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HTC M8 rumored to include Snapdragon 800, 5-inch display


The rumor mill is going crazy once again, and now we’re starting to hear details about the HTC One’s successor. Codenamed the HTC M8, the specs seem positively uninspired. @evleaks says the device will probably have a 5-inch 1080p display (the standard of the last year), a Snapdragon 800 processor and Android KitKat.

Now this sounds pretty damn good by our standards right now, but don’t forget that the HTC M8 is quite a way out. If it were to launch with a Snapdragon 800 right when the new Qualcomm chips were around the corner, it would be pretty disappointing. And it makes me wonder why we don’t see a bump in resolution. It’s definitely not necessary at all, but will other manufacturers do it? Or will it be saved for later in the year?

Keep in mind that many rumors about the HTC M7 (HTC One) stated that the device would launch with a Snapdragon S4 Pro, but it ended up launching with the Snapdragon 600. It’s very possible that the same thing may happen, and the M8 will release with a newer processor.

HTC will have to bring some serious innovation to the M8 to have it succeed. The same old formula with BoomSound and an Ultrapixel camera won’t get the company far, so hopefully it has something new and awesome cooked up. At least the device will have KitKat at launch, so HTC won’t be repeating the mistake of launching a flagship with an old version of Android.

There are no details on release dates, but it should be sometime in early 2014. What do you think of the device? Is it underspecced for a 2014 flagship launch, or is it plenty good? And will you be buying the next HTC device? Leave a comment and tell us what you’d like HTC to do!

Source: @evleaks

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    I guess you want a 4K display. 1080p is fine.

    • Dima Aryeh

      I don’t see anything over 1080p as at all necessary, but I’m curious to why it isn’t there. Technology is moving forward even if we don’t really need it.

      • Jonathan Franklin

        Maybe because current 2560×1440 devices lag like a mutha trying to do the most basic, rudimentary tasks you could think to do on a mobile device and it’s a flat out stupid move to bump pixels again when there are already games at max settings and content heavy applications that Snapdragon 800 1080P devices struggle to handle.

        No doubt some OEM will make the completely stupid move of ensuring that Android remains behind iOS and Windows Phone in smoothness and fluidity for yet another year, but that doesn’t mean that they *should* do it.

    • stafford

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  • jamal adam

    I don’t mind the 1080p display on a 5″ but I would like an 8 ultrapixel and larger 3,000mAh+ battery and also onscreen navigation buttons and less of a bezel. That’s not much to ask for, right?

    • Noel

      Exactly all what u said about the specs but just keep it very compact same size as the HTC One. An SD card slot another crucial spec that cause many to abstain from recent HTC flagship devices is a MUST.

  • redraider133

    Here’s to hoping they put a huge battery in it and bump the camera up (8mp/ultrapixel) would be fine. That would be a real killer device that HTC needs.

  • Jehu

    Let Samsung go forward with a 1440p display that no one can tell a difference from 1080p. As jamal adam said, a bigger battery and on-screen navigation buttons and a thinner bezel would be excellent. The ultrapixel camera should be at least 8 MP. With those specs, I wouldn’t care it the processor is a 2Ghz Snapdragon 800, or even a 1.7Ghz.

    • Fulaman

      I agree with you about the on-screen buttons, I was expecting that to be the standard ever since the inception of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but only LG and Motorola followed suit with the on-screen buttons on their high-end phones. With that said, if HTC wants this phone to be a success they would need to release it by early January.

      While Snapdragon 800 is a fantastic processor, HTC can not afford to get behind the game.

  • hans

    1080p is enough, 8MP Ultrapixel, and seriously SD + removable Battery.
    I feel that the lack of SD card (and removable Battery) on every flagship since 2011 has hurt HTC so much, they make beautiful and powerful devices but are always lacking 2 features many people seek in a smartphone. I haven’t used the SD in my Phones a lot, still I wouldn’t wanna get one without.

    HTC, I want you to have my money, but bring that SD slot on

  • Harold Goldner

    M8? If these rumors are true,,more like “Me Too.” I want to see the Butterfly S cross the Pacific.

  • donger


  • rizalrazy

    I hope its time to make water n dust resistant like sony.which means,its suitable for all conditions.

  • Sumit

    5-5.2″ screen, BoomSound speakers, 8 UltraPixel camera, sd card slot, buttons near bottom speaker, less bezel!!!

  • tmihai20

    I want the HTC phone that will remain in our memory like HTC Desire. They can make it however they want, as long as they make it unforgettable.

  • rashad360

    I’m just fine with 1080, we really can’t see all those pixels at a five inch size anyways so why bother upgrading for the sake of upgrading? Instead, improvements should be made in other areas of the phone, maybe the camera or battery. Or maybe a revolutionary new feature, perhaps?

  • dublin6

    A dedicated camera button would be nice.

  • deborahalvarad

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  • StephanieJackson

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  • rustic

    How about mini version with 4.3 screen and with same specs? Ok, I can accept 720p screen and smaller battery if that’s really important, in order to have same processor, same design and same memory.

  • ravi1234

    HTC two
    5″ ips LCD full nd 1080 p display with 4.5″ full nd display another mini varient.
    2.5 Ghz octacore snapdragon1000 processor
    16 MP UltraPixel camera.f/1.2 aperture
    2.2mp front camera
    192bit audio
    64 gb memory
    4gb ram
    same Aluminium body as HTC one same size
    Boom sound.
    3000 Mamp battery.
    this will be perfect unbeatable device for another full year.
    they don’t need to update infill 2015.

    • htcOneOwner

      ^ THIS ^

  • Victor Kaczmar

    I would like to see a 64bit architecture and a minimum of 4Gb RAM. Increased resolution/screen quality to be seen in Sun.