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What did you pick up on Black Friday?

Black Friday

Wallets lighter, shopping bags full, and possibly several bruises later, we’re done with the largest day in shopping all year long. Per usual, this year’s Black Friday was chock full of all sorts of deals for you to drop your cash on. But now that the day has passed, it’s time for you to get your brag on. And the comments section below is the perfect place to do it. We want to know all about the deals you grabbed and the new toys you purchased. If you got anything Android related, then good for you, we’ll give you ten Internet points! Now get down there and let us all know about your deal hunting, device purchasing, or just whatever you want to let us know about your Black Friday.

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  • Nigel

    I took all the rumors of a new Nexus 10 due for release on Black Friday… to get the original N10 32GB for $279, seems for about a week the demand for them declined in expectation, however, knowing there was no FCC approval for a new N10 I pounced.

    N10 for $500 was not worth it for me but $279 its not much more than N7, similar but just larger screen.

    Got Nexus 4, 7 and 10 now.

  • jaxidian

    I grabbed:

    1) 2x XBox 360 consoles for $99 to use as Media Extenders since the XBox One lacks this ability. :-(
    2) A 22 foot “transformer” ladder for $120 that I desperately need with my new house that has vaulted ceilings with smoke detectors that just started chirping!
    3) Several Christmas presents for my beautiful wife. :-)
    4) A $40 set of luggage b/c my last set had the wheels busted after the luggage grinders at the airport got hold of the the last time I traveled.
    5) Quite a few little but useful FAR items from Newegg (fans, cables, etc.).
    6) A $15 AR spare HD-6750 video card from Newegg in case I need it for a box.
    7) A $10 George Foreman w/ removable grill plates for a Christmas present (not sure who it’s for yet!).
    8) A $50 set of Boston Acoustics 2.1 home theater speakers (that I’m half-expecting to have cancelled because of a price mistake)
    9) A bag of cat food.
    10) A Moto G (at full price) for a family member.

    I think that’s it for me. Might have missed some little dinky thing but that’s about it for us this year.

    • SGB101

      We don’t have the Black Friday in the UK, but it is creeping in, Walmart had signs up is seen, but I hate shopping on a quiet day so I ain’t going on a busy, no mental day.

      Regarding your Xbox 360 purchases, I too am waiting for the 360 or ps3 to drop below £100, as I’m a cord cutter and I have found both to be great, prefer the ps3 tho. My trouble with both is, both my 360 and ps3 are gen ones, so are loud. Both bought in week one, so can’t complain too much.

  • MrMrMan

    The Last of Us for $25 on Amazon.

    • Fahad

      Shit I can’t believe I missed this for $25 I know that bestbuy had it for $35 but I didn’t wanna pull the trigger on it because of the price but for 25 I would’ve pulled the trigger.

  • naypalm

    I got a $85 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 @ staples. Used coupon code 31932 at the register.

    • damambt

      Whaaaaatttt!!!!!! $85 !!!
      I’ll break a Benjamin for that!!

      Was able to pick up $150 3DS XL for some kids in the family. Some cookwear for the older folks.
      All I bought for myself was the digital download for Battlefield 4 for $24 through Amazon.

      • naypalm

        Heh, I got BF4 as well but I’m a sucker for game boxes :)

        • Nathan D.

          Got battle field 4 for $25 as well from Walmart, with copy of Batman: AO for $35

  • Markus b

    I got a HP Envy 700-074 for $499, Crucial 8Gb memory $59.99, Dell LED 24in Monitor for $99, and 2 Beats Solo HD for $117.

  • Rukbat

    My wife and I both got Note 3s about a month ago. I’m almost 72, retired, it’s cold outside and I’m not feeling so great. So what did I get on Black Friday? Dressed. That’s about it. I never went for the commercial hype that this country’s turned into.

    But I spent the day playing with my Note 3 (AT&T’s OTA to an almost dead battery turned the first one into a silicon paper weight), So I had to reload all my apps, recalibrate the compass (you’d be surprised at how badly calibrated some of the sensors in Android phones are), reset all my accounts, etc. Had as much fun as a kid on Christmas morning. And the only crowds were my great nephews, who spent the day here, and a few of their friends from the block, running in and out.

  • E-man

    I got the same thing most of us here got on Black Friday: Debt. ;P

    • donger

      So true.

  • bleh_zero

    Nook e-reader, 32gb microSD card, other things.

  • 555

    WMF pressure cooker for my grandma

  • TechnoPancake

    Picked up my Galaxy note 3! But now the hard part. Deciding what color s view case to get heh.

  • bmc196

    10% off at my local liquor store… I stocked up on whiskey!

    I also bought three matching monitors to upgrade my setup and a 55″ TV for my mother for Christmas, but I bought those online last Monday (early BestBuy sales).

  • Valton

    I bought the Best Buy xbox 360 bundle with 4 games(Halo4, Tomb Raider, Darksiders 2, and Arkham City) for $189 along with 2 Camo controllers @ $34
    2x Roku HD @ $39 each(one of these was for myself, the other was a gift.)
    2x 32″ TV for $98 each(one of these for the guest room of my house the other as a gift)
    2x Nook tablets $89 each
    Desk chair for $49(this was all me)
    About $900 in clothes(including 3 pairs of pajama pants for myself)
    Various games from Steam and Amazon(for me)

  • Ayo

    Ps3 bundle with the last of us and arkham city.

  • aufan1

    I got a couple Lenovo 7″ tablets for my nice and nephew.

  • awundrin

    I got an acer Iconia tablet for my wife for $110. She’ll be pleased!

  • Harold Goldner

    Got the Mrs. an iPad Mini Retina. Wait, before you flame me, the purpose was so that I could justify having bought myself a Nexus 7!

  • hurric

    they were killing themselves advertising “Black Friday” in Canada ..nothing good so picked up nothing.

  • frmorrison

    iPad Air 32GB, while I like Android phones, I didn’t like tablets so I upgrade to iOS. Still planning to keep my phone as an Android.

  • katmield

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for $339.99 on Amazon; now it’s $449.99. Sold out within 45 minutes.

    I’ve planning on a lesser tablet for $369.99.