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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Android in December

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android was a fantastic remake of the original with solid controls, a smooth frame rate and all the charm of the original. But not many people look back and think, “I want to play Vice City again!” No, that honor is reserved for the great Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And that title is coming to Android and other mobile devices in just a month!

San Andreas, the favorite classic GTA game, will feature remastered graphics (dynamic shadows, enhanced models and greater draw distance), new touch controls, a new checkpoint system and full controller support.

I’m incredibly excited for this game to come out, and I know many others are. We have a special place in our hearts for San Andreas, which is probably the most ridiculous and over the top GTA ever released. It comes to Android and other mobile platforms sometime in December, so we don’t have much longer to wait. Are you excited to get your hands on a remake of this game? Leave a comment!

Via: The Verge

Source: Rockstar Games

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  • RoyalJoker

    As someone who owns consoles and computers I can honestly say I’ve never really been tempted by old games or cellular games. So far behind and emulators have been out since the start of time. When phones can deliver console games and console titles is when I may just may be interested in android/apple/Microsoft games. But I think that day is far off sadly. But I honestly do believe its the future. Why need a PS vita or a 3ds when you can have that be your phone? Hopefully I live to see that. Need way more developer support and honestly android customers have to stop being so cheap and pirating. I can’t imagine a 50$ console quality game on android that would be massively bought people just don’t spend that type of money on this platform and developers especially good ones take note. Reasons like this is why iOS always has games before and games android doesn’t even have and simply I hate that because I hate apple but it seems there less customers aren’t as cheap as the might amount of Android

    • SGB101

      You mustn’t of seen RR3

  • RoyalJoker

    With so many torrents, even applications on Google play you can share apps I almost assure you this game will be pirated 3-1 times the amount its bought. Games like order and chaos that has 100k+ downloads has over 1 million players but people pirated it to hell. We will keep getting these games we played back when we were 16 in high school because no developer is gonna deliver too of the line quality when you can easily be robbed when its much harder on consoles. Sorry for the double post but this is the dark side of game applications and it really grinds my gears

  • pekosROB

    This is awesome. Will go nicely with my other game collection on my SHIELD!!! I was just wondering the other day when they were going to port San Andreas to Android.

  • Dan

    San Andreas is the only GTA worth remaking for Android IMO. Great gameplay, expansive sandbox, good storyline, and awesome radio music! I would definitely look into this release. I just hope they’d price it competitively.

  • Nathan D.

    I can finally play it for the first time,lol.

  • TruFactz

    Rockstar……….U R Awesome.

  • junebugg

    Best 1 can’t wait

  • junebugg

    Will have it

  • donger


  • RoyalJoker

    Real racing 3? Um that has literally no content and few races. Its not a full world. Is one game like skyrim on android with console or computer graphics no! That’s why we get free crap games that cost 400$ to beat or progress. Down vote me all you want. If your sticking up for game applications when they are bare thin and something children mostly play slap yoself fool!

  • Xuhair Raxa

    i will really enjoy this game ::)

  • prince

    D console one was about 4.65gb in size… this remake might be even bigger.. gotta make some space right now!

  • vivek201

    Would be great if it will have online multiplayer features as well.. Can’t wait…

  • james

    I hope they make it for HTC EVO 4G because vice city didn’t work so I hope it works this time

    • Frank

      You need at least 1 GB of RAM to play this game I’ve seen. Since the HTC Evo only has 512 MB of RAM, I wouldn’t count on it.