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Motorola Moto G spec list revealed by German retailer

Motorola Moto G leak

There’s some good news this morning for anyone that just can’t wait another 24 hours to find out exactly what makes the Moto G tick, as a list of the device’s specs have allegedly been revealed by German retailer Phone House. According to the::unwired, which spotted the feature set before it was yanked, the Moto G was listed as packing a 4.5-inch 720p LCD screen and 1.3-megapixel camera on its face. The Moto G’s backside is said to house a 5-megapixel camera, and sandwiched in-between those shooters is a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 8GB storage and 1GB RAM.

The Moto G is expected to be a more affordable version of the Moto X, and if this latest batch of rumored specs ends up being the real deal, then that description of the G will likely turn out to be accurate. Even though the Moto G’s feature set isn’t quite as high-end as the Moto X, though, it’s shaping up to be a respectable device that could end up being better than many of the cheap Android devices that are released nowadays.

Motorola has said that it will officially take the wraps off of the Moto G tomorrow, Nov. 13, at 9:00 a.m. ET. Are you looking forward to seeing the next Moto family member get its official introduction?

Via: the::unwired

Source: Phone House

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  • renyo

    So how does one go around with a 5 MP camera anymore? Also how is a Quad core Moto G cheaper than the Dual core Moto X? I am hoping that they keep the custom X8 processor in this one too…

    • sdfasdfsd

      God you’re so stupid…

      • renyo

        Do explain…

        • Ryan

          Because more cores on a system on a chip != more money.

          It would be impossible for the Moto G to contain an X8 mobile computing system based on this information (it’s not a processor by the way). The X8 is comprised of a quad core 320 Adreno GPU + dual core S4 Pro + 1 language processor, and 1 contextual computing processor, all totaling up to 8 cores (hence X8), which is more than 4 the last time I checked.

          Also talk to all the HTC One users that get by just fine on their 4MP camera. This is meant to be a budget device built for budget users, not aspiring photogs.

          • donger

            Well said.

  • da9el

    good price: 169/199 euros. that’s why they only put in a 5 mp camera. i wonder how the battery (it’s said to have 1950 mAh) will handle the quad core …

  • MrMrMan

    That phone looks pretty terrible. Must be an entry level device.

    • SGB101

      It is, well lower mid really. The rumour is £135, which is a good price.

  • MarkT

    If this falls with 25% of the N5 it’s going to get caned

  • Sundar

    No card slot with only 8gb of memory. Only 1950mAh battary. Camera 5 MP :(
    thats the dealbreaker 4 me!!! Expected lot but disappointed with features :(

  • shadhussain

    I don’t expect many commentators on Android tech blogs to be blown away by devices like the Moto G. We are most likely not the target market but I also don’t see why there should be any disappointment. Were we suddenly expecting a Moto X/HTC One caliber phone for $200-$250?

    What I find exciting about the Moto G is the prospect of a cheap, good looking piece of hardware with an optimized Android-experience that does just enough to meet basic smart phone needs. I think the market is massive for majority of normal non-tech people out there who are on a budget with no high end spec needs. Heck, even I’d consider it if it’s $100 cheaper than my N5 … I’d like to think we are very close to a wearable computing experimental stage, where I could “better” spend my premium tech geek allowance on Google Glass/Watches.

  • Crankcaller

    I had hoped for the 16 GB reported. I’m contemplating selling my S3 to get one of these. Gets me an unlocked phone which although not best in class gets me a decent enough handset. We’ll see after the announcement tomorrow.

  • NSAnal

    Its an NSA phone. Dont buy this espionage phone!