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Google Opinion Rewards gives you Play Store credit for completing surveys

Google Opinion Rewards

We all know those suspicious ads: “Complete surveys and get paid! Earn eleventy billion dollars a week on surveys!” It’s almost always fake, and when it isn’t, the payout isn’t good. Always be suspicious of those kinds of sites. Unless it’s coming from Google; then things are a little different.

Google’s latest app is called Opinion Rewards, and you guessed it, it rewards you for your opinions. Specifically, it will offer surveys and reward you with Google Play credit. Inside the app, you’ll have to enter some information about yourself (gender, location, etc.) and fill out a sample survey to get started. You’ll also need a Google Wallet account to get credited.

There won’t be many surveys, around one a week, and not all of them will offer compensation. They’ll be around 10 questions each. You’ll get a notification when new surveys are available and it should be a fun little thing to do in your free time. Plus, it can help fund your app-buying addiction. If you’re interested, click the widget and install the app on your Android phone.


Source: Rootz Wiki

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  • uknowme

    Pretty cool! See how many movies and songs I can get.

  • Jean-Christophe

    This is currently only available to users located in the US :(

  • Gary Funk

    It crashes everytime I load it.

    • uknowme

      try restarting your device

  • crunchybutternut

    Haha… unable to store my survey answers…

  • Andrew Goodwin

    Woo Hoo! already made a dollar. This is great. The survey was only one question to.

  • DM

    How much do you get per survey? Probably should have said I’m18-24 ssince that’s who’ll probably get the most. As if Google doesn’t already knoweno ugh about you. But advertisers assume people don’t lie. Interesting the setup asked me about approving Obama twice

    • Leo

      I’ve done 2 surveys so far. Both were 1 question each. One paid a quarter while the other paid a dollar.

  • Alex

    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” Nice :) I have a galaxy nexus :D

    • Allan

      Well, at least they’re consistent.

  • donger

    Google is awesome.

  • h8emilian

    Well.. my country doesn’t have an opinion.. i’ll wait till it does.. :|

  • Selvan Pillay

    Good day
    Why is this app not available in my country (South Africa).
    We have millions of people who may be interested In this app.
    Please revise your policy limits.
    Selvan Pillay

    • Adeling

      Who are you asking? Google on here?





  • E-man


  • Robert

    yeah, it’s still fake. If anything it’s some political attempt to spy on people. I’ve reinstalled this thing three times and given different answers. Each time they were about Obama and after those questions were asked, it just so happened that it couldn’t register me. And it’d “keep trying” so that I can begin answering more surveys. It’s gotta be just another scam. Cheap crap. I have a mind to stop using google altogether if this keeps up.

  • aryin

    finally gave a try, earned $1 just now and spent for an in-app purchase right away =)

  • $$$$$

    Earned 16.25 dollars so far :D thx google

    • misha

      what did you fill in at the first survey? Age, sex, interests?

  • Siphokazi

    Is this available for South Africans? I’m clued-up and I’m certain I can answer questions about Obama and the White House.

  • minimage

    Thanks! I read this article months ago, and I’ve been participating since then and using the credits to pay for apps.