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Moto G available to order in US; shipping 12/2 starting at $179

Moto G official

Hopefully our Canadian readers managed to gloat about having the Moto G to themselves in North America over the last couple days, because now Motorola has gone and spoiled that for them.

The Moto G is now available for order in the US. The 8GB model is going for $179 and the 16GB for $199. Devices won’t start shipping until December 2, but that should give people just enough time to come out of their tryptophan-induced comas after Thanksgiving.

The Moto G has piqued the interest of a few Android and Me staffers; it was one of the topics on our first podcast last week. Based on your responses to previous posts it seems that many of you like what Motorola is doing here as well.

As a quick refresher, your $179 (or if you want to splurge $199) will get you a 4.5-inch 720p display. A 5MP camera on the back and a 1.3MP camera on the front. A 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB of RAM. The US version of the Moto G available now has all of you GSM folks covered, but no CDMA love. And just as a reminder: no LTE with the Moto G, so HSPA+ will have to cut it. At launch the Moto G is running Android 4.3, but an update at the beginning of 2014 has already been promised.

I realize most of you are probably targeting the high-end of things, but is anyone taking the plunge on a Moto G? Or perhaps the better question is whether this is about to become the phone you recommend to your less tech obsessed friends and relatives?

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  • stanglifemike

    I’d recommend it, if the display was bigger. My parents aren’t too tech savvy, but I got them to get the HTC Evo LTE when it was first released. They pre-ordered out actually, as Best Buy offered it for $99 instead of $199 if you pre-ordered. The Evo has a 4.7″ display, so the Moto G would be smaller. It does have a better processor, but my parents will notice the larger display more than the processor. I feel like the Moto G would be a bigger hit if it had a display of 4.7-5″, like most other current phones have now.

    • C

      Always curious about cell phones for parents. Is big better if you’re intending to upscale fonts?

      It’s still more pixels than older fliphones marketed to non-tech people. Then again, as the boomers begin to retire, perhaps UI’s will shift to accommodate people with poorer eyesight: bigger fonts and the like.

    • Louis A

      I don’t think the 4.5″ display is small they will not notice the difference.

      Thank you Moto G, I now have a gift for my mom as she has being asking me for a smart phone.

    • Arthur

      4.5″ is perfect. I compared the dimensions to my N4, it is slightly smaller in length and width but not too small, just right I would say. Can’t wait to get mine when it ships next week.

  • SGB101

    Biggest feature of the g is battery life, it’s phenomenal.

    They are like hens teeth, sold out everywhere.

  • Meister_Li

    Bought one for my Sister for Christmas (and Birthday), because it’s a really really nice mid-range device that does everything she wants to do with a phone. :)

  • donger

    Would be a great phone for the kids.

  • Blake Singleton

    This would be my ideal phone, except I’ve been spioled on LTE. I have no experience with HSPA+. Can anyone give me a comparison?

  • Hector Rosario

    Just pre-ordered one for my son… gift idea this Christmas…. I hope it comes with no bugs…. Oh they are also offering free two day shipping with the purchase… Nicely done Motorola….

    • SGB101

      The only bug I’ve found, in my fought night using the G is chrome doesn’t work as it should, and that the default and only browser.

      It lags alot, and you can’t just ‘flick and it scrolls’ and when you switch tabs, it flickers.

      In everything else it works has it should, smooth and fluid, I replaced chrome with dolphin and that works fine.

      My makes was checking the G out, they had 2 sgs3′s, a note2 and an iPhone4s and 5, all of them was underwhelmed and never got why I was so happy with it, until I told them the price, them they got it. All of them preferred the screen on the G over the devices they had, and all of them, except the note2 user had one minor complaint, it’s a tad heavy in comparison.

      I never noticed that cos I to come from a note2.

      All of them, even the iPhone users, agreed the time for the contract is coming to an end, and would contemplate a G or G v2, come the end of their contract period.

  • kazahani

    I just told a family member about this phone nad he’s going to buy 3 of them for his kids! Great christmas gift.

    Also, Motorola’s website is totally Google’d now. Looks great.

  • skugern

    My boss was this | | far away from driving up to Canada just to get one. Now he just has to wait a few days – made him quite the happy camper.

  • sunnycheeba

    Canadians gloat? About only being able to purchase 8gb models which are carrier locked to one of the most expensive mobile providers on earth. And Motorola rejecting orders for the Moto G by Canadians, to legitimate US shipping addresses. Not to mention the Moto X also suffering the same, only available from one of the Big3 mobile providers in Canada sales strategy. Why does the Google owned Motorola give the “Evil” Canadian Big3 mobile providers this kind of advantage over smaller networks (Wind, Mobilicity,etc) ?

    • gerry miles

      I’m Canadian AMD I agree with you completely.they advertise price at $200, but not tell you about a contract
      Without contract telus is charging $260.00 for the moto g. Why is Google or Motorola allowing telus to rip off their customers like this when promises were made.?