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Nexus 5 reportedly set to arrive in T-Mobile stores on November 20

T-Mobile to launch Nexus 5 on November 20?

Are you interested in buying a Nexus 5 but holding off for now because you’d like to, you know, actually try one before you plunk down hundreds of dollars? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn that you may soon get that opportunity. TmoNews has acquired an image of an internal T-Mobile retail planning calendar that shows that the Nexus 5 could arrive in T-Mo stores on November 20. One detail that’s missing from this leaked document, though, is the price tag that T-Mobile plans to affix to Google and LG’s newest Nexus smartphone.

T-Mobile has already confirmed that it plans to sell the Nexus 5 in its stores and through its website. The big magenta carrier hasn’t yet revealed its launch plans for the device, though, saying only that it will sell the N5 “in time for the holidays.” It’s good to see that T-Mo may end up adding the Nexus 5 to its shelves in just two weeks, as it means that prospective buyers will soon have another retailer to buy the new phone from.

Have you gotten hold of a Nexus 5 yet? If so, how has it been treating you?

Source: TmoNews

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  • donger


    • vforvortex

      I wouldnt be excited, They are probably going to list it for $500 and for those that are paying $60 to be in the jump program, you are basically getting double taxed. Worst of them all is best buy, reportedly listing it at $700.

      • redraider133

        Best buy changed the price to $449 now which is still marked up but nowhere near as bad as the $799 they had it originally at.

    • donger

      I just want to try the phone at a store lol.

  • Adam

    I’m eligible for my first JUMP upgrade in February. It’s going to be a long 3 months. O_O

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Hope the price is right because I’m getting this phone. Either through T-Mobile, Best Buy or the Play Store

    • Darren Carter

      Just do yourself a favor and buy it from the play store and save yourself about $50-$100 dollars. It will be unlocked that way anyways ;)

  • Rick


    • Jeremy

      Yep, I went into my tmo store yesterday to get my new sim card for my nexus 5, and the dude behind the counter looked at me like I was holding something that didn’t exist. : ) The phone is awesome and the LTE on it now works like a champ.

  • OpenIntro

    Why would anyone pay over the price that it is offered for in the Play store? I don’t get how (possibly) T-Mobile and Best Buy do that and get people to buy?

    • Derek Schaefer

      People who can’t afford $350 at once might agree to pay more over a two-year period so they can get the phone right away. That said, T-Mobile usually sells phones at suggested retail, so hopefully they don’t mark this up past the Play price. They are the un-carrier, after all!

    • Mark

      Stores make a considerable amount of money off of two things. Circumstance and lack of knowledge on the part of the customer. Circumstance – money is tight but you still want the phone now. Lack of info – not everyone is going to know they can buy the exact same phone unlocked elsewhere. Some people will be in store looking for a new phone and they’ll purchase it unaware that they got duped.