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Moto G comes to Canada, only $200 CAD off contract

Moto G official

The Moto G, weaker sibling of the Moto X, is due to take the budget world by storm. At only $179 for a pretty good mid-tier phone, it’s incredibly priced and will be unbeatable for those who are on prepaid carriers. And while the US won’t see the device until around January, it is now available in Canada and really shows what we can expect here in the States.

Telus has picked the phone up and will begin selling it for $200 Canadian dollars, or about $189 US dollars, off contract. If you do want a contract, you can get the phone for free. But with such a low off contract price, it’s hard to justify being stuck in a contract.

Canadian carrier Koodo is also offering the device, but for a different price. It’s $200 with no tab, but if you get a $150 use tab, you can get the device for only $50.

With a 4.5-inch 720p display, a 1.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 400, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, a 5MP camera, and a 2,070 mAh battery, it’s no slouch. And for such low prices, it’s an absolute steal. It might even become a hit.

Hopefully we’ll see our carriers offer the device off contract freely, and maybe T-Mobile will even do something unique with the pricing. But this phone is probably best for those on a prepaid carrier, where no contracts and low prices will complement this device perfectly. Are you excited for this device? Leave a comment!

Source: Telus, Koodo
Via: Engadget

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  • SGB101

    Had one of these for a week, it’s a great phone, without considering the price.

    Screen is great, cpu runs rr3 smoother than my note2 and n4, (I don’t know either), and the battery is unbelievably good. Better gan my note2 ever was.

    Not good for the price, just dam good.

    They have taken out what isn’t needed, and maximised what is, and the phone is fantasticfor the cash.

  • Arthur

    For US buyers, Motorola already announced this can be purchased outright directly from for $179 (8GB) and $199 (16GB) respectively so it would make no sense to get it from a carrier especially if it carrier branded.

    • donger

      Well said. But someone will be tricked or they wouldn’t even know it.

    • chris

      Nevermind the fact that Telus/Koodo is selling the 8gb for $200, which is the price for the 16gb.

  • joseph g.

    Yes even tho I recently purchased device with comparable spec.I plan on
    Buying a MotoG as soon as they become availab.

  • Aramis P.

    i went on the US Motorola website and the Moto G still can’t be purchased through them. Kinda sucks because its the first phone I’ve seen in a long time that I honestly wouldn’t mind having because I know that I wouldn’t be compromising to the point of having a pos device.

    • SGB101

      If you get one, chrome is broken in it and iI’d the default /only one installed, it suffers with unbelievable lag.

      I went back to dolphin and it is fine, not sure what’s wrong in chrome.

  • hyperchaotic

    I hear rumors that it’s SIM locked on Telus/Koodo. Can anybody verify this? I wanted one for use on another network but the only place I can find an unlocked one is, for $304 :(

  • gerry miles

    Bought the new moto g.and love it.with telus as a pay as you go is actually charging $260.00 if you sign up for month to month its $200.00 with a credit check. Telus is really taking advantage of people who can’t get credit and paying cash cost me more money.I hope Motorola or Google steps in and says something.

  • anthrax

    fuck off telus – you piece of shit losers – charged me way more than koodoo poo for the same service – i hope you swallow

  • anthrax

    su8k my dik