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Google Play Store on tablets to default to ‘Designed for tablets’ section in top lists

Google Play Store Designed for tablets section

Own an Android-powered tablet? If so, you should now have a much easier time finding applications that are optimized for big screen. Google has announced that, starting today, a “Designed for tablets” section will be the default view for tablet users perusing the Play Store’s top lists. The list will include apps that follow Google’s tablet optimization guidelines, which include taking advantage of the additional screen real estate and laying out content in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Google notes that while this new “Designed for tablets” section will be the default view on the Play Store’s top lists, tablet users will still be able to view non-optimized apps if they choose. However, apps that don’t meet the Google’s tablet optimization guidelines will be labeled as being “Designed for phones.”

While former Googler Andy Rubin once said that he didn’t think that there should be tablet-specific apps, more recently we’ve watched Google work to grow the number of tablet-optimized apps in the Play Store. That’s important as consumer adoption of tablets continue to grow and as Google itself introduces new tablet hardware. If you’re a developer that’d like to take advantage of the Play Store’s new “Designed for tablets” section, you can find Google’s tablet optimization tips at the Android Developers link below.

Via: Android Central

Source: +Android Developers

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