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Building the perfect Nexus phone: price


Black Friday is definitely the perfect day to finish up our building the perfect Nexus phone series – especially since today we’re talking about price. We’ve gone over all the main specs and features that you might want to see in the perfect Nexus phone, but we all know that having a phone with the best features would most likely come with a premium price.

Originally, Nexus phones were priced the same as any other flagship Android device. But that changed in 2012 when Google started selling its Nexus devices at or below cost. While the Nexus 5 may not be the very best Android phone on the market, we’re sure LG wouldn’t have any issues selling the phone for $250 more than what Google is asking for it. While none of us really want to pay more than we have to for a new phone, I’m sure there are plenty of Nexus fans who would be willing to part with more than $350 for a base level Nexus phone if the device was truly better than any other phone on the market.

How much would you be willing to pay for a Nexus phone which completely blows away the competition?

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  • miike

    The only thing i want in a Nexus phone is a 3500+ mAh battery. I definitely would pay more for it than an unlocked iPhone 5s

    • killabee44

      Im waiting to see if a third party manufacturer starts selling a battery with better capacity that will fit the Nexus 5.

      The battery is very easy to replace on this phone.

    • chase

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      • Paxmos

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  • carmon

    My Uncle Gavin recently got Lexus GS 450h Sedan just by some parttime working online at home… original site……….

  • redraider133

    Honestly I know everyone wants >$300 price tag, but honestly I would pay $500 for a nexus with no compromises. I also feel like that could be sustained rather than needing to be subsidized through google. I mean you can get an LG G2 which is essentially the same phone as a nexus with no compromises (other than the LG UI) and that is $499 full price through verizon. The super cheap is nice, but that won’t always be the case and isn’t necessarily what is going to bring the best in all regards to the phone.

  • Marcell

    Really? The votes show that most people do want biggest battery, unique feature camera, fast processor, removable storage with 32gb internal and do not want to pay more than 350$?

    Guys, that won’t ever work!
    A nexus having all that stuff you voted for can’t have a low price tag like this. Be realistic!

    • clocinnorcal

      Yeah, it is getting ridiculous. Buy the GE S4 or GE HTC One if you are willing to shell out more cash for some bells and whistles.

    • Guest

      Yeah it was funny. They want to pay even less than the already low price and get a better phone., camera, battery etc

  • Droid Sam

    The Nexus 5 is nearly perfect at $350. Throw in a larger battery and a better camera and I’d be more than willing to pay $425 for the base model.

    • clocinnorcal

      Yeah, it is getting ridiculous. Buy the GE S4 or GE HTC One if you are willing to shell out more cash for some bells and whistles.

      • clocinnorcal

        Oops, meant to post that under Marcell.

  • clocinnorcal

    “I’m sure there are plenty of Nexus fans who would be willing to part with more than $350 for a base level Nexus phone if the device was truly better than any other phone on the market.”

    Couldn’t disagree more with this statement, and I don’t quite get what it is that the Nexus 5 is lacking that would constitute paying twice the cost (if comparing other flagship prices) from its current price tag. I don’t care about gimmicks featured from other manufacturer skins, or IR blasters, or removable storage (as long as there is a minimium of 16GB onboard). I can live with any preconceived “cut-corners” as long as the device is as good as it has been on the last two inceptions of the Nexus phones. My only gripe with the Nexus line is quality control. There seems to be some major inconsistencies when comparing build quality of one Nexus to another, but again…$350!!!!!!!!!

  • Pebbleman

    Ok, so the cheap option is winning, but it looks like 45% of those taking the poll seem willing to pay more than $400 for an incredible Nexus. My money says the sweet spot is somewhere around the $450 mark. I want something which will make my iPhone carrying friends a but envious. That’s something the Nexus has never done.

    • donger


  • Guest

    Had hoped maybe there’d be some Nexus5 promotion this weekend. If not a slight price cut, maybe a playstore credit

  • guest

    Pixel X…here’s my checkbook!

  • RoyalJoker

    The nexus 5 may not be the totally best phone out specs wise but overall I enjoy it better then any other android phone out. I like the base model. Its still a high end phone maybe not the best of the best but its 350 I mean come on. I would love the nexus to stay the way it is and maybe Motorola create a top of the line phone at a higher price after all it is owned by Google

  • Rayan

    I would pay whatever Google asks for. It should include 3500mAh battery, extSD card support upto 64GB, better camera and that’s about it. It would then the phone to go for, no doubt.

  • rhY

    More than $150 is WAY too much for something I might lose. People are insane.

  • sere83

    I’d pay a whole heap of cash to see a really top end nexus phone. Top end materials, top end cameras etc.

    What annoys me as that pure android fans who don’t want the in my opinion mostly pointless, often ugly, often laggy skins basically have no option for a high end phone designed by google. And before anyone says, HTC one/Samsung S4 google edition, they have not been designed by google they just stuck stock android on them, they played no role in the hardware design.

    You can justify the nexus 5′s shortcomings in comparison to the iPhone 5s by saying ‘its almost half the price’ etc etc. OK so they are in different price brackets, maybe shouldn’t be compared at all, but this does not discount from the that there is still no pure android phone or in fact no android phone period around that can compete and beat apple on EVERY front.

    Sugar coat it how you want but touch wiz is a laggy ugly piece of crap compared to iOS7 and we all know it. Samsung also lacks the refined design and materials of apple.

    HTC have made 1 phone (the HTC ONE) that is arguably on par with apple design (i don’t believe it quite is btw) wise but it falls short in cameras and all skinned phones take ages to get the latest version of android. Both the S4 and the HTC one cant compete in terms of cameras or the graphics processing power of the iPhone 5S. In my opinion larger more high res screens are not a huge advantage as they slow down performance and the human eye cannot distinguish any pixels over 300 PPI anyway.

    Because of googles odd position as software provider and hardware collaborator it also means we are never likely to see a true top of the line nexus phone as they don’t want to piss off rival manufacturers using their software which frankly pisses me off as a consumer.

    Every one likes a low price point BUT why is it that I have to say to people ‘oh yeah but its half the price of the iPhone and it’s more bang for the buck’.

    I wanna be able to say my nexus phone is equal or better than an iphone on all fronts and runs the latest most up to date software straight from google, no matter what it costs.

    Sugar coat it anyway you want but the 5S camera experience is on a whole different level to the Nexus 5, better imaging, better sensor, better faster app, better shutter performance etc etc. It also bests it in a fair few other departments and this is reflected in the price.

    Personally I think the only way google will ever build a phone that can truly compete at the highest level is through Motorola. So If don’t want to buy a skinned phone from any of the big names that doesn’t run pure android, this leaves me with only 2 options.

    1. Buy a lower end device which is cheaper (Nexus 5, which I currently own) or

    2. Wait for motorola to make a proper high end beast and hope it gets updates as fast as a nexus devices and is available in my country.

    Which to me seems retarded and paradoxical. As it means that If I want the best software and hardware experience google can provide my phone will not be able to compete at the very highest level.

  • clocinnorcal

    I see your points, especially with the lack of design on the GE phones from Google themselves. I actually hadn’t thought of that as being an issue since the two current GE devices were so well received as the role of each manufacturers flagship, but alas..
    A lot of people, I suppose, are still waiting for that Nexus 1 sequel phone that is the best of everything possible. I definitely agree with the camera points as I feel the same.

    I could really care less if the Nexus devices beat iPhone’s in every single way, in fact I think that is just absurd since each company seems to have a different philosophy in their marketing. But that is just me :)

    Tell me, since you purchased a Nexus 5, was the price/hardware not a selling point to you?

    • sere83

      Yeah I like the low price point don’t get me wrong, but equally I would have spent more if there was a higher end option available.

      What I mean is it’s not like I am concerned weather the my nexus 5 is worse or better than the iPhone as I know how much I spent on it and it is a good product in its own right.

      It just angers me that due to its position Google cannot compete at the highest level and androids reputation as an OS is being tarnished by manufactures butchering the software and creating a worse experience at both the top and low end of the market.

      A good example is when people who are on a contract who previously had iphones ask me what to get. Its very difficult to recommend an an android device because they all have glaring issues, unlike the iphone which may not be perfect but is a solid all rounder and doesn’t really do anything badly.

      I could recommend an s4 but everyone’s knows it lags hard, has gimmicky features, feels cheap, weak battery life, poorly designed interface etc etc.

      My sisters husband bought one and picked up on all these things straight away and now thinks android is like that in general and chances are he will go back to apple. No matter what anyone says the s4 is an inferor product to the iphone 5s which incidentally samsung has acknowledged themself and have actually been quoted as saying their software needs work and that they may start another line of phones with premium materials to compete. This is the most popular and most well known android manufacturer in the world, their influence is huge.

      OK then maybe an HTC one? Again sub par camera, questionable skin, slow updates etc etc. Sony Xperia, slow updates, ugly skin, weak display, a 20.1mp camera that still gets beaten buy an 8mp in the iphone 5s that they made the damn sensor for.

      So all I can really recommend is the Nexus 5 but have to warn them that the camera is not the best but this is reflected in the price. But if you are someone who wants the best high end phone on contract then you may not want to settle for this and hence you go crawling back to apple for a 5s.

      What I’m trying to get at is that I find it frustrating that despite having a really big and well established platform like android and some of the best software programmers, engineers and designers around google cannot fundamentally produce a really solid all round top end device that receives updates promptly and is a great all rounder because of their position as platform supplier.

      imagine they could? You just have to look at the chromebook pixel to see the kind of quality that may be possible.

      I bet if they could and the made a nexus 5 platinum special edition carved from a solid block of aluminium with increased graphics processing, a lightening fast camera with great low light performance, huge numbers of pixels and a stunning camera app that cost $200 more but addressed all the nexus 5′s shortcomings, they would absolutely fly off the shelves.

      So in turn for me the perfect nexus phone is in many ways a fallacy because it can not really exist.

      • clocinnorcal

        Great response! I concede that for people looking to ditch iOS, finding the one “Android to rule them all” is a difficult if not impossible decision. You are correct. There is no single device that I would consider better than the iPhone all around. Sure there are nice flagships like the HTC One, S4, but as you said already they all have their “plagues”.

        For me the Nexus is the only Android I will buy in the future because it is the best experience as far as UX. Fortunately I am more than satisfied with the Nexus devices for my everyday needs but I can definitely see your points and I understand that some people want the best all around device without all the UI skin gimmicks.

  • ZRod

    Y’all are cheap. Really? Only $300-$350 for a phone that blows away the competition? Come on, get a reality check. Google may not care about making a profit but taking a loss is not happening.