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Google Search update reportedly coming soon with voice, location improvements


Still hungry for some app update goodness after new versions of Hangouts and Google Keyboard began rolling out yesterday? You may not have long to wait before you get your wish. In its review of the Nexus 5, Wired reports that Google has said several new features will be added to the Google Search app on Nov. 13.

The first addition to Google Search will be the ability ask the user questions. The example given is that when the user tells his or her phone to “text Jennifer,” the app will respond with “which Jennifer” and then carry out the command. It’s also said that the new Google Search will be able to search inside of other apps, launch them and even perform tasks inside of them. Finally, Google Now will reportedly utilize location information to deliver more information to a user about his or her surroundings. For example, geyser times at Yellowstone National Park.

Sounds like a pretty spiffy little update, no? It’s certainly not unheard of for Google to add new features and Google Now cards to its Google Search app, but this latest round of goodies sounds particularly exciting. The voice and app features could make it easier and quicker to get things done on a phone or tablet, and the new Google Now cards will provide additional, useful information about a user’s surroundings. Now we just have to wait until next Wednesday for the update to actually begin rolling out.

Source: Wired

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  • OpenIntro

    This is very exciting.

    I actually tried this with Hangouts after the update to see if it would launch and send a message through Hangouts (not an SMS) and was bummed when it didn’t.

    I’d love to be able to customize what commands do what within certain apps.

  • DroidSamurai

    I always wonder why voice commands have to be spoken in one sentence. It’s so unnatural. The software should be able to ask whatever info that is missing when we talk to it.



    • donger