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Google Hangouts for Android won’t get Voice integration until next year


Google’s new Hangouts app has been released with the Nexus 5 smartphone, but hasn’t been available on the Play Store yet. This hasn’t stopped people from ripping it out of the Nexus 5 ROM and installing it on their devices. The new app grants the ability to use both Hangouts and SMS/MMS through one app, an integrated solution that works quite well.

Though Hangouts now integrates SMS support, people still want one more thing: Google Voice integration. The iOS app received partial integration for Google Voice, allowing it to make phone calls and phone calls only using that number. Text messages aren’t possible. However, Android users don’t even get that. Why is that?

Google employee Nikhyl Singhal explains that there are third party applications on Android that make illegal use of Google Voice services, violating the Terms of Use. These apps actually present a threat to your security, so integrating Google Voice into Hangouts would be unsafe. The developers of such apps have been given a warning that they must stop using Voice services against the ToS in their apps by May 15, 2014.

We’re not sure how legitimate this explanation is, but it’s the only thing we have. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that Voice integration isn’t coming at all. Singhal says that the integration should be done by early next year, but we don’t know when it’ll be released. So for those of you who actively use Google Voice, you don’t have too much longer to wait.

Via: Phandroid

Source: +Nikhyl Singhal

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  • J3R3MY_H

    I was hoping the SMS/Hangouts integration would bring the ability to sync/recieve/send texts from chrome ala MightyText.

    • Ryan

      It doesn’t? Well that’s just stupid Google!

    • Edward Snowden should receive the Medal of Honor

      and NSA traitors are listening! You cant trust americans, they are the masters of treason.
      Edward Snowden is a hero.

      • No1Special

        People like Edward Snowden in other countries die before they can tell anyone; therefore, this still proves dead people tell no story.

  • jon

    I notice that when I have Cyanogenmod’s Voice+ app enabled I get my google voice texts routed in and out of hangouts. I hope voice+ isn’t one of those apps on the chopping block!

  • Derek

    In the iOS Google Hangouts, it allows phone calls, are they using VOIP or over the cellular network??

    I tried a test call and it showed my Google Voice phone number on the caller ID, but I dont know if it was using VOIP or using my Cellular minutes???

    Anyone know?

    • mike

      It is VOIP because I tried it on my Wi-Fi only iPad and my Google Voice number shows up on caller ID.

      • Derek

        Cool, thanks.

    • Douglas Thurston

      Ye i saw that also. i can receive incoming calls from my carriers number and my android/computer hangouts will ring, but calling out via using chrome hangouts it displays my Google number.

      I cant wait for the real thing.

  • Pravas

    As long as it is coming I’m fine. Not quite a google voice user.

  • SGB101

    I wish the UK could use g voice :o(

    • Joshua

      Yeah, this makes me laugh. Google voice is hardly available anywhere except the US and people are worried about integrating it into hangouts. How about friggin’ releasing it for the rest of the world first….

  • rashad360

    You would figure GV would already be in Hangouts considering it is a Google venture. Well, whatever, as long as it is coming eventually…

  • anoop

    Well I have found a simple way to do audio calls on hangout…..have tested the data upload and download rates with network speed app….
    in normal video calls from my note2 to s2 the data rate was 80kBps up and 42kBps down (approx.)
    and in audio calls it dropped to 6kBps up and 5kBps down (approx)
    To do audio calls all u have to do is when the call is being connected press the home button and minimise the hangoutapp..the camera will be disabled. And the party that recieved the video call must also accept the videocall and then press home button and minimise the hangout app… simple….me and my friends are using it for few weeks now and it even works on 2g network….wellmostly.

  • donger

    Still good to hear the news.

  • thecraigmcrae

    I’ve been using google voice for years as my primary number, I can’t wait for this to come…

    • Douglas Thurston

      its half way their. My carriers number being called will come in via chrome and android hangouts. But making calls still displays my google voice number.

  • NasLAU

    I’m tired of missing MMS messages because people send them to my (primary) Google Voice number. This sounds like an excuse. They could at least have added MMS to Google Voice years ago. All this time GV development has been stalled because of Hangouts integration and now one more excuse.

    • Derek

      Yea, I use Google Voice app to send texts, but I can only receive single SMS in return. I always miss group MMS and picture/video MMS. I really wish Google would get that crap fixed.

      Hurry up and add full SMS/MMS support to Hangouts already.

  • Brad Wilson

    If you have sprint Google Voice integration the hang out app will work immediately for all your needs.

    I continue to be mystified as to why this powerful feature of Google Voice integration has not been adopted by other network providers.

    • sammy

      Ummm. because the carriers make money when you use your minutes (Roam/Long Distance).. IF you use Google Integration, Google makes those dollars. Sprint’s OK with this because they are carrier #3 nationwide and need to compete.

  • Nick Sloan

    This is a perfect example of why I stopped reading this blog. I figured I’d pop back over today to see if things have changed. It’s amazing that you manage to write such moronic things, despite your inability to read. Nikhyl’s post never suggests that the reason Google Voice is not in Hangouts is because of unauthorized use by developers in their apps and services. He basically says “We’ve got more to do to get GV in Hangouts. Stay tuned. Oh, and by the way, those of you that are using GV for services that violate our ToS? We’re coming for you.”

    The two thoughts aren’t related, and when you suggest that they are, you seem like you didn’t even bother reading the source material.

    Glad to see that nothing has changed. See you never.

  • Android developer

    How come we still can’t send/receive files (images,videos,sounds,…) on Hangouts?

  • ScoreboardSteve

    I downloaded the Google Hangouts update, but does anyone know why it doesn’t tell me the other recipient has read my message but in an actual hangouts chat on G+ it shows when the other person has read your message? Why doesn’t SMS in GH have read?

  • Tangent

    I just really hope this doesn’t mean I need to use Hangouts to access my Google Voice features, but that Hangouts can *also* use them. I used to use Google Talk, but hated how Hangouts worked – especially how I couldn’t edit my contacts list down to the few people I used Talk with – and switched to WhatsApp. I’m perfectly happy with how my Google Voice works and I really don’t want to have to use a product I have no use for to access a different existing one…

    They’ve already done something similar by relocating Latitude out of Maps and into Google+. I get it, they want people to use Google+ and Hangouts is another extension of that. But they’re simply going to get me and I’m sure many others to abandon their products entirely if they keep trying to cram their popular products into their unpopular one…

  • cacarr

    “Singhal says that the integration should be done by early next year…”

    He talks about GV SMS in Hangouts, but doesn’t say anything about VoIP integration in Hangouts for Android.

  • cdangers

    All I want is to have the same functionality that I had in talk. Currently, on my GS4, I’m forced into using hangouts. However, hangouts doesn’t play nice with people using gtalk. I’m on the other side of the world from my family and used to make simple voice calls over talk. Now, in hangouts, I call and they don’t hear it ring. They call me I pick up but they can’t hear me or there’s just a bunch of noise. Why does hangouts default to video calls anyway? Who the hell makes video calls so much that it becomes the default? If anything, audio calling should have been both the priority and the default. It’s a phone. I’ve had the ability to make video calls from my phones for years but have used it all of 2 times out of novelty. I don’t understand what the big deal with sms integration is either. In my view, google’s priorities are screwed up.

  • Mike

    The explanation stating that third party apps like GrooveIP etc violated Terms of Use seems silly. I bought GrooveIP from the Google Play Store. I don’t know what percentage Google got, but I’m confident they got part of my payment. These third party apps leveraging Gvoice have been around for years and I have a hard time believing that Google didn’t know about them until recently.

    With Google Plus, Google finally seems to be pushing really hard to make its customers use this product rather than letting customers choose. They crammed maps in the app and dropped a few key features and Latitude. Google is starting to look and act a lot more like the dreaded Facebook.

  • Cesar

    Stupid excuses from Google, saying that third party applications violated their TOS agreement.. Im a android user sance 2009 days of the G1, also Im Gmail user by invitation long befor gmail come out in beta test to the public… I know every move of google history because I been there.. some stuff make me upset like the “third party apps violated their TOS..” If this was the case why they didn’t pull out from the market applications like GrooVe iP..? Because the commission they getting from the sales..? Another example, It was very easy for them to block or delete aplications like AddAway or similar apps that block advertisement in rooted phones. I thing I wish I can see it.. How google will fight against torrent downloads, Torrens are big monster killers against apple , android , windows markets and any market that will be investment for money making purpose, , Torrents will be there waiting for them, ready for assassination , I really want to see a fight of the big cat against thousands of disgusting poisonous rats a over, A list I want to see it if they can be controlled like they do with a click of a mouse with third parties applications in the android market/google play or wherever they call…(personal opinion from an Android lover and a Google follower)

  • Cesar

    Anything new comes out in Google , apple , windows and the new zombie blackberry market, people are already downloading from torrents long before they show up in their markets.. By the way.. I want to see BlackBerry make a new model of cellphone named .. “zombie blackberry” or “zombie1031″ it may wakeup the sales to the old time BB users from wall street New York, and the happy feet from Soho and Greenwich Village… lol

  • randy

    Yet another reason Google Plus and Hangouts have FLOPPED.

    Releasing Hangouts a full year before it works properly with Google’s OWN EXISTING SERVICES? This was a huge blunder by Google.

  • Mark

    Well “early next year” has come and gone and sill no Voice integration. I am utterly disappointed in Google with their handling of this. I love Android, but with everything announced for iOS 8 and the larger screen iPhones, it’s going to be tough choosing my next phone.