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Google confirms new camera API with RAW and burst support in next Android release

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The camera experience on stock Android has been subpar at best. Not even due to the mediocre/poor cameras found in Nexus devices, but really poor software. The camera app has been terrible until recently, and even now it isn’t very good. Add on poor image processing and lack of simple features such as burst mode, and you have a product that isn’t quite consumer quality.

Some code was found in Google’s servers that showed a new camera API, one that supports burst shot and camera RAW. Camera RAW would add a new dimension to photo editing, and offering it as an API would give photo editor apps much more power. Burst shot is something that should have been included back when the Galaxy Nexus got an instant shutter camera.

Now Google has confirmed that this is all coming in the next Android release. There is no release date given, but it should be an update to KitKat itself and not an entire new release. It should really help the struggling Nexus 5 out with its camera, as the sensor should be much better than the results its currently giving. Are you hoping for an improved camera experience on the Nexus 5?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: CNET

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  • uknowme

    I’ll get back to you when Google gets my Nexus 5 to me.

    • jamal adam

      Mine finally shipped today. So excited to have it in my hands soon.

  • Jay

    How is the camera experience with 3rd party camera software? Have Camera Zoom FX, on GNex, still waiting for my N5.

  • smeghead68

    What about memory? Doesn’t shooting in RAW use a huge amount of memory?

    • clocinnorcal

      Decent, but they all still lack one thing or another. Camera Awesome is probably the best ATM for the my Nexus 5. Speeds up the shutter response and pics are decent enough.

      For the record; I came from the Nexus 4 so I actually wasn’t expecting too much of an improvement but the Nexus 5 has been a great shooter in well lit areas. It’s the low light shots that produce shutter lag (or whatever it’s called) for me.

      • clocinnorcal

        Sorry, that comment was for the guy above you. +1′d you anyways for being a good sport.

  • Tedsan

    This is great news — hopefully it will eliminate the lag problems that plague image acquisition.

    However, I hope that Google will address a MAJOR issue with all its Nexus devices and some other Android devices. The issue is screen calibration — the Nexus devices do not conform to the industry standard gamma setting of 2.2, resulting in washed out colors in lighter regions and grainy shadow details.

    Many have (incorrectly) attributed the Nexus devices less than stellar image display to poor hardware. By installing a custom kernel, I’ve been able to adjust the gamma and compare images with that of a calibrated monitor and this simple change makes the Nexus devices truly shine. Both images and videos look substantially better this way.
    Google, if you’re listening — please calibrate your screens if you truly want them to reach their potential.

    • clocinnorcal

      I agree that the Nexus 4 had terrible calibration. My N5 is good enough that I don’t feel the need to root and calibrate. In fact I am quite pleased with the screen. Of course, I have an Asus VG248QE monitor so I don’t have the greatest calibration on my desktop either.

  • SGB101

    I’m not sure if this will fix the nexus lag issues, all the oems have great response times, so why is the stock so bad.

    Anyway, at least they have now recognised there is a problem, and are giving it the time it deserves. It’s just sad it’s 12 months away! Here hoping 5.0 comes at io.

  • kindleon

    new Camera API on Nexus5

    The new API also supports face detection. This feature includes bounding boxes around faces and center coordinates for the eyes and mouth. In addition to the face-focus capabilities, the system can assign unique IDs to each face (provided they stay on screen) so developers could do things like assign silly hats to multiple faces in a video feed. While you may have seen face detection on some Android devices, those were all solutions built by Android OEMs.

    More Read :

  • E-man

    Maybe this update will make it to the Galaxy Nexus?

    • clocinnorcal


  • inviolable

    Struggling Nexus 5 lol I can’t do this anymore. I just won’t read anything more about the camera from the internet. Looking forward to the update though.

  • donger


  • amit

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