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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners in the U.S. eligible to receive $50 Google Play credit

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the U.S.? Love free stuff? If you nodded your head in agreement to both of those questions, then today’s your lucky day. Samsung is giving away $50 in Google Play credit to U.S. Galaxy Note 3 owners in exchange for a few personal details like a phone number, email address and device IMEI. It’s worth noting that this promotion appears to be open to anyone that’s bought a Note 3, even if the purchase was made way back at launch, so early adopters can get some free Play credits as well. The offer will run through Jan. 6.

This $50 Google Play credit offer is the latest in a long line of handouts that Samsung has given to folks that buy its hardware. That doesn’t make it any less awesome, though, especially since $50 in credit to the Play Store is probably more useful to a wider range of people than a free Jay-Z album or complimentary Boingo Hotspot access. If you’re rocking a U.S. Galaxy Note 3 and would like to stuff your virtual wallet with $50 in free Google Play credit, hit up the Samsung link below and get to registering.

Via: Android Police

Source: Samsung

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  • n25philly

    Well at least it was cheaper to get the European version at the time I bought it

  • Nathaniel Marshall

    This offer is legit, lmao, easiest and quickest $50 I’ve made. Took less than 5 minutes from when the web page was loaded, to receiving the confirmation email, then logging into the play store and redeeming the credit offer.

    • Andrew

      I thought this credit could be used for “devices” as well as apps.
      I really Want Chromecast. BUT credits don’t show up, Only for apps….. Am I doing something wrong? Never redeemed credit b4

      • Nathaniel Marshall

        You’re not doing anything wrong, it states explicitly on the redeem page “Google Play balance cannot be used for device purchases.”

        • Andrew

          Never knew. I Assumed. Oh well! STILL $50 I didn’t have. Haha… Thank you.

      • Nate B.

        Never has it been able to use for device purchases. It’s not a gift card. You can link your Google Wallet to your actual bank account/credit card like PayPal. Maybe confused with that.

  • Donald Williams

    That was simple! Loaded beautifully on the 3. Thanks for the heads up. Now waiting for credit on the Google. What to buy… What to buy…

  • Randy White

    This is an awesome deal, thanks!

  • GE918

    I’m off to do some shopping the Play store

  • wilkins

    i didn’t receive any email yet. am i the only one who didn’t get the $50

    • Sean Riley

      No, I registered for it this morning and got the confirmation on the site, but I still haven’t received the email with the actual code.

    • Lane

      No it’s BS. I tried the second this offer was released and they were supposedly “out of credits” already.

    • oscar

      I didn’t get mine either I called Samsung and didn’t help. I have the confirmation number too but didn’t get any email with the code

  • josue85

    Well that was easy! Thank you for posting about this, easiest 50 bucks I’ve made in my life.

  • MrMrMan

    Buying a bunch of apps I was on the fence about now.

  • alexanderharri3

    Where’s the love for the S4 with offers!?

  • jerecho zahara

    I got the confirmation number but no email….what the heck

    • Leah

      Same here. Got a confirmation number but no email. Been about an hour since registering.

      • Aundre Del Rosario

        It’s been more than an hour since I submitted my registration as well. Hopefully the e mail will arrive soon. :/

  • breckdroid

    Done! Super easy. Thanks to all those involved in getting the word out about this $50 promo.

  • Clarence Dempsey

    I just tried the link and it says “Sorry out of Play Cards try later”

  • sublimejackman

    What a CON! Never received the code. Hope they’re ready for the class action!!

  • byrd5620

    Went to the site says currently out. Hope it’s not out for good just heard about it.

  • Justin

    The deal is currently down. It seems as usual when a company tries to do something nice there are always those who will take extreme advantage of the kindness. In the case of Samsung it seems that some Internet scum decided to randomize the IMEIs and have stolen thousands of dollars worth of credits, many of which are being resold on eBay. Hopefully samsung can figure this situation out and supply legitimate buyers with the freebie.

  • noteowner

    wheres the link to get my $50?

  • Future Note 3 Owner

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that baby!! I’ll be getting it on my birthday which is this weekend. :)
    and also excited about those free 50 dollars for google play :) woo hoo!!!

  • Pravas

    Well nice to have that 50$ Credit with just sharing few info.

  • donger

    Awesome offer.

  • Lane

    BS, Out of Credits!!

  • byrd5620

    Still nothing. Are they out of them already I want this!!!#

  • Cam

    So awesome. Got mine almost instantly! I hope hackers don’t screw it up for everyone else because this is great! Thanks samsung!

  • Chris

    I registered days ago, received the confirmation # and never received an email. I called samsung and they tried to shut me up by saying “All credits were exhausted”..When I told him I had a cnfrmn# he said “Oh, the fine print says they have 2-3 days to send code via email”. Then the Jerk hung up on me….Way to go Samsung.

  • Matthew Carter

    Signed up the day this came out and went on the website this morning and they said they’re out. But then I got an email with my $50 credit. So I guess they’re sending them out still. Either I’m happy.

  • tamara

    Where is the link?

  • danny

    Where’s the link ?

  • David Martin

    I had a Samsung SII but my wife has xperia Z1 and my wife always says that her phone is better than mine. however, when i compare I found her true.

  • note 3

    any luck anyone??
    I keep going to the website and they say they’re out……if you succeded can you help me?