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Motorola discounting no contract Moto Xs by $150 on Monday, says wooden backs coming soon

Motorola Moto X

Bargain hunters, take note, because Motorola just announced that it’ll be offering quite a discount on the Moto X next week. The company says that it will be discounting all off contract Moto X units by $150 on Cyber Monday, Dec. 2, including custom Moto Maker devices and the Developer Edition models. The no contract 16GB Moto Maker-ized Moto X currently starts at $499.99, meaning that shoppers will be able to snag a custom Moto X for as low as $349.99 next Monday.

The Moto X originally launched in late August with a no contract price of $579.99, so being able to snag a contract-free device for just $349.99 is a pretty good deal, especially since that price applies to units customized through Moto Maker as well. Motorola does note that supplies for Monday’s sale will be “limited,” which means that if you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a Moto X during next week’s sale, it’s probably not a bad idea to start planning out your customizations and warming up your mouse-clicking finger right now.

In other Moto X news, Motorola recently told Reuters reporter Sinead Carew that the wooden back customization option will finally be added to Moto Maker in the “coming weeks.” Obviously that’s a rather vague timeframe, but Carew clarified that the rear panels will be available in time for holiday shopping, and so we should finally see the wooden backs appear in Moto Maker sometime in the next few weeks. There’s still no word on how much of a premium that the addition of a wood back will carry, but a recent rumor suggested that pricing could be set at $50.

Source: +Motorola, @sineadcarew

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  • Dima Aryeh

    $350 off contract and Moto Maker’d? Sold!

    • ²²²


  • Richard Yarrell

    Not even for free will I buy this optical illusion device. The Motorola X is not future proved with the kind of overall technology like the Galaxy Note 3 or Lg G2 has. It’s amazing how misguided people are jumping on this silly bandwagon with Motorola.

    People need to wake up and recognize technology today is already surpassed what this handset is offering.

    • yurma415

      how are you defining future proof? if being cutting edge is so important for you, you’re probably not keeping a phone longer than one year anyway.

    • squiddy20

      1. “Optical illusion device”? What the h*ll is that supposed to mean? You mean like the “legendary” Evo 3D you claimed many many times would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012″? Now THAT was an optical illusion device. Literally. Anyway, what’s so “optical illusion”-y about the Moto X? The fact that it doesn’t have 8 CPU cores but runs just as good or better than the Note 3?
      2. “The Motorola X is not future proved with the kind of overall technology like the Galaxy Note 3 or Lg G2 has.” First of all, it’s “future proofed”. Seriously, spell check on my “piss poor” Galaxy Nexus would have caught that. Why didn’t your “pimp slapping” Note 3? Secondly, compared to the Moto X, the Note 3, and to a lesser extent the G2, are far less optimized. That’s a fact.
      3. “It’s amazing how misguided people are jumping on this silly bandwagon with Motorola.” Oh? Like the “Samsung bandwagon” is much better? What a joke. Can’t even tell how much of a hypocrite you really are.

      • SGB101

        I seen Mr Yarrell snagging the Moto G off on face book yesterday.

        It made me chuckle.

        The Moto G is probably the most forward thinking phone on the market, so you best be trading that gsg3 in.

    • Orion78

      There are no words in the english language that can discribe your stupidity. Not future proofed? Ummmmm the moto x just got kitkat. Did your imaginary Note 3 get it? Ummm no. And like squiddy20 said, its funny how you talk about the moto bandwagon when you’re constantly trolling every android website with the same Samsung garbage. Motorola is doing big things and as a customer, I love the direction they’re going. They suit me over anything Samsung is doing.

  • NasLAU

    Almost makes me rethink my Nexus 5 purchase.

  • donger

    Motorola is all over the news lately.

  • trait tech
  • Daniel

    I started life with android back when Verizon introduced the Droid X. When I called Verizon to cancel my service, do to the fact that they did not offer a decent device compared to the iPhone, the rep told me about the Droid X. He offered to send me one to try for 30 days. He suggested I buy the iPhone (only available from AT&T at the time) and compare the two and keep the one that I liked. So, I did. For 30 days, I had the iPhone 4 in one pocket and the Droid X in the other. Both were good phones, and clearly the iPhone was the “cooler”, better looking device. However, I found the Droid X to be the better phone. Voice activated and voice to text, and fully integrated google maps being the main reason, and the ability to carry a back up battery another. I returned the iPhone.

    I kept that Droid X until the Droid X2 was released, and finally when 4G LTE hit the market, I was ready to move on the the higher speed. I waited with anticipation for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. If it were not for the Blackberry Storm, that Galaxy Nexus would have been the worst smart phone I have ever experienced. The Verizon GNEX was awful on so many levels. After endless troubleshooting and several replacements and even a trip to Montain View to meet with some of the phones software designers, Verizon offered to replace it with the Samsung Galaxy S3. This was shortly after its introduction, and although it was feature rich with great specifications and better than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it has never been a great phone. Bad reception and the GPS antenna was not great and many of the “features” were just annoying and got in the way. Then there was the bloatware.

    Some of you may know that Verizon has been having some serious issues with their 4G LTE in major markets such as mine (Manhattan), and after a couple of days of no data, I was done with Big Red. I went to AT&T and bought a Moto X. I spent the next 14 days with the AT&T Motorola Moto X in one packet and the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the other. I was constantly doing speed test and over all, at least in Manhattan, the AT&T phone had better coverage and comparable speeds in major areas. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect that to be a combination of the Motorola having better reception and the fact that AT&T’s network in Manhattan is newer, and not as over-saturated as Verizon. The exact opposite of the way it was back in 2010. For a long time after the iPhone 4 launch an AT&T iPhone user could often times not make a call in Downtown New York City. Also, Being able to use the AT&T phone in many subways and underground was a huge benefit.

    As far as hardware however, even though on paper, they might not compare; The Motorola was so much better in real life application than the Galaxy S3. My favorite feature being the smart display, with instant time and message checks upon pocket removal. The “OK GOOGLE NOW” was great too. Overall, the phone just worked perfect for what I do. Loved the size, the function….everything. However, when the day came to decide if I was going to dump Verizon and Samsung for AT&T and Motorola, I called Verizon one last time to express my dissatisfaction with the data issues. Truth is I really hated to leave Verizon and loose my unlimited data. When I called they offered to send me a Samsung Galazy S4, and let me keep my unlimited data. A deal to good to turn down. So, I took the AT&T Motorola Moto X back and stuck with Verizon.

    I have been using the Galaxy S4 for about a month now. I think it is awful phone. I miss the Motorola Moto X everyday. The phone is just to feature rich and has to much crap on it. So, today, I ordered a Motorola Moto X off contract and I can’t wait to get it and put the Galaxy S4 in a drawer as a back up, or sell it on eBay. Bottom line. Although the specs sheets might not compare between the S4 and the Moto X, when it comes to real life use, the Motorola Moto X is SO MUCH BETTER.