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AT&T’s 4.3 update for Galaxy S4 proving buggy, pulled for meantime


The update many of us were excited for, the 4.3 update for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4, has been pulled from AT&T’s servers and will no longer be available to download. The update was supposed to bring the device in line with the new Galaxy Note 3, with improvements and Galaxy Gear support (one of the main reasons Samsung was trying to push it as quickly as possible). But that rushing might have caused some bugs to go unnoticed.

AT&T has pulled the update without giving an explanation as to why. Some users are reporting bugs, connectivity troubles and an overall bad experience with the new software. This is probably what caused it to be pulled. We’re not sure whether to blame Samsung or AT&T, but with AT&T’s stringent and time consuming testing of updates, we can’t imagine how this would get by them. The testing is the reason we get slow updates, so this shouldn’t ever happen.

Hopefully, AT&T will start pushing a new and fixed build soon. Until then, no update will be available. If you were lucky enough to have the update fail, like me, you’ll at least have some stable software to use in the meantime. Did you manage to download the update?

Source: Android Police

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  • Vance

    updated my htc one to 4.3 on tmo a few weeks ago and it broke my wifi. Htc is still working on the fix, in the meantime I’m using a ton more data than normal.

    • Mel P

      Wifi is working fine on my T-Mo One with 4.3.

    • GRAW

      I’d suggest taking that into your own hands. I’m running 4.4 on my VZW One.

  • Ryan Clayton

    Yet another reason why I don’t believe the ‘delayed updating because of testing’. If they were really testing, why would we see bugs so bad an update has to be pulled?

    • crsmejia

      the delays are so carriers can update their bloat and lock up any settings or menus that could cause the consumer to have greater control of devices.

      • NotAgain

        That is completely true. I now have 6 more USELESS apps that I have no intention of using added to this phone. Over 45 disabled apps and counting.

  • wayne wooten

    4.3 is running great on my AT&T GS4… Haven’t had a problem yet

  • mason

    Haha Samsung galaxies suck. Loving my htc one updated it to 4.3 with no problems. Everything works great.

  • chuck

    My experience has been less than acceptable. Is there a way to undo this Update?

  • Wow

    First the s3 now the s4 I’m pretty sure it’s samsung

    • NotAgain

      Prolly AT&T and all their extra bloatware. Other S4′s around the world seem to be updating with little issue.

  • Brendon

    I updated my s4 as soon as 4.3 was released, and since the update there is no longer a date on my lock screen. I have the box for show date selected.

  • Jeff

    I updated my S4 an hour after it became available! I have not had one problem at all since… The phone is running smoother, faster and with no perceptible lag at all! All the issues I had before including not running as fast as it should, plenty of lag, and talking when it shouldn’t have (like saying Scan Finished in wifi and Page Loading in the default browser) are gone!!

    I’m a very happy camper! I finally have the phone I expected to have when I got it six months ago! The only thing negative I’ve noticed since the update is a slight reduction in battery life during the course of the day. I had disabled most of the preinstalled bloatware on the phone and regularly had 30 to 40% charge left after 16 or 17 hours of mild to medium use (no heavy internet or streaming video!) Now I get around 15 hours or so. All in all I’m very happy with the update so far. I’m really curious to find out why it was pulled…

  • Orlando Rodas

    Unfortunately my GS4 is not the same with 4.3 there is a message that apps are trying to do some security issue. And the worst on the second day It drained my battery in 2 hours in my packet without using the phone It was super hot though. The next day It was doing the same getting hot so I just turned It off. It’s been a week already and hasn’t done that again but the security massage It’s very annoying. I hope At&t do something right of way.

    • NotAgain

      You just have to accept the new security thing that you pops up and then after that it’ll stop doing it. Mine was doing that too and now I’m not having any issues after accepting the terms. either that or you can check the box that says do not remind me for 30 days.Only thing I’ve noticed now is that it takes forever to shut down. everything else on it seems to be running smoothly. And at least now we have control over what we want in the notification shade. I hated having as lot 11 toggles just sitting there that I never used.On the bad note though they added about six or seven new items that I do not care for. I now have over 45 disabled apps on this Samsung just taking up space.

  • donger

    Tsk tsk.

  • dang

    Same thing happend to my s3 go check on google

  • Celso Rivera jr

    I got the update and have no problems with it….The only thing I don’t have is knox software everything else works fine.

  • pieciu

    I managed to update my S4 (4.3) before it was pulled off of the servers. Honestly I didn’t notice any performance improvements nor downsides. No connectivity issues or FCS.

  • George Joseph

    All kinds of issues after the update basic apps crash (email, contacts). Phone gets hot with a fast battery drain and performance is sluggish at best

  • Mikejac

    My S4 is having major issues since the update. Previously, the phone worked flawlessly with my car with the exception of sending text messages. Now, I’m lucky if I can get the phone to even make a call with the car’s system, Uconnect. I’ve been forced to reboot and sometimes unpair the phone to simply make a call in the car. However, now at least the send messages feature seems to work with the car that was previously unsupported.

    It’s annoying to say the least. The phone has worked well prior to this update and now feels a little slow at times if not completely locking up on occasion. I don’t have any odd mods on the phone and maybe only 6-10 additional apps. All of my problems are specifically related to 4.3

  • Mikejac

    BTW, I’m on Sprint’s network.

  • tara

    Just upgraded to 4.3 and wishing I hadn’t. Very slow response times. Has taken me three attempts to write this message as letters are not always appearing when selected. :(

  • karl

    Hate the new update. I like misspelling text words or using slang or my own short hand. The auto correct won’t let me without clicking the new arrow button. Another step
    So annoying