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Moto G teaser page goes live ahead of November 13 announcement


Just what is the mysterious “Moto G” that popped up in a few different leaks last week? That’s still up in the air for now, but it looks like it won’t be long before we find out for sure. Motorola has officially activated a website for the Moto G that’s currently teasing a live online announcement on November 13 and playing the Moto X’s boot-up animation over and over.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said back at the Moto X launch that his company was cooking up a version of the Moto X for prepaid and international markets that would be both affordable and cutting edge.  The Moto G is expected to be that very device, with the rumor mill speculating that the G could come to market with a quad-core processor, 720p display and a contract-free price as low as £134.95 ($215 USD). That’d make the Moto G a pretty interesting option for budget smartphone shoppers if true. Now we just have to wait a week and a half before we find out exactly what the Moto G is made of. One way to pass the time? Watching that Moto X boot-up animation over and over and over and…

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  • cliffy223

    It would be nice if Motorola came out with different models to compete with everyone else. Budget model Moto G, Mid-range Moto X, High end model, 7″ tablet, and 10″ tablet.

  • SGB101

    i read a rumour that this will be a 1.2 Qcore , it they pair that wit ha decent screen, something all budget phones lack, they will be on to a winner, my daughter needs a new phones, this will be in the running for xmas prezzy.

    i got my son the nexus4 32gb, for xmas, when the price was £199, will be nice to compare the two

  • rhY

    Wow! Looks like somebody finally gets it: Decent android phone with updates for great price = success. This will positively RUIN Apple if the device is good enough.

  • donger

    Moto G.