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HTC to get back to profitability by cutting costs, selling more affordable phones


HTC confirmed today that it took a net loss of NT$3 billion ($102.1 million) during the third quarter of 2013, with revenue for the quarter finished at NT$47 billion ($1.6 billion USD). Company executives say that they’ve got a plan to turn things around, though, including a focus on moving more low-cost devices.

During a briefing for HTC’s Q3 2013 results, CFO Chialin Chang said that his firm is examining a broader spectrum of products in this quarter. “We aim for higher volume into 2014 that will give better profitability,” Chang said, teasing that HTC will attempt to sell a higher number of affordable devices in an effort to return to profitability. HTC execs also said that they plan to cut costs and keep operating expenses low in Q4 2013.

HTC has been having a bit of a bumpy ride as of late due to the aforementioned net loss as well as other factors like supply issues with its One hardware and multiple employees exiting the company. The Taiwanese device maker’s got no shortage of strategies to turn things around, though, including the aforementioned focus on low-cost devices, the recent sale of its stake in Beats and HTC CEO Peter Chou’s recent promise to focus more on innovation and his firm’s product portfolio. Now we just have to wait and see if these efforts actually work.

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Source: Reuters

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  • Troik

    Seeing that HTC tried to reduce there number of phone-models for the exact same reason 12 month ago, this makes them look a bit aimless in my eyes. Grated, I love my HTC One, but if they think moving into the low-end market will save them, I might have to looks elsewhere for my next phone.

    • Jonathan

      Agree completely

      • price

        my Aunty Chloe got a great Hyundai Equus Sedan only from working parttime off a home pc. this article…….

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Brooks Barnard

    HTC for Nexus 6!

    • jamal adam

      I’d buy it in a heart beat.

  • RibCage

    I’d like to believe this is all due to their decision to move away from phones with physical keyboards. My G2 is getting a bit old now, yet I have nowhere to turn. Seems LG & Samsung are no longer making phones with keyboards. I guess I’m stuck living in the past.

  • donger

    They need to make another Nexus.

  • pekosROB

    So their strategy is to do the exact opposite of what they already decided to do to accomplish the same goal? Wow, they really have no idea what to do. How about this?

    Keep doing an awesome line like the HTC One. Offer the larger size as well, but do what Samsung does and use the next-gen chip in it (like the S4 is a 600 and Note 3 is an 800) – unlike what y’all decided to do for the Max.

    Yes, it’s not all about megapixels, except when you want a photo with detail that can be cropped and blown up. See: Nokia. Wide range of aperture, OIS, good low light performance (y’all are getting there with the larger sensors), more than 4 MP.

    Offer a cheaper line up, but don’t make a ton of them. What not to do? All of the crap you peddled between the Desire and Rezound/Sensation (or One X or One, it’s up to you to decide if the Rezound/Sensation were “good phones,” I say yes because of the screen tech it brought).

    In the words of Jesse Pinkman, TIMELY UPDATES, BITCH!

    Oh, and offer one phone that is durable as hell, doesn’t look like a brick wrapped in rubber, and either has good hardware or OK hardware and UPDATED SOFTWARE. Before the Active S4, all “rugged” or “outdoor” phones either had one if not both: shitty hardware (read: last year’s or the year before tech) and a version of Android from a couple of years ago. It may not be a huge market, but there is a market for a phone like this and you could eat it up completely.

    And yes, you can hire me as your CTO, CEO, or hell, even CFO. Just don’t lock my bootloader if you give me one or your phones as my own.

    Signed, pretty much everyone (staff and readers) on this website and other Android blogs.

  • Daniel Thompson

    Well that was short lived. They announced not too long ago that they were going to focus more on quality and not quantity. Looks like the One will be the ONE of the only great devices from HTC. It will be back to releasing a bunch of phones and the Flagship devices will be back to the Thunderbolt standard.

  • killrgummibear

    i used to love HTC, i’ve had more than 10 phones made by them. but they’re just circling the drain at this point.

  • MrMrMan

    Cutting costs = Layoffs

  • Deceptivesmiles

    I saw this coming. In this market, u can’t focus on high-end devices and keep churning a profit. Apple and Samsung (More specifically Samsung) are killing the market w/ their phones. HTC needs to put out at least mid-tier and high-tier phones and do away skins on their phones. The G2 w/ pure vanilla Android was great. If it wasn’t for the lack of a front facing camera and a bigger screen I’d still have it.

  • rhY

    WHA?!? You mean nobody bought the $900 HTC One Max? They went and bought a car instead? LOL DUH HTC! YOU NEED SOMETHING AFFORDABLE!!!