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Pebble smartwatch now on Amazon; includes a $20 gift card

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While Samsung, Qualcomm and numerous others are trying to carve out their own piece of the smartwatch market the Pebble continues to chug along like the little smartwatch that could. Just in time for the holiday buying season Pebble has landed on Amazon.

You can get either the red or the black Pebble for $148.99, which is a dollar cheaper than it normally retails for and right now you will also get a $20 Amazon gift card which for many of us is basically as good as cash.

Pebble is decidedly more low tech in appearance and functionality (although Pebble SDK 2.0 is changing that) than some of its competitors, but the watch does most of what users want ┬ámost in a smartwatch and delivers nearly a week of battery life which makes it pretty low maintenance. I hadn’t worn a watch in nearly a decade before I got my Pebble and have worn it daily since I got my Kickstarter Pebble back in February.

As our resident smartwatch enthusiast I see the appeal of the Galaxy Gear, which I’m wrapping up my review on currently, but the Pebble remains hard to beat with its relatively low price and effectively execution on the “critical tasks” for a smartwatch. Qualcomm’s Toq will start shipping Monday and I think they show a similar focus on what is important for a smartwatch, albeit at a higher price.

If you’ve been waiting on picking up a Pebble for yourself or as a gift I imagine you won’t see a better deal than this before the holidays.

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