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Coupon code knocks 10% off custom Moto X from Moto Maker


Now that the Moto X is available for all carriers through Moto Maker, we can expect to see the phone sell much better. At only $100 on contract, it’s a great price for a small but really fast phone. And using the coupon code “THANKYOU10″ you can save 10% on your order, whether it’s $10 off the $100 price tag or $50 off the $500 off contract price.

However, it’s a bit unpleasant that Motorola would release this coupon the day after it launches the device on all carriers. A lot of people probably bought a Moto X yesterday, so the coupon code launching today is a bit of a poor move. Nonetheless, those who are still holding out have a bit more of an incentive to buy the device.

With some pretty nice specs, great software optimization, touchless voice control and a fully customized exterior, it’s pretty hard not to buy it if you have a spare upgrade laying around. Even without one, $450 definitely isn’t a bad price. Will you be buying a Moto X? D?id you purchase it yesterday? If so, are you peeved about the coupon being released the day after? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Moto Maker

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  • thekaz

    Ugh, yeah. One day too late :(

    • Greatness awaits

  • KR

    Considering I purchased mine off-contract, back at the original full price, both the price drop and coupon make me smile, lovingly.

  • Palisandr

    Same here. Just re-ordered the phone at the lower price. The original one will be going back to Motorola as a return. For some strange reason Motorola can’t refund 10%. It is easier to return the phone. You pay for return shipping, but with fully priced T-mobile phone it is worth it.

    • thekaz

      Yeah, they wouldn’t or couldn’t refund me the 10‰, but offered me a $25 play store gift card, which is more than the 10% off for me, so….

  • Alias


    The 10% off is for ACCESSORIES ONLY. I just worked with the support staff when the code DIDN’T WORK AT ALL and was told that it is only for accessories, NOT off the entire order. So, there’s that…

    • Palisandr

      Worked beautifully for me. Monday I ordered a Tmo Moto X with 32 Gb for $571.99, on Tuesday exactly the same phone for $514.79. Monday one is going back for a refund:)

    • Rob

      Only took 10% off the Accident Protection ($8.5 off $85). Nothing off the $550 price of the phone.
      Attempted on 11/13/13.

      • Palisandr

        Yes, just verified that Motorola does not thank you anymore. Too bad. I guess I was lucky…

  • donger

    Good deal.