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HTC One Dual SIM pre-orders now available from HTC in the UK


If you’re one of those who didn’t buy the HTC One because it lacked a microSD card slot, we have some great news for you. The HTC One Dual SIM (previously only available in China and a handful of markets in Asia) is now up for pre-order in the UK. This modified version of the HTC One features a removable back panel, two SIM card slots and a microSD expansion slot which supports up to 64GB of data. Combine that with the HTC One Dual SIM’s 32GB of internal storage and could be walking around with nearly 100GB of storage capacity in your pocket.

On the surface, the HTC One Dual SIM may look identical to the standard model, but the phone is slightly larger (137.4 x 68.3 x 10.4mm versus 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm). If you own any cases for the HTC One, they will most likely not fit the HTC One Dual SIM.

If you’re willing to live with those trade-offs, the HTC One Dual SIM can be pre-ordered directly from HTC for £495 (roughly $800 including UK’s VAT). If you were hoping to buy the HTC one Dual SIM for less, rumors claim that several service providers in the UK will be selling the HTC One Dual SIM within the next few weeks.

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC Online Store

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  • monk

    Oh look!!!
    You can have a phone with good looks + also with dual SIM & mSD slot !!!! And It only adds 1mm!!!

    Now the world will implode with all the fans that said that it was not possible. Good done HTC for stopping the nonsense, you are back on track.

    • Nick Gray

      Personally, I’d prefer the original HTC One. The 1mm increase in thickness increases the volume of the phone by 12%. As is stands now, the HTC One already feel like a large phone. Adding that much more in volume would probably turn quite a few potential customers to phones like the G2 or the SGS4 since they feel a lot smaller than the HTC One does.

      • monk

        Im guessing that the 1mm increase in thickness only applies for the middle of the phone, where the slots are located and not the edges. Anyway, options are good. Some will prefer that, others not. They still need to work on the bezel size, LG Motorola and Samsung are doing a better job there. This new One will still look like a toy compared to my Note 3…

        Outside US and Europe, SDs are still a big issue (We have crappy 3G and most cloud services are country restricted, so not available outside US). To make things worse, the carriers also do not sell the 32Gb version of the phone, only the 16GB version.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • carmon

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    • John in Brisbane

      My dog Heidi’s favourite friend at the dog park said that your roomate’s step sister did 8.1055555 hours on the laptop per day every day last month. She also said you should change dealers. And that you better get back to earth quickly before the stargate closes.

  • donger

    NA release?

  • John in Brisbane

    As a current user, those features would be awesome. I would want to hold the two phones – the difference might be more than it seems. Chances are that the extra bulk would be totally worth it.

    Besides, today I held a Huawei Ascend 6.1 and an SG Mega 6.3 and they both felt like the phone my phone could feel like if I proved man enough lol. I’ve got a 1st gen Nexus 7 which I do pocket from time to time but both of those phones felt like possible daily phone prospects. The HTC One was the first phone I’ve ever bought that had a smaller screen than the previous one. It’s plenty big enough but now those huge ones, including the SG Note 3, don’t seem monstrously big.

  • buy_HTC_phones

    please , buy HTC phones ! support HTC !

  • Zae Kolyon

    This is something that will make Samsung and Apple step they game up to.. set the bar high HTC!! Nobody can beat dual SIM card slots plus a SD card slot AT ALL!! especially not without making the phone too much more bigger than it already is.. Can’t wait til it comes out in the U.S.