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Poll: Did you purchase the Google Nexus 5?


Now that the first wave of Nexus 5 devices have been delivered, we thought it would be a good time to find out how many of you actually purchased the Nexus 5. As we saw with yesterday’s Nexus 5 spec showdown, there are a few competing Android devices which outclass Google’s latest device, but that really doesn’t seem to matter to those who prefer a stock Android experience and the bargain bin pricing that accompanies each Nexus device.

After you vote, please leave a comment and let us know why you did or did not purchase the Nexus 5.

Did you purchase the Nexus 5?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • ChicagoBob

    Cant buy one there is no Verizon version

    • LukeT32

      Agreed.. I bought the G2 on launch day knowing no Nexus 5 for us. More or less the same phone except a larger battery. I root and run CM10 anyway…..

    • 457478

      Verizon sux

    • price

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    • ellett

      There are magenta, blue and yellow solutions to your problem.

  • stanglifemike

    No N5 for me! I love my 2013 Nexus 7 FHD, but didn’t want a phone with only a 5″ display! Had the Note 2 on Sprint, loved it, an don’t see myself going to a phone with a smaller display. I was at my local Sprint store when they opened, the morning the Note 3 was released!! Note 3 is my favorite, and the best phone on the market in my opinion! I couldn’t be any happier with it. Snapdragon 800, 5.7″ 1080p display(absolutely gorgeous), best camera on an Android phone, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, PLUS a 64GB micro-sd card – what’s not to love!!?? Especially since Sprint was offering $0 down for the One Up program when the phone was released!! Only paid $49 an walked out with a Note 3 still in its sealed box!!

  • jbcooley

    The Nexus 5 looks like a nice phone, but it’s not enough for me to updated my Nexus 4.

    • donger

      Same here.

    • Odie

      Agreed, wish that was an option on the poll. I love the look of the White N5 but I still like my Black N4 more.

  • Eddie

    No, I’m quite happy with my Xperia ZR. Its smaller, fast, up to 72gb memory, and waterproof.

  • lennyuk

    I already own a Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2012) and a HTC One but I still purchased the Nexus 5 – well I sold my Nexus 7 and HTC One to fund the Nexus 5 then was lucky enough to win a Vivid Blue HTC One Back – so I am pleased about that.

    I went for the White Nexus 5 after having a Black Nexus 4 and Black HTC One and I really like it, the phone itself is very nice, and of course being a nexus is always great! Kitkat seems like a great OS update too. I have only had a day with the phone so I cannot comment to the fullest yet – I will be doing a review on landofdroid in the near future for those interested in my full comments.

  • Jonathan

    Not Enough to upgrade from HTC One.

  • MrMLK

    No, because it is missing a lot of basic features that are must haves for me; removable battery, SD card, large display.

    I’ll stick with my Note 3.

  • Euki

    Upgraded from my N4 c: it’s supposed to come in today! I can’t wait!!

    • ElvisonD

      How are you negative? People who disliked this are hating heavy lol…here…let me help you out +1

    • apu roop

      dude,please answer this question…did u pay anything for shippping and taxes in addition to the price shown on the playstore??

  • Alasdair

    Couldn’t wait to buy it had the nexus 4 before the nexus 5 and I love then both great phone would recommend to anyone!!

  • John

    Got the LG G2 instead, superior phone.

  • n25philly

    No. There is no expandable storage and I already got a Note 3

  • sere83

    Yep got mine. 32gb black. Very nice phone, unfortunately Batteries not looking great. Really surprising considering what everyone said last year about the N4. Also mulitouch does not work in dolphin web browser

    • apu roop

      dude,please answer this question…did u pay anything for shippping and taxes in addition to the price shown on the playstore??

  • AChackes

    Got it last night, set it up with Straight Talk (ATT). I love it, it’s so fast! I am coming from a Virgin Mobile HTC EVO V 4G (same as EVO 3D). So this is a big upgrade for me. Can’t beat the price for the specs.

    • AChackes

      My skeptical wife was even impressed last night when I showed her some HD YouTube videos, and Real Racing 3

    • John2494

      Yeah, same here. I upgraded from the first HTC Evo, huge huge improvement

  • vivek201

    waiting for cyanogenmod or AOKP ROM based on 4.4 for Nexus 5…

  • EolianPipes

    I bought one because I’m still rocking a Galaxy Nexus. I couldn’t upgrade to the 4 because I was on Verizon. I’ve decided to make the jump over to T-Mobile and give it a shot.

    • jason

      i did the same move!

  • nivekkev

    No, I am liking the Note series right now, love the screen real estate, hard to give that up…

  • Kikkerman

    I’m certainly going to update my Gnex to this one. Just waiting for the 32gb to arrive in my country.

  • Ahmed

    can’t buy Nexus devices here in Egypt.

  • Kikkerman

    My first choice would be the lg g2, though due to the price I’ll probably wait for the 32gb version to arrive in my country and buy that one.

  • rndmprsn

    Owned the Galaxy Note 2 and loved it for about 10 months, then I dropped it and shattered the screen… decided against the $300 replacement screen and purchased a Nexus 4 – coincidentally on the last day it was available on the Play Store and have been very happy with the phone for the last month or so…

    Enter the Nexus 5… The build up to the release was marked by so many leaks and images, it def got my attention, so i purchased a Black 16GB in the first several minutes that it was available, I was lucky in that mine shipped after a couple days and is en-route to me as i type this…

  • SGB101

    I’m to concerned over the small battery. For the price I think I’d by a secondhand sgs4 and put cm10.2 on.

    Hopefully the battery will surprise me, but I’d still be concerned for 11 months time. Yes I could by the next nexus, but my kids usually get another 12 months after me.

  • Bobby

    Yes. Gnex to n4, now n5

  • okatetsu

    My Gnex didn’t work well recently (after 4.3 update), and it won’t get 4.4 officially. So I got one.
    Definitely its worth for upgrade from Gnex to Nexus 5.

  • Mix

    32gb White Version slated to arrive on Friday (Canada)


    I wish Google had a better backup like iOS (my game saves!) but paying $5 to backup my phone isn’t horrible, just an inconvenience.

  • MrMrMan

    I bought a Galaxy Note 3 instead. I need a microsd card slot too much to ever consider a Nexus again.

  • Ardrid

    Haven’t bought one yet. I’m currently using a Nexus 4 so I’m not in any rush. Waiting to see reviews and consumer hands-on before I make a decision.

  • Yarema

    No, for three reasons. For the same reasons I ditched my HTC One
    1 – camera
    2 – battery
    3 – I got a great deal for LG G2 paid the same I would pay for a Nexus

  • jamal adam

    It shall be an early birthday present when I get my next paycheck.

  • GE918

    I’m just loving my Note 3. I have to force myself to use my Nexus 7 (2012).

    • SGB101

      Same here, but with the note2

  • Rifath

    Already using a Samsung galaxy S4 GT-i9505. So I’m happy with this. Whats exciting about this nexus 5 is the android kit kat. Other than that nothing else

  • Kevin

    Absolutely purchased it. Was time for an upgrade and get rid of my Galaxy Nexus. I’m from the G1 generation all the way since the beginning – so Had to definitely purchase the ‘Google Phone’.

    • SGB101

      That’s just as bad as buying an iPhone every year, just because it’s an iPhone.

      I had the g1,but never been intrested in nexus phones since. Apart from the price, I think they have to many cons for me.

      I’d rather get the phone that suits me then put on the os that suits me.

      If the battery life holds up, I may be tempted, but only cos of price not brand.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I bought the 16GB for my wife (white), and the 32GB for myself (black). My son will get the wife’s Nexus 4, and I will put Ubuntu on my Nexus 4

    • ahmed

      So you have an interracial relationship?

  • Laura

    Yes – upgrading from a Galaxy S2. The only concern I have is running out of battery when I’m out and not having a spare battery to pop in…. are there any ultra portable juice packs?

    • kiki.utena

      I’m on the SGS2 too with official Samsung 2000mAh battery upgrade and consider the N5 a downgrade because of battery life. If I get a new phone soon it’s likely to be a Z1 mini or G2 for better battery life.

      An SGS2 running 4.3 ROMs is quick and stable. Does everything I need a phone to do.

  • Marc

    Should receive it on Thursday. Upgrading from a Blackberry Torch, can’t wait :)

    • SGB101

      That’s a big jump, are you sure you can handle it ;o)

  • Adonis K.

    There is no Play Device Store for Greece and I don’t plan to pay twice the amount of money it costs in the Play Store to get one, so no.

  • aranea

    I missed the initial ordering window/ Now I’m waiting for it to appear on Amazon (free shipping). In the mean time I’m thinking about if I can sell my N4 and get some of the money I’ll put in N5

  • Brooks Barnard

    I sold my Nexus 4 about a month ago and my Nexus 5 will be here on Thursady. I’m pretty much peeing my pants excited about it…

  • Richard Yarrell

    No because my mom has not given me my allowance and I have not collected enough beer cans to recycle.

  • kiki.utena

    Was concerned about battery life and now initial reports suggest it’s about the same as the underjuiced N4 I feel kind of vindicated. Excellent effort Google but why do you insist on so-so battery life?

  • Jason Meserve

    Mine is “out for delivery” right now according to the tracking info. And I can’t wait. I’ve been limping along for 4 months after I accidentally ran my Galaxy Nexus through the washer (oddly most everything still works on it except the cellular antenna and sometimes the GPS antenna).

    I’ve been using a junk android phone my wife had 4 years ago in the meantime and itching for something new.

    I just couldn’t justify buying a new unsubsidized phone at the prices of most and didn’t want to get last years Nexus 4 when the new one would be coming out shortly

  • Wesley

    Yes! I upgrade from a Nexus One to the Galaxy Nexus. Now I’m upgrading from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 5. It should be here by Friday! It recently made a stop near the Great Lakes. I wonder how many more places it will stop in at before it gets to me…

  • ondore

    N5 is nice, but I’ll skip this phone and probably replace my S3 with phablet sometime next year…

  • Janson

    I just buy whatever Google tells me to buy. Should arrive within the hour.

  • Jesse Moreno

    My N4 broke like three or four months ago so yeah I bought the N5. Although I still would’ve bought the N5 since I never liked the N4.

  • ScottM

    Did not buy one because:
    1. I do not have an upgrade available until next year, and
    2. Verizon doesn’t carry it anyway

    By the time I DO have an upgrade available, there will probably be 5-10 newer better phones on the market anyway.

  • wasim afzal

    I’m tempted to sell my nexus 4 and buy a nexus 5 but I also want to wait and see my nexus 4 with android 4.4 KitKat so I’m going to keep my nexus 4 for the time being. I prefer the design and feel of the nexus 4 and I don’t think the nexus 5 is that much better than it, a slightly bigger higher res screen, faster processor, slightly bigger battery and a slightly better camera, I think the nexus 5 should have been called the nexus 4.4. The main difference between them is the software and the nexus 4 will get KitKat in a few weeks and the difference will be minimal I think. My nexus 4 is still blazingly fast and it puts some newer phones to shame in terms how smooth and fluid it runs, the difference in speed is only noticeable in high end games. My friend has a newer Samsung galaxy s4 which on paper is faster but in actual hands on usage my nexus 4 is way faster because of stock android. I think people are forgetting just how good the nexus 4 is. I’ll probably buy the nexus 5 next year.

    • Wesley

      That’s why I only upgrade my Nexus phone every two years. By this time next year, the next Nexus will probably be a more worthy purchase for you.

  • Billy

    Loving my Moto X. The N5 has a few enticing features but so far doesn’t seem worth the trade-off in features.

    Still looks awesome .. good job by Google

  • Sergi

    Still love my nexus 4

  • Marcin Juszkiewicz

    You lack ‘I would love to but they do not sell it in my country’ option ;D

  • slowcoach

    Don’t feel sorry for anyone who missed out that wanted one. I bought 3 32gb whites. All in my hands as we speak.

  • cliffy223

    I would definitely be getting the Nexus 5 if it wasn’t for the fact that every carrier is taking their time to deploy LTE in my area. I would leave Verizon so fast if they weren’t the only ones with LTE. The Nexus 5 looks great.

  • Iván

    Mine just arrived today. So far this is an awesome phone but can’t comment on the battery yet. I thought I was going to miss my note2 but nah.

  • yshrsmz

    It is the first Nexus phone I can buy from my local Google Play Store, So I had already bought it when I noticed:)

  • Steve

    Going from HTC One to the Nexus 5 with the new Snappy Dragon 800. Looking forward to edge to edge bigger screen.

  • kenbr1960

    Until they start having removable batteries and a micro SD slot I’ll stick with my Note 2.

  • vermaekansh

    I own a nexus 4 and blown away by its performance and really excited to hold one of the best of google..

  • sabaramo

    So far my tradition had been to skip the odd numbered releases and try something else in between (Droid og, sensation xe, s3)

    So I rocked a Nexus S and currently a 4. Can’t see a reason to go to 5 tbh. Currently very happy with n4 and will keep it until something amazing pops up…. Or nexus 6.

  • hadoob024

    I did solely for the updates. My current phone is the LG G2x and I got SCREWED with updates. Had LG blaming NVIDIA who blamed LG who blamed T-Mobile. F that. Cut them all out of the equation and get updates straight from Google.

    • donger


  • Jake

    I’m in Canada; I ordered the black 32G on 31 Oct. and it came this morning (7 Nov.) It looks fantastic, but when I turned it on all I got was the white battery icon; I know it has to be charged before use, but it’s been plugged in for over an hour, and still all I see is the battery icon. I have a Nexus One phone and a Nexus 7 tablet, and those can both be used while charging, so I’m starting to get a little nervous.

    How long should the initial battery charge take on the Nexus 5?

  • Olaiya Abimbola Oludare

    How can I update my nexus 4 to the latest version pls

  • Jon Harding

    Not YET,,, I DEMAND that Google comes up with a REASONABLE excuse for not giving the GNex any Kit-Kat. Their lack of one not particularly care about the N5, plus knowing how problems often crop up for a couple of weeks after a phone or tablet launches, I didn’t want to HAVE to complain about Google AGAIN. HONESTLY I’m more attracted to the OPPO N1. At least CyanogenMod haven’t pissed me off by not giving a shit… It MIGHT happen, ONE day, but probability is LOW

  • Devon Garber

    I don’t really think I need it, since my Nexus 4 is still working and will eventually be updated to 4.4.

  • Sahil

    i think I don’t need to buy the Google Nexus 5 as I am using the Nexus 4 already which is performing well and If I talk about the KitKat 4.4 I know I will be receiving it soon!!