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CyanogenMod Installer app yanked from Google Play Store for violating terms


Earlier this month, the CyanogenMod team officially unleashed its new “CyanogenMod Installer” app into the Google Play Store to help make it easy for users to get a CyanogenMod up and running on their Android device. It looks like the app’s stay in the Play Store has been cut short, though, as the team just announced on its official blog that Google asked that it be removed from the market’s virtual shelves.

The CyanogenMod team explains that, according to Google, the app was in violation of the Play Store’s developer terms because it “encourages users to void their warranty.” While the app itself doesn’t do anything wrong, it does help users to enable the ADB tool and then point them toward the desktop app for the actual installation of the custom ROM. The good news is that because the app saw “hundreds of thousands” of installations, the CyanogenMod team will continue to make the app available for sideloading. The team also says that it’s planning to submit CyanogenMod Installer to the Amazon and Samsung app stores.

Today’s news is a bit of a disappointment for the CyanogenMod team, as having its Installer app available in the Play Store not only made it super easy to download, it also helped to expose the app to users that otherwise may not have learned about it. Launching in the Amazon and Samsung app stores could help the app and CyanogenMod onto more devices, but for now it looks like the team will have to rely on sideloading and word of mouth. Stay tuned and we’ll update you with more details on the situation as we get ‘em.

Have you used the CyanogenMod Installer app since its debut earlier this month?

Source: CyanogenMod blog

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  • boone simpson

    I don’t get how changing software can void the warranty. If the worry is that some software will damage my phone, they why can we sideload without warranty violation?

    If I install Ubuntu on my laptop, that doesn’t mean Dell or whoever can just ignore a hardware defect.

    (I am not talking customer support, just warranty claims)

    • DragonPhyre

      So, what about things like the GPE devices which were unlocked, the new Moto G which is not going to have it’s warranty voided with unlocking/rooting…

      I think that Google’s left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing anymore.

    • carmon

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  • kevin henry

    @boone…..agreed…I suppose they are including the idea that people don’t know what they are doing and brick/bootloop their device and turn to OEMs for replacement…but if my charging port no longer charges,whether the phones ROM is stock or not, it’s solely a hardware issue…they should not be allowed to dishonor the warranty based solely on my choice to control how I use android.

    • SGB101

      I totally agree, and have 3rd party insurance because, but it’d hr for the oem when hardware issue is just driver related thing.

      It would be much simpler if they all had a simple way to flash back to stock/locked. Or never be locked to begin with.

  • E-man

    I’m on Google’s side, because Google will run the world. Oh, rule us Overlord.

  • Chris P

    Could you put an apk download link in the article?

  • imS0ul

    Well that was expected. Cyanogen is kinda battling against the vanilla experience google provides + the customization power that vanilla doesn’t provide, so they just have to come up with a term that the app is violating (which isn’t too difficult) and bye bye it goes from the play store.

  • donger


  • oneone
  • SGB101

    It makes sense for it to be pulled, but I doubt it will hurt cm any. If you know and intrested in cm you’ll visit their site. This is where the installer should be front and central.

  • Dch48

    I have never used any mods and just go with the stock installation. Almost all the people who subsequently have problems with their devices are the ones who have messed around and changed things from what the defaults are. The stock Android is plenty good enough for me.

    It should void the warranty to use these things and I think Google is right.

    • TG

      The faulty power switch on my T989 would love to disagree with you. Yes, I’ve rooted and installed CyanogenMod but according to everything I’ve seen, the power switch is a defect on this phone no matter WHAT software you’re running. So no, not “almost all the people”.

    • domi1k

      Only people who never installed roms talk such bullshit.
      Talk to the Samsung owners about Knox and you will have found your reason.

  • Khalid khassan