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Eric Schmidt writes full guide on how to switch from iPhone to Android

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, talks on the new yet to be released Google produced Moto X phone at the annual Allen and Co. conference in Sun Valley

Switching to Android, though the right choice, isn’t always easy. You have to transfer all your contacts, music, photos and more off your old phone onto your new Android device. It can be daunting to do all that at once, so you should follow a nicely written guide. But what’s the best guide out there? Well, who better to listen to than Eric Schmidt himself?

Yes, the chairman of Google wrote an entire guide on how to switch from an iPhone to Android. It’s a pretty dang good guide too, guiding you through the steps of transferring over contacts, music and more. So if you’ve been contemplating switching, there isn’t a better time to do it! Android just keeps getting better, and the tools to make the switch easy are freely available.

If you’re interested in switching, or just want to look over the guide to see if it’s any good, hit the source link to his Google+ page and get reading! And for those who have already switched, how easy was the switch? I switched back in 2010 and it wasn’t quite easy, but definitely manageable without today’s fancy tools. What about you? Leave a comment!

Via: The Verge

Source: +Eric Schmidt

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  • naypalm

    This is an excellent writeup on how to make the transition from iPhone to an Android. It just works!

  • ihatefanboys

    Step 1 : Put down iPhone

    Step 2: Put current flagship Android phone (HTC, Samsung, LG) next to it.

    Step 3: Be amazed at how much bigger and better the Android phone and screen is.

    Step 4: Sell iPhone on Ebay to some sucker for way too much money.

    Step 5: Laugh and enjoy your superior Android phone.

    • donger

      That’s the right way.

  • SGB101

    Mush easier to move from Android to android

    1.turn on, log in

  • Aaron Hernandez, charming prisoner

    Schmidt must have a lot of free time on his hands…

  • NiklasTatu

    Come on, dude. All you need is a Phone Transfer and a guide.
    Here it is: How to Switch from iPhone to Android

  • Mr. Annoyed

    Annoying ad posts like the one above are becoming more and more prevalent on Android and me. Can’t there be something done about it? Some sort of filter? Block of IP or something?

  • naypalm

    It’s actually quite simple but it requires a bit of coding. I usually incorporate a form of CAPTCHA or change some of the POST/GET variables.

  • Sean Riley

    Sorry, this will look a bit odd now as I just flagged their IP and nuked all their comments in the process. For now we are blocking IPs as we notice these kind of comments, but we don’t always catch them as quickly as we would like to.