and use it. However, if you do import a UK device to the US, Samsung service centers will be able to activate it for you. It’s a silly system, but the device will be able to travel to any countries once the carrier lock is disabled (almost all phones here in the US are carrier locked if sold through a carrier)

  • Craig Lofts

    Boy O boy.I’ve had iphone5s galaxy s111, but my new note3 takes the prize. I love it. Anybody who is contemplating buying 1, DO IT!! I don’t give a rat’s that I payed prob $200 more to get it early. It’s a great feeling phone&the 4g is twice as fast as my home WiFi.I can comfortably say this will I last me a year compared to 4-5-6months for an iPoo.I mean iPhone.

  • Shamir

    Your review and Pavels first comment sounds like a paid commercial. If you are serious, talk about region lock and how that works abroad. Mention the Knox blown efuse if you’d like to customize your device such as remove some IQ spyware. Just my 2 cents.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      I will touch on region lock in the full review, thanks for reminding me! And I have not heard anything about efuse in the Note 3, could you provide some material?

    • FreezeGame

      The KNOX eFuse is a non- issue if you only want to customize by way of removing bloatware.

      I’m rooted, bloatware free, and my device reads as follows:

      CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official
      SYSTEM STATUS: Official

      Search XDA for “Root del la Vega” as well as how to get Xposed Framework working with it. This method will not trip KNOX’s counter.

      I couldn’t be happier!

  • Arcospark

    Will someone comment about the speaker quality of the Note III? I don’t listen to much music, but podcasts and other voice recordings, plus streaming movies. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the speaker volume SUCKS. Maximum is just barely more than a whisper. Please tell me the Note III is a boombox by comparison…

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      It’s decently loud, tinny, and not all that great, just like most phone speakers. Probably a tad worse than the Note II but it faces down, not back which is a plus. It’s not a bad speaker, not quite Galaxy Nexus level, but it isn’t great.

  • Bassam

    How long does it take to fully charge?? Mines takes alottt of hours, thought there is some kind of problem with battery. And doesnt it heat up so badly around the camera and handset call speaker? Plus the camera quality sucks it has weird lines glitch that show up in the image.. is it only me experiencing all these?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      I think it’s just you, maybe you have a defective product. I don’t have lines, I haven’t had the Note 3 get really warm yet, and mine charges quite fast.

    • nathan morse

      It charges really quickly from 0-100% in an hour or so with wallcharger. Also supports usb3 charging which is pretty close to that also. Regular usb takes many hours probably 6-7.

  • n25philly

    I upgraded from the original note to the note 3 a couple of weeks ago. The phone still blows me away by how light it is and how gorgeous the screen is. It’s just a spectacular phone.

  • unwiredmedic

    I’d like to know about the “real life” battery life, please. I’m always dubious about the manufacturer ratings. How does it work with location services and checking apps from time to time, rather than how it responds running minimal apps and no GPS. Thanks!

    • nathan morse

      This phone has a great battery life. Twice as long as my HTC ONE lasted. I use it at work playing pandora and gps as i drive alot during the day and it will not go dead on you in a 12 hour period. Normally on a 12 hour stretch from the time i leave for work to the time i get home its at around 40% life left. I spend about 45 minutes of that time on the phone, 45 minutes using scout navigation, 3 or 4 hours on pandora, and an hour+ surfing the web.

  • donger


  • Tony

    Finally got my note 3! love the phone but I do have one question…

    Do I or do I not have a clear screen cover on my note 3 camera lens?

    Battery life is good. Slacker play back was a bit jumpy, could be my connection. Should I get a case?

  • Top phones
  • nancy

    Love my note 3 on tmo… coming from my note 2 that I loved for a year. All is great,so far but I honesty thought I got a unit with bad speaker. More tinny, distorted and less volume compared to note 2. Exchanged phone but really quite the same. Still accepable i guess but wanted to mention as it did bother me a bit. S view case is great And love s pen function

  • OMGitsHUGE

    What is the speaker like on its own? I heard it was poor, mono and not stereo. I just sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so keen to upgrade to this model. The speaker is not a big deal for me as I use Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones. For others wondering what the differences are between the Note, Note 2 and Note 3, I did a post or comparison post recently. Check it out here http://www.omgitshuge.com/new-samsung-galaxy-note-3-phablet/

  • dsy

    I switched from a iPhone 5. Everything is far superior however over wifi, nothing worked except the browser. I exchanged for another one and now only certain apps will not load over wifi. YouTube and Facebook take forever to load whereas browser and imap email works awesome. Its not a deal breaker but still wished I didnt have to turn wifi off to view YouTube or Facebook. Any thoughts?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      I’m not sure if it’s a defective phone or a bad router or whatever, but it’s definitely not the case with my AT&T Note 3. Everything works perfectly on WiFi and 4G.

  • steve

    Hi I just got my first gallaxy note 3 after years of owing an iphone but I have a few concerns:
    1/ my iphone keeps receiving my texts and I have been told to switch my data on but where ?
    2/ the music volume is only 1/2 the volume of my iphone so can that be fixed ?

  • dsy

    Is there a way to save the sent email to my imap sent messages folder?

  • dsy

    Steve, that is because you didnt turn imessage off on your iPhone\ipad\and other devices connected to your icloud. The messages you’re not receiving are probably from people with iphones because they send messages to other iphones via imessage. I just switched from an iPhone and that happened to me.

  • big-C

    HI there i here there is a big issue with the note 3 the voice as they say sounds like your under water and sounds like chiping or chirping just plain bad ….that worries me becouse i reallly whant this phone but i dont want to be stuck with a 2 year contract with something thats not going to have good voice and clear calls every thing else seems to be good I am very concernd about this and would like to purchase this phablet but if the voice quality is bad then why get it i already have a tablet

  • Anshul Katare

    For me the biggest plus of having note 3 or any samsung device for that matter is the convenience of removable battery with high end specs and functionality… As me and my family go to road trips often and all of them have their iphones and sony xperias, their batteries die out and the only phone available for them was my note 2 and now note 3. I can tell countless of times when they want to check their mails, fb and other stuff. Thanks for samsung for not falling into the unibody facade, I always carry another set of battery for long tours and it comes handy.

    I have the external battery charger, so I dont have to wait for my phone to charge to use it. For this reason I can not give my love to apple or any other unibody phone manufacturer.

  • AndroidAndFreak
  • Martin Bieber

    Mercedes , BMW are the brand name which everyone dream of having so as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has become. It has amazing features, new android 4.3 jelly bean to name a few. Its popularity is unmatched….http://www.sgn3.co.uk/

  • AndroidAndFreak
  • seb

    Wifi issues!! I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work to fix the problem! Internet speed over wifi is extremely slow compering to other devices on the same network. I’ve changed to all different channels choose different type wireless settings modes b g n none of them makes any improvements! Average download speed dropping down from 3.5 MBs to 1.5MBs and even less , upload constantly freeze on tests showing as little as 0.3 which I never experienced before on my note 2! There’s definitely an issue with it! Mobile Internet works perfectly no problems at all its even faster on same network comparing with note 2 ! Any one know how to fix this please let me know!

  • reymartinez

    oct 10 2013 i buy this samsung galaxy note 3 in face book before when i received a message sound and LED ligth are working after two week sound and LED ligth stop working when i received message i check all the setting …

  • ct

    My note 3 all of a sudden the power button and home button don’t work once the phone screen goes dark I have to remove the battery and reboot the phone once the phone has been rebooted both buttons work perfectly. I have only had the phone for 15 days and has never been dropped and is in a protective cover has anybody else had the same problems?

  • Danielle

    Samsung Note 3 cannot send out messages but can receive them. Help me please.

  • Hannes

    Been using the N3 for 2 weeks now and I don’t like the fact that it gets this hot. It is unconformable to phone. The phone burns my ear and is not unconformable to have in my pocket.

    The gallery is slow. No slow would mean it does something. Mine just hangs for 1-2min when opened.

    I am not that impressed with the battery life. yes I use the phone all day but I have to recharge when i get home. I would have expected it to last all day with normal use.

    all in all it does not feel like the fastest phone on the market.

  • Kake Yun

    Nice review, the best thing about the Note 3 is that it works with the Note 2 smart dock; here are the demos on youtube if you are interested:


  • stoopkidd

    Hello All!

    I have been using a Galaxy Note 3 for 2 weeks now and i love it except one MAJOR issue. I cannot stay connected to any calls! i have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions from the user manual, but when i make a call while not connected to wifi i stay connected for 2 minutes at maximum, and i can’t connect to calls for more than 6 seconds on average if I am connected to a wifi network. This is really starting to make me angry because my incredibly horrible HTC EVO 4G could at least connect to calls. I’ve updated, software, profiles, and my PRL multiple times and done soft resets and none of it works. I can’t connect to customer service long enough to get any help and the local SPRINT store said there was no issue. Yeah right no issue.

    Any one have any suggestions?

  • Mahan

    Samsung Galaxy Note-3 gets heated up during usage of the phone. Soon after talking or browsing when I keep the phone in the pant pocket I really feel the heat to my skin.

  • Beth

    Hi, I am no longer receiving e-mails on my Galaxy 3 as of yesterday. Yesterday, I also switched from DSL to cable Internet. Does that have anything to do with it? Am I able to fix it?

  • Pam

    I’ve switched from an HTC Inspire to the Note 3. My question is regarding email notifications. With the Inspire, the number of newly updated emails would show on the email icon. Once I opened the icon, the number would disappear (even if I didnt open up each individual email). I liked this feature, because I always knew if I had “new” emails. I can’t seem to get the Note 3 to do that. Is there a way? Also, is there a way to have a notification come across the top to let me know that I have a facebook update or inbox message? Thanks so much for your advice!

  • tess

    I own both devices and although they are both great devices im keeping the n2 qnd selling the newer note 3. Reasons include poor speaker, not as good battery life, not mind blowing fast, faux leather is outdated, reception is not as good, screen is nice but there is something special about the n2s, home button on the n3 seems loose.