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Isis Mobile Wallet finally released in the US, doesn’t support rooted phones


Isis has been teased for a long, long time as the first real Google Wallet competitor. Isis, pushed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, is an NFC payment system, where you can pay for items in stores by tapping your Isis enabled phone to a special reader and it automatically pays. This is done through NFC, and unlike with Google Wallet, a special Isis-enabled SIM card. However, the system has had some setbacks.

There were many delays and a long testing period confined to a small area of the United States. We’ve been hearing about this system for ages, and it’s finally released to the public! You can grab your carrier-specific app from the Play Store by hitting the widgets below, if you have a compatible phone that is.

But the app won’t work straight after installing. You’ll have to head to your respective carrier store and pick up an Isis-capable SIM card to get everything working. Then, you’ll enter your payment cards and go off and pay for things the better way!

Isis has a few advantages over Google Wallet, like huge support and rewards systems, but there is one place where it falters. The app does not work on rooted phones. This basically excludes all developers and phone modders from using this new payment system, which is an absolute shame. It’s understandable, since it is technically a security issue, but Google let Wallet users take that risk. I wish Isis did too.

So we have a new mobile payment system available to the masses, to everyone on the nation’s largest three carriers. Will you give it a shot? Or are you mad that you can’t use it due to the limitations on rooted devices? Leave a comment!




Source: Engadget

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  • SGB101

    You shouldn’t really use this, as if it ends up being the defacto, it will end up being another lock in service for the networks.

    We really want a 3rd party doing it. Personally I recon this tech won’t take off until credit/debit cards all net nfc chips, the the readers are already rolling out as the old ones are replaced, then all it takes only a visa/Mastercard app and they have won.

  • fort

    We need to show our displeasure with how they blocked Google wallet. Boycott this.

  • Greatness awaits

    Hooray!!! Wait, wait..just .another NFC payment system that nobody uses….

  • gman77

    Please, spare me. I can put Google Wallet on my phone if I choose and use it as it was intended. I will NOT be using ISIS on principle. T-mobile, Verizon and AT&T can bugger off.

    • donger


  • rhy o’drinnan

    We finally got the mark of the beast! Yay!

  • Boyd

    I live in Austin, so when they rolled this out, I was one of the first to jump through all of the Verizon hoops to get Isis to work on my Galaxy S III. Got everything up and running, and to test it out, I bought a Coke from the machine in the Verizon store so new users could see it work right there in the store.

    That was the first problem: the Coke was supposed to be 75ยข, but the machine charged me $1.25.

    Next problem: I went to a store of one of the fast food chains that have Isis-enabled NFC readers. The whole process of using my phone was more cumbersome than just pulling out my credit card as I normally do. Undoubtedly, if I were as used to using my phone as I am with my card it, would go faster, but I have my doubts that it would ever beat the speed of scanning my credit card.

    Next problem: it didn’t work. The reader blinked and beeped, my phone acted like it had been read, but nothing actually happened. And to top it off, the cashier said, “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody use that before.”

    Next problem: In September, Isis dropped their pre-paid card once they hooked up with American Express, who is also offering a pre-paid card that would be used to load with money for Isis.

    Next problem: Also in September, they dropped Chase cards (or was it Citi? CaptialOne? Too many “C”s, so I forget) from the program, so another card (that I had gotten specifically to use with Isis) no longer worked.

    At this point, I’m not very enthusiastic about any NFC payment approach. The hassles seem to overwhelm any benefit.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    I will not support ISIS. I really hope this falls flat on it’s face. Google Wallet is nice but it could have been awesome but the carriers hampered it at every turn. They’ve been fighting GW for YEARS for the sake of this service! That’s sad and seems like unfair business practices. As the Go-To Tech Guru with my friends and family I will suggesting everyone skip this in favor of Google Wallet or using the tap to pay function on their debit cards. This is such a sham!!!

  • PrivacyIsFirst

    I support Isis because of the security. Unlike Google who can look at what you bought and track each of your transaction and where you made purchases and sell it to NSA, Isis does not track any data and infact I believe Isis does not even have the credentials of your CC, only the bank does. Which means Isis has to go through the pain of integrating with banks one by one which explains the delay in rolling out new cards.

    However, coming to the monopoly question and the carriers blocking Google, I think it is a mistake. Google bypassed it very effectively with its KitKat HCE product. This will now open up the NFC space and there will not be a monopoly anymore.

    So lets see what users do, do they go for the more secure wallet or a more convenient wallet? time will tell!

    • sata

      Isis is not about giving convenient features to end-users just for the fun of it. Isis is about harvesting data, same as Google Wallet.

  • deborahalvarad

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  • E-man

    I trust Google more than I do Verizon.

  • mohammad

    want to use it but cant use it due to rooted device. whatever..

  • Bill

    By blocking rooted phones, they’re locking out the technophiles and early adopters they need for this service to take off. Too bad…I was looking forward to trying it.

  • Lisa Alony

    Google is getting way too intrusive and monopolistic. They’re getting Samsung to limit their own programs in favor of Google. At least we have a few choices in phone service providers. Only one option for android. Let’s not pity Google. I’m fine with Isis.

  • Jeff Jones

    My wife and I both have Samsung GS4s on AT&T and we’re going to try out just about every app in the Google Wallet/ISIS Wallet type app that comes along. Our phones support Mobeam. If Mobeam ever can hookup with with a partner that allows Mobeam POS credit card/debit card payments mobile commerce will explode and we won

  • Jeff Jones

    (This goes with my comment above) we won’t know what we did before Mobeam. Imho that is.


    I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with isis. I love it cause when you sign up they give you 25 bucks for free, I can get free transportation with UTA with it, and discounts on popcorn and drinks. But I always have a rooted device and can’t use it. It suck, s if there worried about someone hacking the system on a rooted device them maybe they should have a better system. They are making it sound like their software isn’t so secure. If it’s sssooo secure then why won’t they let it be used on rooted devices and they should t have a problem. I wish Someone would come out with a mod to fix that so isis thinks your on a non rooted device. I know on the iPhone they made an app through cydia that would make it so that certain app store apps wouldn’t detect you have a jailbroken phone. It just sucks that it’s only available here in Utah and Texas so that means hackers or developers can really figure the app out cause its not available for the whole USA to try it.

  • lee fitzpatrick

    I try four different stores that was on my location finder. Isis did not work. I am not a real big fan at all