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Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Gear allows Bluetooth tethering, browsing web


The Samsung Galaxy Gear is capable of so much, even if Samsung has limited that capability. It is a full Android device, running Android on a single core processor. So why can’t it do everything our phones can? Well, with a new custom ROM available for the smartwatch, it can.

We previously knew that the Gear could run many Android apps without any modification. Just by enabling USB debugging, you can push apps from your computer to the Gear and fire them up. It’s awesome to use apps like Candy Crush on your watch. But aside from games, you can’t do much without an internet connection.

Instead of connecting to the phone to collect data that the Gear app sends, the ROM allows the device to be connected using Bluetooth tethering. This gives the Gear full internet access, allowing things like browsing the web. Yes, the ROM has a web browser included for your mini searching needs. And in case that isn’t enough, you can now change your wallpaper.

Modifying any device with a custom ROM is obviously dangerous, as you risk bricking it. It’ll also void your warranty, so do it at your own risk. But if you’re up for it, hit the source link for the ROM thread. And if you’re one of the few Gear owners, tell us what you think!

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  • donger

    Wish I had one of these watches.

  • Pravas

    Cool mods.

  • aufan1

    I think the Galaxy Gear is a neat idea but how many people wear watched anymore?

    • Sean Riley

      I know it’s a common argument, but at least part of the reason that people don’t wear watches is due to their incredibly limited functionality. I hadn’t worn a watch in at least a decade before I got my Pebble and I’ve now worn it daily for the last 8 months. I’m in the midst of reviewing the Gear right now, but I’m trying to hold writing it up until the notification update hits since that is going to be a huge change to the incredibly limited functionality offered by Gear as it shipped.

    • Chris

      Well, lots of people do… in fact, I can’t imagine even leaving my house without a watch on.

    • steve

      watches are accessories… like shoes allot of people wear them..

  • E-man

    This sounds super cool. I wonder if the Google “Gem” watch will be this open on its own?

  • Yale

    We would greatly appreciate it if some of you folks could let us know what our TrueTyme Sun/Moon/Self smart phone and smart watch app looks like on a Gear, either side-loaded or using a ROM?

    Regards and much thanks, Yale

  • Mec

    This rom allows me to watch tv, use live wallpaper, hangouts, watch video using mx player etc…everything I can do on my galaxy note 3….Incredible

    • steve

      i cant get the blue tooth tethering to work on my note 2 :( did you try netflix?

  • kyle

    The null rom is awesome, but the Bluetooth tethering only works with the galaxy note 3 or unlocked phones.. also, responding to text messages is limited. That’s the only let down I have with my galaxy gear

  • Mitch

    Galaxy gear is a pretty sick watch. Feels like a luxurious watch but has the feature no other watch has. I dislike the limitations that samsung put on the watch, I like samsung because they usually allow your to do whatever you want with their product. Surprising with the watch they put limits. Tried to instal custom rom, didnt work. Hopefully ill try again and it will. Hoping for it to work!!

  • Jimmy Boo Zilla Jefferson

    Where can I get a custom Rom for my galaxy gear please help