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Google kicks off Cyber Weekend Play Store sale with deals on games and media


Black Friday is officially here, and while many folks are out hunting for discounted kitchenware and sprinting around retail stores for cheap televisions, we mobile users can now get in on the shopping fun without having to leave the warmth of our own beds. Google today kicked off a Cyber Weekend sale in the Play Store, offering discounts on games, in-app content, music, books and more. Some examples of the discounted goods include Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy for $1.99, The Hangover Part III for $3.99 and a Star Wars: Tiny Death Star exclusive Google Play bundle that includes Bux, Coins and a Boba Fett character unlock.

This Cyber Weekend sale is just the latest in a long line of digital promotions that Google has held in the Play Store, and it’s good to see the company giving consumers that can’t or won’t go out to retail stores for Black Friday the opportunity to take part in the shopping fun. Plus, thanks to the wide variety of content on offer with the sale, just about everyone should be able to find something to treat themselves to. Ready to get to buying? Grab that credit card and hit up the Google Play link below.

Source: Google Play Store

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  • surethom

    Google is missing massive sales today by not releasing the New Nexus 10. I want one now. Announce it for goodness sake.

  • xm

    The source link doesn’t work for me (probably country restricted). Could anyone share the list of apps and games, if there is one? Until now I’ve only seen lists of apps that people have found manually, but no “official” list from Google Play.

  • carmon

    up to I saw the receipt which had said $7149, I be certain that…my… neighbours mother could realey bringing in money part time at their laptop.. there great aunt has done this for less than 1 year and as of now paid the morgage on there appartment and bourt themselves a Peugeot 205 GTi. visit the site……

  • Md Rased

    I like it

  • John

    Wait… So you are saying a bunch of always free apps that rape people with overpriced pay-to-win gem scams is a sale? You must be one of those idiots that thinks car companies are actually having sales every month just because they say so on TV. If it’s on “sale” every month it’s not a sale. Google is not running a sale.