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HTC M8 (next year’s HTC One successor) allegedly poses for pictures


The HTC One may be one of the best Android devices currently on the market, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming of what its successor will offer. Before today, all we knew about the HTC One’s successor was its code name, HTC M8, and that it will be the first device to run HTC Sense. That all changed when someone managed to snap a few pictures of the back metal panel of the device and post them to the web.

Based on the three pictures of the HTC M8, the device will feature a very similar design to this year’s HTC One. At first glance, the pictured device could easily be mistaken for a vivid blue HTC One, but there are a few subtle differences:

  1. Small hole on back panel, located above the camera. HTC could be experimenting with 3D camera again (the HTC EVO 3D features 2 camera on the back to capture 3D images), but due to the hole’s location it’s a bit more logical to assume it will be used for a fingerprint scanner.
  2. Metal casing curves around the edges of the HTC M8. HTC boasted about the HTC One’s chamfered edges with┬ázero-gap injection molding, but we know the company has issues manufacturing the complicated chassis. By copying the HTC One X’s unibody design, HTC may be able to save time any money in the construction of the HTC M8.

We’re not expecting HTC to officially announce the HTC M8 until February or March of 2014, so expect a solid four months of HTC M8 rumors, leaks and speculation. Besides the usual bump in specs and a slightly tweaked design, what new features do you want to see included in next year’s HTC One successor?

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Source: Baidu Tieba

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  • SicilianPlayboy

    Three functional buttons on the bottom… not two…. and a much higher mega-pixel … excuse me ULTRA pixel camera, and i would be sold.

    • James Roots

      Oh yeah, forgot to mention, make the HTC logo on the front a functional button!

    • Ianto

      2 buttons works amazing well. More megapixels doesn’t mean better camera idiot.

      • John

        When you’re talking large images, say, 8MP on up, sure.

        4MP is a joke, idiot, and the entire camera experience is subpar, idiot.


    • erikiksaz

      No capactive buttons at all. Considering HTC will probably always use boomsound on the One series, they only way they could keep the phone from continuing to be ridiculously tall is to go with onscreen buttons.

      That would make the phone more easily held in the hand.

    • Julz23


  • James Roots

    An 8 megapixel UltraPixel camera is all I want!

    That and the ability to turn off blink feed and disable the sense gallery. More memory would be nice too.

    • epps720

      You actually can disable BlinkFeed in Sense 5.5, though I’m a big fan of blinkfeed.

      • James Roots

        Haven’t gotten the update yet, so I am stuck with blink feed off to the far left! Lol

    • Ianto

      Only a moron would want to disable blinkfeed. And that can be done in Sense 5.5. And again it would be daft to turn of the Sense gallery but I guess you are a dumbass.

  • Rob22

    I am glad that they are keeping the current slab model for their next gen phone. However, their lack of model consistency and product intro date might hurt the company even more in the future.

    • Ianto

      Wrong again.

      • James Roots

        You need to learn how to behave like a decent human being and stop insulting everyone just because they have different preferences and opinions.

  • Jess Blanchard

    The HTC M8. Feelin’ forever alone? Now you’ve got a M8!

    • Adrien C.

      I literally LOL’d. thanks for that!

      I can foresee: “Hi, I lost my M8, have you seen him? I’m afraid someone might have stolen it…”

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • donger

    Can’t wait.

  • Andy

    Yeah that seems like a logical pace for a fingerprint sensor

    I really hope HTC makes a comeback.

  • Anthony Brown

    It needs an 8-13mp camera keep ZOE 32g internal memory and SD expansion up to 64g up to 7 home screens I like widgets and blink feed but with both, 5 home screens just aren’t enough. Also a separate numbers roll on the keyboard like what Samsung has and a front and back skip button would be nice. Last I would include duel screens for texting, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, web browser, etc.

    • Vance

      I don’t get all of the camera gripes. Is this coming from someone who has actually used the phone, because I get much higher quality pictures with my HTC One than my friends toting the iPhone 5, GS3, GS4, and G Note. Sure, jack up the ultrapixels if possible, but don’t abandon that concept just for the sake of throwing yourself into the megapixel race with everyone else. In any low light situation, no matter what other devices are around, my cohorts always have me take the pictures and distribute them because the 4 Ultrapixel camera is a bad ass in low light situations.

      • Kenstanza

        The One I had produced crappy photos, especially in low light! In low light it had a pink hue over the entire picture.

  • Julz23

    Better specs, 5 inch display and a lot more ultra pixels and it will be a DREAM PHONE!!

  • bonedatt

    Why not make that HTC logo functional,add 13 mega pixel(ultra pixel), better battery life. I still don’t get how Apple sticks in smaller capacity batteries in their phone but yet they last longer. Can’t HTC optimize their software?

  • Subx

    1. HTC is more alive than ever. If you have ever used a HTC phone, you would know they are Mich better than iPhone and Galaxy.
    2. Yes we would like more Ultra Pixels” bit 4 on the One series is excellent. I have taken awesome photos with my One and have even been asked what camera I use because the quality is so good. Megapixels is not everything.
    3. Apple battery out lasts the One? What a stupid statement! It depends in how you use your phone. I for one am a pretty heavy user of my One and let it be known that my One lasts longer than ANY of friends who have an iPhone.
    4. Easier to hold? Wow you must have small hands and the shape of the One makes it very easy to hold and use. Even with a case!
    5. The whold finger print scanner is yet another gimmick. It really isn’t needed. If someone get your phone, it’s just a simple matter of booting into recovery and doing a restore.
    6. Features of like to see is the ability to control volume steps. Yes it’s a software feature but it should be selectable.
    7. Expandable memory. Not such a big deal now but being able to hot swap music on an SD Card would be great.
    8. Paywave incorperated into the phone where you can nominate a maximum transaction amount and be accessible via password. Would make shopping faster and simpler.
    9. I agree with making the HTC logo a button or ridding the dedicated buttons and making the on screen.
    10. Unlocked boot loader by default.

  • Subx

    Typos there, sorry but typed this in a moving car. As a passenger, not a driver.

  • Cody

    I want the whole ‘black area’ between boomsound to be a massive edge to edge 1080p display with on-screen buttons. If it’s going to be thinner, I’d rather it be scaled up to the current one’s thickness with a large battery. Inductive charging, and waterproof would be a plus.

  • htc_fan

    My biggest complaint is the power button and the charging slot feel the same when I pull the phone out to use it. I never know which end is up. Raise the power button or or put it in a different spot. OR Maybe have a voice command wake it up? “Open HTC” I also miss the desk/night clock mode that my HTC Incredible had.

  • madsalad

    I loved the look and feel of the HTC One but could not get past the unexapandable memory and inaccessible battery. I would love to see HTC focus on those things in the upcoming lines. If they continue in this vein, I will just keep an eye on user reports regarding “long term” battery life (meaning “the life of the device” not just daily) and how people get along with the limited storage over the two-ish year life span before I buy my next phone. Also by that time, I expect more advances in batteries, memory and software optimization that I may come back to HTC. I really do love their phone design AND Sense is not obtrusive.

  • google nerd

    Enough with the spec bump up please. Improve the battery. Specs in todays phones are more than enough and they can hold up for another year or more so give us the best battery life at minimalistic size.

  • aeropostale

    Make that LED notification light changed! Separate the orange/red light from the green one. I can’t see whether I have a notification whenever I am charging my One ’cause the green light don’t blink!