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HTC One Google Play edition begins receiving its Android 4.4 update

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You know what would make a good breakfast? A KitKat bar. That’s precisely what the HTC One Google Play edition and its owners are getting today, as it appears that the GPe-flavored One has started receiving its official bump to Android 4.4. One XDA-developers forum member has already received the over the air update, which weighs in at 305.4MB, and the OTA download link for the new software has already been discovered and shared for anyone that’s into that whole sideloading thing. Additionally, HTC has posted the source code for the update to its HTCDev site.

Upon installation, HTC One Google Play edition owners will find themselves on build KRT16S with some new goodies to play with, including an enhanced phone dialer with Google’s caller ID feature as well as some general performance improvements. Because these updates typically go out in phases, it may take a little time for the HTC One GPe’s over the air KitKat update to make its way to your neck of the woods. The good news is that at least now you know that you’ve got some new software candy to sink your teeth into.

Via: Android Central
Source: XDA-developers (1), (2), HTC

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  • lwoodya

    What happened to Nexus devices getting updates first? My N4 still has no OTA!

    • Holysmokesbatty

      Just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean it hasn’t started rolling out.

    • SGB101

      I have it on the n4, not on n7 though yet.

    • Paul Atreides

      One less feather to stick in the Nexus cap. If Google raises pricing, that’s all she wrote.


    I received Kit Kat on my Nexus 7 2012 last week. I don’t see any big changes anywhere. Am I missing something? No new folders. Can’t tell if the icons are really bigger. Don’t see any differences in Home screen customizations. If the useless stuff was given to us and the good stuff saved for the Nexus 5, then that’s stupid and makes the update mute. I don’t feel like my tablet has been improved at all. The only improvements on my tablet are the keyboard and Google Now and I believe those were app updates and not from Kit Kat.

    • lwoodya

      I think its the other way around. You were given the performance enhancements and the minor visual UI differences were left out. However, you can get that with a side-load from XDA or Phandroid. Google it.

  • Engnr.Asif Khan

    when i will get this update for my galaxy s4..??

  • naypalm

    I couldn’t wait for mine so I flashed my Nexus 4 with KRT16O. I’m still waiting for an update to KRT16S but I’m happy so far with kitkat.

  • madsalad

    C’mon Galaxy S4! I’m using CM11 right now with 4.4 but I would love to try the GE port instead.

  • Kirk Schwarz

    Got the update for kitkat yesterday for nexus7. About 3 weeks ago got a big update for samsung 10.1 tab 2. Involved use of the sd card being able to move things in and out wiped out my home pages. So far very pleased.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC One Google Play edition with Android 4.3

  • donger


  • sajeer

    how much price for htc one max in qatar?

  • prem singh

    How is the kitkatwere lanched Google play