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Facebook for Android will get facelift in version 4.0

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For as popular as Facebook is, the Android app still isn’t as good as it should be. Performance is flaky, and it really doesn’t look the greatest. But at least Facebook is working on it. In the newest Facebook test build for Android, the app has received a new, more Holo-esque look that finally brings it into the future.

While functionality in the app appears to remain the same, nearly everything looks different. App navigation now resides under the action bar, near the top of your display, while status, photo and check in buttons now reside near the bottom. Icons are flatter and more bold, and there’s been some small changes to Facebook’s signature blue as well. All in all, the app looks very handsome now. But this is probably far from a final release.

There’s no telling when this updated version of Facebook for Android will launch, though we’re guessing it will be a while. Even if you sideload a copy of Facebook version 4.0, Facebook has to decide who can see the new UI and who cannot — a good sign that it’s still in the earliest of stages. Facebook does seem to be pretty fast about pumping this kind of stuff out, just don’t hold your breath.

Source: Android Police

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  • Bryon

    Pretty slick

    • 666

      thats what she said

      • amjed


  • vitriolix

    Pretty amusing that they were on the forefront of the left navigation drawer pattern and now that that is the official design guideline and most Android apps have moved to it, they move onto something else new and foreign.

    • Phil Wolstenholme

      I thought exactly the same thing! Odd to see people moving *away* from a left hand side drawer. Still not sure why photos/images have to extend out of the white frame newsfeed frame either, but maybe that’s just my personal preference.

  • ddpacino

    Just need to run that blue up into the status bar with transparency!

  • SGB101

    I just tried the apk for this and it wouldn’t install, do u have any links?

  • donger

    Not bad.

  • mkstvns

    It looks nice, certainly a visual improvement – but I’m far more interested in enhancing the app’s functions and addressing its useability shortcomings…

  • Windiddy

    Still no tablet optimized official FB app

  • Joe

    Still see nothing new in play store. I thought it was a bug to notify the new update then I uninstalled to re-install facebook. But not, still ver 3 I currently have just got.

    • james

      You need to part of the beta program, and even still the update ui is sever based and not everyone can see it. Give a couple of months should be out by then I reckon

  • supasonic boobyalater

    Can you please tell me what holo-esque means?

  • naypalm

    I hope Facebook has fixed many of the issues I’ve had, i.e. separate messaging app, horrible battery life and non-stop freezing and crashing. Does anyone have any feedback if any of the issues have been resolved?

  • Boshkov

    Hi , I’m developer at fb for android , I meen alpha tester . I have the version and it’s the same UI .

  • Sakda

    How to download