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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 receiving its Android 4.3 update

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4

Heads up, AT&T Galaxy S 4 owners, because you’ve got some Jelly Bean goodness headed your way. Several AT&T Galaxy S 4 owners are reporting that a sizable 719.16MB update has appeared on their device in the past 12 hours or so, bumping them up to software build number JSS15J.1337UCUEMJ9 and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Also included with the update is compatibility with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and support for Samsung Knox. Samsung has previously said that the update packs advanced camera options and new versions of Easy Mode and Multi-Window as well.

Neither AT&T nor Samsung have made any announcements regarding this update, so for now there aren’t any official details available regarding its contents or rollout schedule. There have been quite a few Galaxy S 4 owners that’ve successfully pulled the update from the sky, though, so if you’ve got an AT&T-flavored GS4 and a hankering for some new software, you can head on in to Settings > More > About device > Software update > Check for updates to check for the MJ9 update now. Don’t forget to shout out in the comments below once the update hits your handset!

Via: Android Central

Source: xda-developers

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  • Chris

    Just wondering about those who have been updated already, if you’ve had any issues with battery life yet?

    • Mads

      Yes I have! The phone suddenly shut itself off and then turns back on! IT’S SO FRUSTRATING WHEN YOU ARE IN A GAME AND YOU HAVE COME SO FAR IN THE GAME!!!

    • Glenn

      No problems here…if your having battery issues run you battery completely down..til it shuts off then turn it on again and let it shut off again. wait 1/2 hr and then recharge the battery with phone OFF. this should take care of it Im able to get 12 hrs with it on and WIFI and Bluetooth.
      Galaxy S4 I337 (ATT)

    • Glenn

      4.3 update very stable on ATT i337 no battery issues no glitches.
      very happy

    • Rod

      Don’t update battery life basically makes your phone useless.

  • Chris

    Just wondering about those who have been updated already, if you’ve had any issues with battery life yet?

    • mooask Oracle

      I think the issue of battery life still same. but the air gesture became slow. not really sensitive like before.

  • David

    Updated last night. Battery seems typical, but I did notice a charger is no longer working. I switched chargers out and it charges fine, and the old charger still works on other devices. I did a quick search and saw others had a similar issue on different carriers (different flavors of GS4). Some charges are Samsung, some are third party…but the original one in the box always works.

    • Chris

      Wow thank you for the heads up! I was just hoping there would be no issues. Oh well I guess there’s always something. Thanks though!

  • Real Storm

    Yes I’ve been recieved an update by sky 3 weeks ago and it’s more smoothly than before,less enregy consumption (I love it)

    • 789

  • galaxy lover

    Tried downloading update and it suddenly stops in the middle of my update and wont allow me to update until 24 hrs…even manually changed date to try again…still failed

    • Lanceit

      Update stopped 2 times during the download so far and displayed the “Update Available” prompt. I hit “OK” and it continued with update without starting over. (After 1 hr 22 min update is at 86% 624.91 MB)

      • Lanceit

        Download completed after 1h35m and took another 20min for the reboot/install/optimizing of 351 apps process to the lock screen. I have the SGH-I337 model of the S4.

    • Vanessa

      How do you update it manually because my phone as done the same thing and does not let me update it all.

    • Gamaliel Estremera

      That happened to me too.

    • Erik

      I have had the same issues two nights in a row with no answers from ATT

    • gsinfinity

      Same thing happened to me. Now every time I’ve tried again the past 72 hrs it says my device is up to date

      • JQuick

        Same thing happened to me. Stopped in middle of download. Now for now for 3days, my phone keeps saying software up to date.

        • Naveen

          Same thing happened to me …it says that my phone is up to date

          • Isaac

            Any solution for this issue? My phone keeps starting the update and then aborting at which point it tells me my software is up to date, but it says 4.2.2 still.

  • Lanceit

    From Fort Lauderdale, update to 4.3 started at 8pm (now 914pm and 70% downloaded-551.3 of 719.16MB). I am starting to read some of the good Android 4.3 manuals on the web…

  • Chris

    Are these long download times over wi fi or the mobile network or both?

  • orlando Rodas

    I just got It and haven’t go trough It no changes so far.

  • jean

    I did my update today but I now am having issues sending just SMS messages. My MMS messages go through just fine. Anybody know a resolve for it yet?

    • Eddie

      Did you get a fix? Im having group text MMS issues not sending? How did you fix?

  • ben

    Updated today around 4:00PM central. SMS is not sending. I have received a couple but am unable to reply. Message just eventually fails. This sucks!

  • Danielle

    Updated on Sprint network around 11am EST. I love the new auto correct, but my recorded videos won’t play sound and if I have to sign into a wifi network, it’s prompting me to sign in about every 15 minutes.

  • Janet55

    What’s new ?-Samsung Galaxy S4 Supported Video Formats

  • donger

    About time y’all.

  • roger constant

    Went to update to the new 4.3 and nothing I still have 4.2.2 and it keeps telling me that I’m up to date and now I have to wait another 24 hours to try again. I have the s4

    • drumma

      Just got off phone with samsung att update 4.3 update put on hold.He said he guesses that they are fixing somethings.

  • pittsburghstealer

    Downloaded 719.16mb prompt to install. Rebooted. Installs to 29% then says update failed. Tried 5 times, same thing. Called Att they said theyll give me a new phone. Picked the phone up now it says up to dsy check back in 24… 4.2.2

    • Matt

      I had the same problem. Just had to go to settings > more > application manager > all, then look through for the one with blue arrow and red arrow. Open it, clear everything (cache, etc.), and stop it from running. Then restart your phone. It should work once you do that. Mine did.

  • Ken

    Download stopped halfway through the 719 mb. Still shows 4.2. Had to wait 24 hrs. Next try shows up to date but still 4.2

  • Zayden

    I had the same problem, update failed. Just spoke with ATT support and the update is placed kn hold by ATT and Samsung to fix some bugs.

  • mj

    I have 2 problems when I call someone speaker work fine then it shutdown and Instagram keep crashing :/

  • Isaac R

    Updated a few days ago, update had caused my phone to slow dramatically. Also the videos on Facebook and YouTube don’t play. Hopefully they fix this and update soon.

  • BM

    There has been a problem with S4 batteries swelling and so calls are dropped, phone shuts down etc. It’s a manufacturer fault so take it back if you put it on a flat surface and can spin it or can visibly see its swollen. My update took away my navigation/blue arrow :( Is there anywhere you can see a list of features for updates?

  • Chris

    Is anyone with at&t Galaxy S4′s still having problems after updating to jelly bean 4.3?

    • john

      Yes after the attached 4.3 update my air gestures don’t work.

      • fahad36hossain

        Yeah same here. I am having the same issue with air gestures. It works sometimes. But then stops altogether. It’s very frustrating.

  • jbryant169

    Tried to update… said had finished after an hour and 40 minutes. .. but still says 4.2.2. I guess ill keep trying for the next few weeks.

  • deborahalvarad

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  • amanda hapner

    Every since I updated last Friday I haven’t been able to watch FB videos or YouTube videos. Getting aggravated.

  • guest

    I JUST DOWNLOADED IT….but I don’t like what I hear is there any way to uninstall it? Just in case it sucks for me too?

  • JQuick

    Same thing happened to me. Update stopped in the middle, and phone keeps saying it’s up to date. That was 3days ago.

  • Ken

    Any updates?

  • Shom

    Reporting bugs: Samsung Galaxy S4 (Videotron Canada) 4.3 firmware update Nov 2013 (719MB). DATA toggle switch has disappeared from dropdown shortcuts list. Now I have to go into Settings>Connections>Data Usage, manually check/uncheck Data option; plus turn off/on Wifi in order for DATA to work. KNOX is a great security feature (Requires additional 170MB) may not be able to return to stock, however I dont understand why MoBeam is forcefully integregated without full user acknowledgment given the ***humongous*** list of permissions it requires to perform its simple tasks associated with MoBeam, no option to uninstall. This feature doesnt interest many like me, that MoBeam commercial video hasnt impressed me to the level that Im hyped to get the service. 100kb is no trouble but there goes my security. Pretty agressif marketing strategy by MoBeam with Samsung. Samsung’s vision towards consumers in respect to privacy and freedom of choosing what consumer wants or doesnt; wanna make me switch out from Samsung devices.

  • Anna

    Just upgraded the S4 today and my BLE don’t work anymore. Can’t pair with my heart monitor. Worked fine before.

    • giao007

      Same here.
      4.3 suppose to be better for BLE, but it breaks BLE

  • alimaj

    My phone automatically updated a few days ago and I stopped it because I was about to lose my internet connection. Now, I try to update but it says that updates have been installed but it still remains on 4.2.2. Help please.

  • bhfusion

    been trying for past 24 hours to download 4.3 to my ATT GS4, crashes every time mid way thru the download.if you want to try and download again within 24 hours manually change the date on your device to 1 or 2 days ahead.

    • JDM

      Same here. I’m really quite upset this update is not available on Kies. Seems it would be much quicker and more reliable that way. So this begs the question; What good is Kies?

  • Matt

    The improvement to the camera IS NOT in the update to Jellybean 4.3 for the S4 on AT&T’S network.

  • tim

    Don’t do it! The update stops your mms from working, makes Wi-Fi unstable and a host of other issues! Ruin away!!! Read lots of blogs and install at your peril!

  • rubsl

    New update awaleble

  • mpouxesas

    I updated my S4 with AT&T just a couple of weeks ago, but without actually wanting to do so. Several times it prompted me to update and I requested to postpone but still it updated by itself…After the updates only negative changes happened. The mobile data icon on the notifications tray dissapeared and was replaced by a reading mode icon. Now, in order to disable mobile data you have to go to settings and follow 349839 steps… (or it seems so…). Secondly, when using navigation, at some point throughout the setting up routing, etc, it prompts a window asking you to update in order to get better quality of voice when the route directions are sounding out. But it wants you to use wi-fi…but then that prompt requesting you to update comes up ONLY after you enabled and started navigation, in other words you are en route…

  • Rod

    I moved to THE DON’T UPDATE pile. 1 the neat widget to shutdown all running programs is now gone so battery life is now less then 12 hours of SITTING ON MY DESK. 2 Data is now 0 can’t send or receive any pictures etc.

  • tarek

    This update is just complicating usage of galaxy S4. After update wifi connection just keeps on disconnecting and forces me to connect again. Previewing videos on various websites is not working anymore.

  • meme

    My phone just updated itself.. battery life is terrible I lose service CONSTANTLY I can send some text messages sometimes I can most of the time I’ll get 4 hours of messages at one time and miss phone calls all the time.. I hate this update want my old phone back :0 (

  • belinda

    My s4 suddenly turn off and turn into the factory mode “downloading… do not turn off the target!!” Any one have the same problem? Its been an hour like this. And I am so panic. Pls help.

  • Joe

    Air gestures no longer work after 4.3

  • jacky

    My air gesture feature doesnt work after updating my s4 on 4.3

  • Lyn Cox

    Just downloaded the new software now..took over 30 min so far no probs..checking it out now :)