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Nexus 4 finally receiving Android 4.4 KitKat update


Nexus devices have always been praised for being the first to receive Android updates. Whenever a new version of Android would come out, the latest few Nexus devices usually received the updates very quickly. No other line of devices have ever matched that speed. Well, that was until the KitKat update was released for the Verizon Moto X before it even hit the Nexus 4.

Nexus 4 OTA

Thankfully, the Nexus 4 is finally getting its Android 4.4 KitKat OTA update. People are reporting the update notification coming to their devices today, finally showering them with sweet, chocolatey goodness. With the update, you’ll find things like an improved dialer, better performance, transparent status and navigation bars, and much more. It’s quite a sizable update, so you should be excited.

If you still haven’t gotten the update notification, go into Setting and check for updates. If you see nothing, stay patient and don’t mash that button or wipe data for the Google Services Framework. It won’t help. Patience is key, and you’ll hopefully get your update soon enough. If you got your update, leave a comment telling us how you like it!

Source: Engadget

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  • goncalossilva

    Saw the blog post, looked at the phone, and it was there. That’s a first :-)

    Still, having had to wait a “long” time for previous updates sucked a bit. I wish Google was more swift with this stuff. Hopefully they’ll get there in the future.

    • goncalossilva

      And where’s (officially) my Google Experience Launcher?

      • Dima Aryeh

        The Google Experience Launcher is exclusive to the Nexus 5 officially, so you’ll have to download the Launcher.apk to use it. Very easy.

        • Tim

          No you didn’t have your facts straight. You said in the OP: ‘With the update, you’ll find things like …….transparent status and navigation bars’ People didn’t find this when they updated. . plain and simple. Your LATER mention of Google enabling that function ‘within the os’ doesn’t correct your completely MISLEADING and FACT LACKING OP! In future please get you facts right before making important announcements.

          The OP gives people false hopes.

          • tris

            Hey Tim, shut up and move on, make your onw blog

          • Dima Aryeh

            The update provided transparent notification bars, which you can find by using a proper app. Just like Android 4.3 enabled Bluetooth 4.0 LE support, which you could only “find” with the proper device. It’s there, it’s in the update, it’s usable. It just isn’t on the stock launcher. I don’t quite see your point.

        • Jewan Taylor

          Would you mind providing a link, I would like to try out the new launcher on my nexus 4

    • Kim Chitwood

      This update SUCKS!!! I can’t even figure out how to start auto dialing for a contact. The phone is making me use a SCROLL Bar through thousands of contacts just to find a name. I want this update gone!!!!


    Get your facts straight: there’s no transparent status and navigation bar on the Nexus 4.

    • chris

      You can still download the apk file and you can get the Google launcher with “OK Google” and transparent bars

      • Jack

        Where/how can we download this file? Because I too am disappointed by the lack of transparent nav bars.

    • SGB101

      I was already running now launcher on 4.3, and it carried over on 4.4, and all the transparent things must of just kicked in. As before they was the usual blue on black, now white on transparent.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Actually, there is. Transparent navigation and status bars are enabled within the OS, but the stock launcher does not support them (as the Google Experience Launcher is exclusive to the Nexus 5). However, using a custom launcher that supports transparency (Nova launcher was updated to support KitKat transparency) will work perfectly. Google left this feature enabled in the system, unlike with the Nexus 10, where they disabled it system wide. I have my facts straight :)

      • guido

        NOW you have your facts straight! This information should have been in the article. I agree with Tim above (although he was being a dick)

  • Bob

    Has anyone else not received 4.4 on an original Nexus 7?

    • lance

      No I don’t think anyone has yet! :(

    • Bigtarby

      No update yet on neus 7 or nexus 4 have give up what a shambles moto x updated loyal nexus devotees shafted by google

      • SGB101

        Not got it yet

  • Rich

    Still no 4.4 for either my Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 (2012)! :( Still, I have my N5 to console me ;)

  • Ragrand


  • Dave

    What’s the difference between 4.4 krt160 and 4.4 krt16s? I have krt16s

  • Esteban caicedo

    There’s no transparent bar on the nexus 4

    • SGB101

      Install the Now launcher, the transparency kicks in.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Yes, there is, the stock launcher just doesn’t support it. The OS does, so install any launcher that supports it and you’ll have it. This can be the newly updated Nova Launcher or the Google Experience Launcher from the Nexus 5.

  • tonnee

    what is that apk file for transparent bars and “OK google” launcher?? i have that prob in my nexus 4 currently at 4.4 KitKat..

    • KitKat

      • Joe

        With Kit kat on your device, you don’t need to install the Google Search from apk for now. The current version of Google Search in GooglePlay already contains the “Ok, Google” functionality. So just update it from the store. All left for you to do to get transparent bar and nevigation is to install the GoogleLauncher from apk.

        Someone said that the “Ok, Google” function in the Google Search originally with Kit kat. But I am not sure about it because my Nexus 7 & 4 don’t receive the OTA yet. But with 4.3, you have to install the Launcher that extracted from ROM stock in the Nexus 5 to activate the “Ok, Google” (I can say “Hey, Google” as well)

        And I do think that the launcher that is currently exclusive to Nexus 5 would be published word wide in a time. Though it is just a minor thing.

  • E-man

    What about some love for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon?

    • Suhas

      No love….Its officially confirmed by Google that Galaxy nexus wont get it…..I have an unlocked Galaxy nexus….No update…:(

  • nexus4

    updated 6 hours ago, phone seems to running hot after the update and battery running down faster. Is there some Google app(s) running in background updating ? No major surprises yet, only small UI changes. There is very a soft touch tone, RAM usage has gone down (about 20%) compared to 4.3. Some apps not compatible with 4.4 eg. Wakelock detector. GSAM battery and Betterbatterystats.

    • phoenixstudio

      yeah.I’m experiencing it too.

      • xpl0it

        Same here. Battery draining out pretty quickly! Not much of heat, though.

        • Micha

          Hi, same with mine. The phone is getting warm and battery live is ca. 50%. :-(

    • Marty

      Updated over weekend and killed the battery; would not recharge past80%; then heated up to hot to touch… Worked great BEFORE ‘update’…. what gives and how to fix???

    • parfay

      I’m noticing battery drain too, with nothing apart from AccuWeather in the background. Battery would take a while to go down on 4.3 but now just a few mins with the screen on and 10â„… gone!

  • John snow

    Got the update. No transparent status bar, no OK Google on launcher. Two big things I was looking forward too. Fuck you Google

  • vasanth

    Received the update on my nexus 4, but no transparent status bar!!! I can see ” ok google” though on launcher..

    • Aditya Vohra

      Dude, I am not able to see “ok google” after update. Is there anything extra I have to install?

  • da9el

    i received the update this morning on my nexus 4 and IT DOES SHOW THE TRANSPARENT STATUS BAR!! i used the ge launcher while still on 4.3. but somehow whatsapp is not working any more.

    • da9el

      update: whatsapp should work on dalvik but not on art :)

  • Halley

    I didn’t get the update iin my N4. Did a Google services framework wipeout and I got it.

    • Sean

      How do you do a Google services wipeout? Is it just clear data and cache?

      • ryosuke takahashi

        Go to Google Services framework, clear data, force close, reboot, then check for update again. It worked for me, but it did take a couple tries.

  • mark london

    Its great,fast and looks good. Impressed with the smooth roll out, my phone runs very fast and feels like new. Great stuff

    • da9el

      if you switch from dalvik to art in developer options it might get even faster :)

  • LevelMKD

    Yea, got it. Launcher is the same like before (Jelly bean 4.3) except white icons in the status bar without transparency and some new icons (settings e.t.c.). Probably OS have some improvements. For now it’s seems OK!

  • Raja

    I just updated my phone with the OTA and it is showing updated to 4.4 kitkat. But I cant find so many changes as seen here. The changes that I could see are
    The changed camera, phone and settings icons.
    The redesigned phone app.
    Transparent top bar.

    But I could not find any changes in the wallpapers,
    same apps view, the same look as in 4.3 Jellybean with the Playstore app fixed on the right top corner and the same APPS and WIDGETS tabs and also the background have the solid black color.
    The bottom Black bar which contains the soft buttons remained solid black but is expected to be trasperant.
    the folders on the home screen still have the same old look
    No google now screen with the left swipe on home screen nor can get google now saying OKAY GOOGLE while on home screen

    Any body please help me ,, ,I have not rooted my device before. Just installed the OTA update.

    • Krolse

      Any body please help me? Reading the comments above would be a nice start. It is explained several times.

  • Nate

    Now this is why I choose Nexus devices. Thanks Google!

  • ahsin

    Did n’t get any update on my nexus 4

  • donger

    Patiently waiting for the update.

  • CP

    Still no KitKat 4.4 update for my N4…have been checking all day! This sucks…

  • han

    Google should give a new updat for nexus 4 to get transparent statics bar and zawgyi myanmar nexus 5 launcher!

  • nima

    Tonight it automatically update my nexus four to kitkat.
    I have bought this phone 3 days ago and it comes with an 4.2.2 android, then I update to 4.3 and I force check it for kitkat last day and it says there is no new update, but I wake up note and I saw that it download the update automatically.
    Iran, Tehran
    23 November

    • han

      Hey nima.did you get transparent status bar in kit kat on your nexus 4.

  • ariff

    today im check my nexus 10….it show android 4.4 update……i dont k know how to install bcuz no install button on screen….i search tips…and see some tip say go to google services framework and clear data….i do that…..and check update back….it show no udate anymore….i cant update to 4.4 today….im very sad with that fucking tips….i can update my nexus 10 to 4.4 or i cant update to 4.4 anymore ???….ahh…help me pls….;-(

    • Joe

      The tips that you followed does not help at all because it in fact re-arrange your device IP to Google. Thr trade of is that it would bring bad effect. You should back up all the data from your device. Then go to setting/reset. It will wipe out all your setting and post your device back to original rom stoke. After that, check the system update and follow the description if the update still there for you. I have got OTA on my Nexus 4 and it runs well up till now.

      Hope it helps!

      • ariff

        you mean reset data factory ?….

        • Joe

          Yes, it is. And the effect made by the tips would be gone.

          • guido

            along with all your data

  • GinSan

    Love the GEL. Still not digging the contacts dialer here’s how download the Google Experience Launcher (use 2nd mirror)

  • Joe

    The Kit Kat has arrived at my Nexus 4. Bring not much in new experience. It would be the same for my Nexus 7 when time for it comes.

  • Geovani

    I just received the update today and I have to say, I’m very disappointed. No transparent task bar or screen buttons. Kit Kat looks more like a 4.3.2 update on the Nexus 4 with little resemblance to the Nexus 5 version of Kit Kat. Am I the only one disappointed with this update?

  • ariff

    thanks bro….i see the update 4.4 when check system update….ahahah….i reset my tab….and get back the update to 4.4…

  • ryosuke takahashi

    Some of these people just get me so mad! Read some of the other comments before asking the same damn question again! Everything has been explained on how to get the transparent notification bar and everything else you are complaining about.

  • omthong

    Any one face issue of hot and battery drain?

    Mine nexus 4 battery ran out in two hours with no use.

    • Jeff m

      Mine is running hot with what feels like significant battery drain. My GPS was having significant problems finding and maintaining GPS position in waze, google maps and offline copilot live. I hope there is a fix in the near future, I want to revert to 4.3 which I was very happy with.

  • jen

    My hubby and I both have the nexus 4 and we got it at the same time..he got the update yesterday I didn’t. When I check it says my phone is up to date…….

  • jass

    I’ve updated my nexus4 to 4.4 and there isn’t any TRANSPARENT navigation bar or buttons. So disappointed

  • sumanta

    Yet I do not get the update kitkat :(

    • Lynn

      I have not received any email since this update yesterday. Not sure how to fix that.

  • Theartfulg

    Just woke up this morning and saw the update on my nexus 7 was waiting to install. Just finished the update now to long ago and it looks brilliant! Can’t wait to dive in deeper and see all the new features.

  • Tami

    I’ve had my Nexus 7 for over a year and have never had a problem. But since getting this update my screen freezes (will work again temporarily if I press power button) and I experience delayed and ghost touches. It is nota constant problem. It had me so upset I did a factory restore. Problem still exists (along with the KitKat system). I also made sure to turn off all app auto updates and location settings. Anyone else have this problem? I wish I never updated. Any solutions? I want my old system back.

  • Joe

    Should not be disappointed by just the Google Experience does not come officially with the OTA. The apk for it that extracted from the ROM stoke of the Nexus 5 is available to use. It is harmless and the UI bug of the google search box not dispalying in the middle had been already fixed by the last version of the Google Search app.


  • Scott

    The update sucks, changes are hardly noticeable. I’m using the Nexus 5 port and the LTE mod and it’s been working fine.Really disappointed with the update for N4, there’s no reason the launcher couldn’t have been included.I always hated using Nova launcher just for the basic function of selecting how many homescreens I wanted.

  • renee

    My battery is dying faster and phone is running hot

  • joe

    my nexus 4 keep on auto restart after updated to kit kat. Is it any way i can reinstall to Jelly beans?

  • nexus4

    After updating to Kit Kat, phone becomes hot and battery drain for 1st 3 days. Now it’s randomly drainnig battery. One day it’s 2.6% per hour, the next 10%. Reboot not helping or at least don’t seem to be helping. Randomly becomes hot when screen off and idle. No change to settings or new apps installed, in fact some apps were uninstalled that’s not compatible with 4.4 eg. GSAM battery.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Hey guys!
    I have nexus 4 and yesterday i got notifcation for 4.4 update. But it didn’t download it and showed the error. So i rest my phone. And after reset there is no update notification. Can any one help me with this.

    • taylor

      I have exactly the same problem, please help us people :) much appreciated

  • satya

    Hi Guys,

    How to enable.
    Google launcher not found,
    Ok google not working,

    widgets not able to customize as nexus5.

  • gav

    Another person that has updated and now has an extremely hot phone with half the battery life than before :-(

  • kay

    Is anyone else having a problem with ringtones every time I set one i go back and it just says unknown ringtone

  • Marchisio

    update via ota i the problems: battery drain and hot phone…i made a factory reset, i will put bat to zero then a full charge..lets see..

    how fast is google to fix this bugs with an update?

  • Sergej here is a link, i just tryed it on my Nexus 4 and it works, it bring you transparent notification and menu bar , and it is very easy to install it :)

  • Josh

    My email account was first reading not synced, then I rebooted and it disappeared entirely. I really wish I didn’t install 4.4

  • thanmai

    I got d update I tried updating it but it said verification failed nd it showed retry download but dat retry download tab is not getting clicked plzzz help me

  • Xedhadeaus

    I miss 4.2… My nexus 10 had tons of ram and zero lag…
    Now I have a new start screen and a hot tablet. My home screen runs smoother. But now I have to swipe down to see if I’m connected to Wi-Fi…

    Highly disappointed…

  • android user

    Kitkat sucks on nexus. Pull it back or push 4.3 again. Apps Dont work. Functions Dont work.

  • nke

    All sorts of problems on my Nexus 4… Most troubling to me is that I can no longer attach PDF files from Drive through gmail. KitKat only allows me to attach image files. Also can’t open .xls files successfully straight from Gmail. That seems like mobile computing 101 to me. How could Google screw this one up so badly? (Also I tried several apps for this and they don’t connect to drive very well).

  • Vamsi Krishna Kamatham

    Received the update a week back…. But each time I download the whole thing it says ‘verification’ failed!! What’s could be the reason?!

    Thanks in advance! :-)

  • Naim

    I have downloaded 4.4 KitKat but for some reason I don’t have a transparent bar and on the applications menu is not see through like it it supposed to be. All that is changed is the status bar where it shows the battery and time that is someone help me